Saito woke up and looked towards Louise. She was still asleep. He tried to slip out of bed and got his sword Derf. He was bored of the familiar life and following Louise so he decided to pose as someone different; kind of like the way Henrietta poses as a commoner every now and then. April Fools Day ended, but he still felt in the spirit of doing something. He was about to leave when Louise's wand randomly fell off the side table due to Saito's movement. He tripped and hit his shin on a random table leg.


Louise woke up and saw Saito doing a strange 'dance', shaking his leg up in the air and hopping, making weird howling sounds. Finally! He changed his morning dance routine to something more interesting! Saito was about to leave when he turned around and saw Louise clapping slightly off beat to his 'dance.'

"A one! A two! A three! A four!" Her eyes were closed and she looked quite quite, smiling and clapping like that. Saito shook those thoughts out of his mind and rubbed his shin; it hurt, but at least it was a bit better. "Ouchie..." Louise blinked. "Jeez... it took you that long to come up with something original. You should have done that dance during the familiar festival! Idiot!" She frowned, trying to hide amusement, or so Saito thought. "Hey! Why'dya stop dancing? Think of it as indirect punishment for April Fools and waking me up!"

"But, Louise... I wasn't actually danci--... GAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAOOOOWCH!!!" Louise kicked him in the already bruised up shin area and he started to shake his leg again, holding in tears of pain. Be a man, Saito! A MAN! Derf. whispered into his ear. You, the Gandalf , about to cry because of some random bruise!? "I'm happy... for now... at least Louise finds this cute..." Saito muttered. "HAH!? TALKING ABOUT ME!?"

"N-no... Louise-sama-- !?"

"Pick up the pace, you're dancing to slow, idiot!"


Kirche heard the screeching from far away as she ate her breakfast in the grand hall... with Heinz ketchup. "Haha! Darlin's screeching like a cat! I wonder what that Louise is doing to him now... or what she's doing with him..." she winked, giving a suggestive wink to Montmorency, who was reading the second volume of a trashy novel series that Tabitha just got started on, only to become uninterested. How she managed to read such a thing was out of Kirche's comprehension! "I think I'm gonna barf," said Montmorency who closed the book and ran out of the hall.

"It's that bad!?" Kirche yelled out to Montmorency. Bottling up all the hatred only unleash it out randomly.

Montmorency ran to a discrete place, spotted some running, removed her hands from her mouth and--

Once upon a time, Siesta's maid uniform was stolen and--

Montmorency wiped her face with clean water. "Gosh, I've never threw up so much in my life! It's definitely not the novel. Not... the... novel..."

Meanwhile, Julio passed by Louise and Saito, who was STILL doing the dance. "Unique," he thought. "Never have I seen such a dance; not even in Romalia the holy country itself!" He brushed some of his hair to the side, smiled at Louise, and ran off to hide from his adoring fans. Louise was blushing and looking at Julio. That idiot... thought Saito. That smug noble... Louise... how could you-- wait a second! Saito watched as Louise was slightly dazzled and decided to ask Julio for any updates of plans for Henrietta.

Saito was running really fast, not caring where he was going. I'm out of here! I want some fun, I want to party like a rockstar, and I want to be someone other than me right here! I want to experience not being a familiar, and I am NEVER, EVER, doing that stupid dance agai--!?

"OH SHIIIIIIIT!!" Saito couldn't stop running, and was really close to crashing into Tabitha. However, by instinct, Tabitha attacked Saito with a simple attack that brought back memories of her carefree childhood.

THWACK The staff that was much bigger than her hit Saito in the shin, and--

Once upon a time, Siesta, who was in her night clothes still, was chasing after Guiche's mole who stole her maid outfit because of the blue jewel. Guiche was chasing his mole, the chief chasing Guiche and Siesta, and Montmorency chasing Guiche misunderstanding the situation close to barfi--!!


Tabitha quietly counted and clapped to the beat, and Saito's dance drew more people towards him.

"I... am... not... dancing!... My... shin... is... close... to... bleeding... now... and... Louise... help... me..."


Saito looked up and saw Louise. The tears he tried to hide started to poor out. "Why... me..." He passed out, his shin area bleeding from that final blow.

"PARTNER!!! BE STRONG!!!" cried Derf.

Saito woke up and saw Louise. He was about to speak but she stopped him.

"You were a star out there... I guess I ought to be proud..." She looked at him. "Saito, sorry for using you like that."

Saito smiled. "Louise I--!?"

"HOWEVER!" Louise got up and looked at him square-in-the-eyes. "For trying to sneak out and do something stupid, the fact I now approve of your overused dance, and the fact that you were close to injuring Tabitha, I'll NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU!!"

"LOUISE!?!?!?!?!?!" Louise got out the new and longer whip from her sister, and Saito gulped. Derf. whispered to him, a sword close to tears as well. "Partner... be a man... accept your destiny..."

"SHUT UP!" Saito and Louise shouted.

"Jinx..." said Louise, smirking, and fiddling around with the horsewhip.


Kirche looked to Montmorency who was sobbing and Guiche who was trying to comfort her while scolding his mole. Kirche decided to sob as well, not only feeling sorry for the 'two happy couples', but she was running out of Heinz Ketchup. "I COULD HAVE SOLD IT FOR A FORTUNE!!!"

Life goes on.