Ordinary Day.

Louise woke up to find Saito still sleeping. With that, she got up and changed into her academy uniform, taking her time. After she was done, she looked down at the familiar on the haystack.

He's still asleep... that lazy dog.

And with that, Saito was making weird... disturbing... poses. Louise stepped back, afraid that he was being controlled by some magic. In a drunk voice he said, "Louise... I never knew you were so...AUGHHHHHHHH!!!" Louise stomped on his head, knocking him out. But after a few seconds he woke up, rubbing his head... and did the chaccaron maccaron; this is what Louise calls Saito's Morning Dance. He is awake, and he is still the normal baka. She was sad, yet happy that he wasn't possessed, and was somewhat beaming.

"Eh... Louise? Why are you looking at me like that?" Embarrassed, Louise fixed her glance at the dreaded drawer with a horse whip. "That must've been an interesting dream... you PERVERTED DOG!" Saito was beaten up a good deal. It's indeed an ordinary day.


The duo was walking toward the classroom. Everyone was energetic, up and about. Saito rubbed his head. How the heck can these people continue on? His eyes lit up when he saw Siesta. "Oui! Good morning!!" Siesta looked at him and smiled. Louise was even more outraged when she blew a kiss. "Look, Saito. A familiar dating other people is rather abnormal. Even if you are a human, you must only look up to the master and you must not leech about any other girls!" She switched to a whisper. "Except..." She shook her head. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts! What would your parents namely your father think!?!? Saito looked at her. "Except...??" "None of your business!" She kicked him in the shin.

As Saito glanced around, everyone else too was going on with their business... Guiche was reciting something that must've come from Romeo/Juliet. Montmorency didn't understand a thing, yet she somehow was playing with her hair as if trying to get Guiche to notice, as he talked to another 'friend' of his... or another one of what Montmorency calls 'his new possibilities.'

The boys were lining up to see Kirche. It was a normal scene, but today it was even wierder. "Your feet! They are perfection! So curvy, and chubby in the right places! That toe, may I lick it??" The wrestling match has begun. "Hmph! I'm not letting you lick her pineapple flavored-!" "How do you know it tastes like pineapple you stalker!" "You're saying that you're not one!?" Kirche was bored so she blew them all up. "Aw, come on, Tabitha! This is fun, you should join in!" However, the blue-haired bookworm continued to read. How the heck does she stand there as if it was nothing!? Well, those two are friends so they must be used to each other's antics. When Saito got a glance of the book she was reading, he was surprised as it said in plain english: "From the Other Side of the World: 101 Methods for Cowtipping"

Louise looked in the same direction and finding the situation disturbing, she yanked Saito's hood, making him jerk forward.

Today was certainly ordinary.