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Vahla ha'nesh – Location Inexplicable – Date Irrelevant

'What, no hug?' the girl asked, a grin appearing on her face as she dumped the hold-all onto the floor. 'I mean I didn't expect one from Mom but…'

'Identify yourself' Illyria ordered the interloper.

The girl turned back towards the Old One, her hair shifting back to bright red and her eyes becoming duplicates of Illyria's own glacial blue. 'I am Enyo, God-Princess of the Holocene, Warrior of the Slayer Legions and Heir to the Covenant' she answered in imperious tones. 'Sometimes known as Rebecca Wyndham-Pryce' she added in an off-handed manner.

Illyria nodded, she appeared more collected and considerably less flustered than her mortal companions by the girls unexpected arrival, manner and declarations. 'Your aura indicates you are of my bloodline mixed with that of Berith' she stated, easily identifying both with certainty. 'Why was such a union made?' she asked.

'For reasons of alliance and necessity' the girl answered.

'Your filial allegiance under the terms of this alliance?' Illyria asked.

'Solely to your line and authority Mother' the girl replied, bowing her head slightly.

'Yet Berith would still accept you as heir?' Illyria queried. 'Such terms are highly unfavourable to him' she noted.

'His contribution of resources to the alliance were minimal' the girl responded, 'as such the terms were almost entirely yours to dictate.'

'I see' Illyria replied. 'I gave you your title?' she asked.

'Princess of the Holocene yes' the girl answered. 'You deemed it appropriate.'

'Who are the Holocene?' Connor asked quietly.

'It's a what not a who' Fred whispered back. 'The Holocene is the name of the current geological era' she informed him, 'since the end of the last ice age' she explained.

Illyria cocked her head to the side. 'Do you intend to challenge me for leadership of our clan?' she asked flatly.

The girl shook her head.. 'No Mother I yield to your authority' she said and unhooking her sword and scabbard from where it had been strapped across her back passed it to Illyria. 'My sword as my life are yours to take' she said and dropped to her knees before the old one, head bowed and arms outstretched palms facing upwards in submission.

'What the crap?' Spike exclaimed as Illyria drew the sword from its scabbard and inspected it before placing the blade against the neck of the girl.

'This is a twin of the ones Knox made for me' Illyria said, letting the sword edge press against the girls flesh. Unlike a conventional sword the enchanted blade was fully capable of slicing though even the skin of their kind and if swung hard would decapitate her if Illyria chose to do so.

'It is one of those' the girl replied. 'You gifted me one of the pair for service in battle against our enemies' she explained. 'Do you accept my fealty Mother' she asked, entirely mindful of the sharp metal pressing against her.

Allowing for the fact the gender terms were all wrong, Illyria and her people in their original form had been genderless, and that it was impossible to do this properly without interlocked tentacles, Illyria was pleased that the girl was performing the ritual as best she could. 'I formally accept you as part of my line and heir designate should I fall' she declared, handed back the sword after returning it to the scabbard and then placed her hand on the top of the girls head. 'You will kneel to no other' she ordered. 'All other clans will be supplicant to our own' she declared.

'As it should and will be' the girl intoned.

'Arise… daughter' Illyria commanded. That was going to take some getting used to she decided, returning the sword to the hands of the girl.

Buffy coughed. 'I hate to interrupt this bonding session but just who, or what, exactly are you?' she asked, pointing at the girl who was rising to her feet.

The girl turned towards Buffy, her hair changed colour again to its previous chestnut brown but this time with red streaks, her eyes stayed blue but became more human in appearance as did her voice. 'You can call me Rebecca or Enyo' she said. 'I'm the daughter of Wesley and Faith Wyndham-Pryce, and you would say the "Hellspawn" of Illyria and Berith' she replied. 'I'll give you all the benefit of the doubt that you've already worked out it's a question of when not where I'm from.'

'You're my daughter with Faith?' Wesley asked, looking surprised. He was also more than mildly shocked at the concept of "Faith Wyndham-Pryce" for that matter.

'It would be truer to say that the shell was' Illyria commented. 'I am surprised I would allow the child of my consort to become a vessel for another, even my own offspring' she said to the girl curiously.

Wesley's jaw dropped. 'You're dead' he realised. 'I mean you're just wearing my… daughter… like a set of clothes' he continued aghast.

'Umm my condolences on your loss there mate' Spike offered. 'Hey what' he said to everyone that had turned to look at him. 'He just found out his kid died from the demon that's wearing her corpse, I was just being, you-know, respectful.'

'Stick to what you're good at' Angel advised. 'That wasn't it.'

'Before you all start sending wreaths and letters of condolence to Mom and Dad' the girl interjected, 'rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated' she told them. 'Willow you've been trying to take a look in my head since I arrived' she stated, turning to face the witch, 'I'm going to stop blocking you' she told her.

Willow frowned then her eyes widened. 'There's two voices in there' she said in astonishment. 'Two minds' Willow said in continued amazement, 'one feels a lot like Illyria, and it feels like it's trying to stare me out or something, but the other is human' she told them.

'Impossible' Illyria stated. 'The soul of the shell would have been consumed by the union of my essence with Berith's within it' she declared. 'Traces may remain, sparks of former consciousness, but the soul itself would perish through the process.'

'Assuming you left the soul in there during the process' the girl responded with a smile. 'If you were going to think outside the box, you'd think inside the jar' she told them.

'The jar?' Willow repeated in confusion.

'You've seen one before' the girl told him. 'Like the one Angel's soul was put in for safe keeping when Dad had the idea for bringing Angelus back' she said, 'Dad told me the story' she explained. 'How to protect a soul from the fires of creation? Easy, make sure it's not in there at the time and put it back in again after everything's cooled down and safe.'

'You're like me and the poofter' Spike declared, half nodding towards Angel. 'Demon under new management, or maybe the original management.'

The girl shook her head. 'No that was the plan but Old One's are a lot harder to suppress than vampiric demons' she said. 'Once you and Angel got a soul the demon within you was pushed back into the subconscious, but when my soul went back in, it found itself in a shell with a very bad case of multiple personality disorder' she told them. 'That's why it's Rebecca or Enyo, there's two of us in here' she explained, tapping the side of her head. 'After a while we learned to cooperate but we're still largely separate entities' the girl announced. 'And yes that does feel weird.'

'Who's plan?' Giles asked. 'Who did this to you?' he asked, the metaphysical implications were fascinating but the action itself was almost appalling.

'Pretty much all of you' the girl replied, 'well not you' she told Giles 'you're retired by then, but I did volunteer, if that's what you're worried about.'

'Why would you do that?' Buffy asked. 'Why would we do something like that?' Buffy asked.

'Long story with a death-toll in the billions Chief' the girl responded. 'Trust me it seemed pretty damn reasonable at the time to all concerned' she continued. 'Only Mom there was dead-set against' she told them, indicating Faith.

'Two minds' Dawn whispered to Connor, 'if she was Faith and Wes's daughter she was probably nuts enough already without that' she told him.

The girl snapped her head around and directed a searing glare in Dawn's direction, apparently she had great hearing. Connor tensed to move to defend his girlfriend if necessary but instead of attacking or even retorting in kind the girl eventually winked instead. 'Look at it this way Dawn, there's a big plus' she said. 'You're never alone with schizophrenia' she deadpanned.

'You know all of us?' Connor asked.

'Of course' she replied. 'You just look about twenty-five years younger than you did the last time I saw you' she told him. 'Apart from a few immortal exceptions' the girl noted, 'Spike's even still wearing his hair the same way in the 2020's' she added.

'It's a timeless classic look' Spike declared. 'You're from the 2020's?' he asked, then looked thoughtful 'How's Man U doing in the Premiership?' he queried.

'For God's sake Spike of all the things you could have asked…' Angel began.

'They get relegated to the First Division in 2022' the girl told Spike.

'… that was the best possible one' Angel declared, changing tack with a joyful expression on his face as Spike's jaw dropped and he suddenly looked like someone had cut his heart out with a blunt spoon.

Faith took a step forward holding out her hand. She had been completely silent throughout, just standing there watching like she was observing events from a distance, like she was removed from events somehow 'You're my… daughter?' she asked, looking the girl up and down.

'If you can get a syringe tough enough you can test my DNA if you want' the girl replied, 'just ignore the supernatural stuff in the mix' she advised. 'I'm not really your daughter though because by coming here I created an alternate timeline' she told her. 'I'll never be born here now' she continued, 'but if you and Dad wanted to get me that baby brother I was asking for every day until I was twelve or so that would be nice' she told her, taking the sword into her left hand and out her right which Faith took gingerly.

'She's cold' Faith said, feeling the skin. She looked the girl in the eyes, they looked a lot like Wesley's with that shade of blue but her facial structure did look quite a bit like her own, except for the chin. She was also maybe a couple of inches taller which was presumably also down to Wesley.

'Look's pretty hot to me' Connor couldn't help saying, earning an elbow in the ribs from Dawn.

Fred crossed her arms. 'Does anyone remember when having a girl from the future appear who had four parents, two of which were god's, would have totally freaked them out, because sometimes I'd love to be like that again' she declared.

'Yeah' Buffy agreed. 'One more time-travelling deity with weird hair and it's going to get clichéd.'

'Okay whatever your name is' Cordelia spoke up addressing the girl sternly. 'Why are you here?' she asked, 'and we don't want to hear the "need-to-know information" crap we get from her when we ask this stuff' she declared, indicating Illyria.

'That's not an issue, I need you to know' the girl replied, turning to address Buffy though still holding Faith's hand. 'Long story short about a quarter of a century from now the human race is facing either slavery at best, annihilation at worst, and not just in one dimension' she declared. 'We're not talking some regional apocalypse that only effects one world, we're talking the real-deal, the threat of total racial servitude or extinction everywhere' she told them.

'What?' Buffy responded in shock. 'How?'

The girl knelt down to put her sword onto the floor. 'Okay here's what happens' she began. 'You know about parallel universes, right?' she asked rhetorically.

'Yeah sure' Buffy replied. 'This is one, Illyria changed it from what it was going to be.'

'Right' the girl agreed, 'and I'm changing it again' she said. 'But what that means is that there's also a load of other universes, not infinite but it might as well be, where things played out differently again' she told them. 'Well some of those alternate Earths monumentally suck and that's why the Dimension Wars break out.'

'The Dimension Wars?' Angel queried.

The girl nodded. 'Most of the alternate Earths aren't a problem' she said, 'we visited a few and sorted out some trouble there if we could.'

'Trouble?' Buffy asked.

'Yeah like, there was this dimension you found early on where the Master had killed you outright and escaped the Hellmouth in 1997' she said. 'Southern California was full of vampires he had raised like an army and his capital was in Sunnydale, right on top of the hellmouth' she said. 'Our people stepped in, you introduced him to your scythe and then tracked down that dimensions version of Willow to get her to activate all the slayers there so they could clear up the rest of the vampire problem themselves.'

'Cool' Buffy responded, well not for the alternate me that was dead, she thought, but still. Not only saving the world she was going to get to add saving other peoples worlds to her résumé.

'So like I said lot's of the bad dimensions weren't really so bad, I mean not by the standards of the fire and scythe-power we could throw at a problem even if the locals sometimes thought they were in deep shit, well that was true until we ran into Jasmines Crusade anyway, that happened in ten years or so in my timeline and was what Dad called a rude awakening' she said.

'Jasmine's Crusade?' Illyria queried. 'The Jasmine I met in the original timeline?'

'That's the one' the girl replied, 'or an alternate one' she continued, 'not that it matters' she said. 'In any case whoever she was she had raised an army and was intent on conquering her way across the multiverse, bringing peace and contentment everywhere she went… after crushing resistance I mean' she continued. Then looked around 'Okay let's get some perspective on what we're talking about here' she said. 'A few of you fought against what you called "The Beast" , the rock demon I mean, I know it kicked your ass Mom, and before that cleaned the clocks of Angel's whole crew at once.'

'Worst beating I ever took' Faith admitted. 'Yeah even worse than what you did to me B' she told Buffy whose eyes had narrowed.

'Okay you think it was tough but get this, it wasn't unique, it's only one of a whole race' the girl told them. 'We tried to find their homeworld but never did.'

'Bloody Hell!' Wesley exclaimed. 'There's more of them out there?'

'You used harsher language when we started running into them being used as shock troops, dozens sometimes hundreds at a time' the girl told him. 'Even the damn bug demons Jasmine used as regular grunts were bad enough, she conquered dimension after dimension until we stepped in' she said. 'We were the only ones that could, most worlds didn't have our portal technology, only had the one slayer anyway and even the worlds where all the potentials had been activated only had one scythe and the girls didn't usually carry guns, they were easy pickings for Jasmine's Forces even though something in the slayer makeup means they're not as susceptible to Jasmine's mind-control as normal people.'

Illyria loked thoughtful. 'You were made to help fight this Army?' she suggested.

'No I was made to fight the real big-bad, the one that came later' the girl replied, shaking her head. 'The war against Jasmine kept going and going, we were just barely holding our own, winning some battles, losing a few more and that was when the Turok'Han started showing up.'

'Turok'Han?' Buffy repeated in shock.

'It was 2021' the girl replied. 'Legions of Turok'Han started to appear everywhere, only thousands of them at first but we soon faced millions' she said then smiled. 'The only reason we weren't crushed immediately was that they started fighting Jasmine's Army too, so we ended up in a three-way fight' she said, 'then it was four-way when the Wolf, Ram and Hart panicked and starting sending troops too.'

'So where did the Uber-Vamps come from?' Dawn asked.

Buffy took a breath. 'From a world where The First won, right?' she asked.

'Right, that's what we think but we never found that parallel Earth either' the girl affirmed, 'judging by the numbers we encountered we reckoned he must have had at least a quarter-billion Turok'Han in his army by 2023 though judging by the number of worlds they took.'

'A quarter-billion?' Giles repeated in horror.

The girl nodded. 'By late 2024 we were nuking them wholesale whenever we could but they still kept coming' she said. 'And then things got bad.'

'Jesus Christ' Cordelia said. 'It gets worse?'

'Oh yeah' the girl replied. 'The First Evil appeared, in person, and corporeal, on one of the worlds belonging to the Wolf, Ram and Hart' she told them.

'Corporeal?' Dawn responded, eyes widening.

'When the First's Army outnumbered the humans in its dimension it would become flesh' Illyria stated. 'It told Buffy so in the original timeline' she explained then paused. 'The First Evil made corporeal would be… unstoppable.'

'Wolfram-Hart lost thirty legions finding that out' the girl told them. 'Then it personally led its army to fight against Jasmine.'

'Good news for our side' Connor observed.

'Even Jasmines army, was beaten back in a few months and started losing worlds to the First's Jihad' the girl told them. 'All it did was buy us time.'

'Time to do what?' Spike asked. 'Build an super-weapon?' he asked. 'Some sort of souped-up Amulet like the one I used in Sunnydale?'

The girl chuckled. 'I've been called a super-weapon before' she said. 'By you as it happens' she told him.

'You?' Buffy queried in surprise.

'Hey you look at me and just see another run-of-the-mill god right?' the girl asked wryly. 'I'm not, I was the great red, white and blue hope' she declared. 'The thing they thought could stop the first evil' she said. 'The corporeal First Evil' she continued. 'That's why Illyria and Berith cooperated to create me, they needed me.'

'Why?' Illyria asked. 'I do not detect any greater power than my own, perhaps a scent of the magicks but less than Berith or the Witch Willow' she said

'You'll guess if you put everything together' the girl said. 'Why choose me? My human mother was Faith here…' she began holding up their joined hands.

'You were a slayer' Faith realised.

'Activated just after I hit puberty, and I thought the PMS was bad' the girl joked. 'You don't know this but being a slayer is partially genetic and partially mystical, I've got twenty years of research notes into that with me for Fred, Willow and Knox to look through plus a shit-load more R&D stuff that you'll need to know.'

Illyria stared. 'The shell was a slayer, you also possess a soul' she said, then paused 'You can wield a scythe' she said, her eyes widening. 'That was your purpose' she declared. 'They have styled me the "God-Slayer" but you were a Slayer-God.'

'Only weapon that can hurt him carried by something fast enough to fight him and strong enough to make the scythe count when I swing it' the girl told them. 'Plus big with the magicks, or at least big enough so I couldn't get blindsided if he got tricky' she continued. 'Well that was the theory anyhow' she said with a shrug.

Buffy frowned. 'So what happened in practice?' she asked.

'I got my ass kicked' the girl admitted. 'Barely escaped in one piece and I took three weeks to recover' she said. 'It was fucking huge' she declared with a grimace. 'Thirty, thirty-five feet tall and it had skin we bounced depleted-uranium anti-tank rounds off' she told them, 'enchanted depleted-uranium anti-tank rounds' she added for emphasis. 'We even tried nuking the thing, but it just froze time and teleported away the split seconds it saw the flash.'

'So then what?' Faith asked her.

'I tried again, got my ass kicked again, tried a third time carrying two scythes and got nowhere again, only survived that time because Mother ran interference' she said. 'You people cannot imagine how powerful the corporeal First Evil is' she stated. 'I watched Willow lead a coalition of Mages against it, ours and every decent Sorcerer and Warlock the Wolf, Ram and Hart could put together, and they only held it up for a few hours before they were too drained to keep fighting.'

'What about the Powers-That-Be?' Angel asked.

'Totally out of their league trust me' the girl responded. 'They best they did was start sending our seers visions 24-7 so we could hopefully stay ahead of the game' she told him. 'Oh yeah and they created a cut-off pocket dimension with one Earth in it to try and keep at least one world safe, banished all demons and magic, fooled the slayers there into thinking it was like a reward for winning a "titanic battle" with evil' she said with a smirk. 'We wouldn't have even called it a minor skirmish' she said dismissively. 'Even that was only a temporary measure though' she continued. 'The dimensional barrier that keeps it isolated from the rest of he multiverse will decay over time' she explained. 'We doubt they've got more that five-hundred years until the walls come down and demons can get back in. Which will mean either Jasmine's Army or a lot more likely The First's.'

'It is obvious why you would seek to change history' Illyria stated. 'You wish us to launch a pre-emptive strike before these enemies become too powerful to defeat' she asked the girl.

'Yes, if you can find out where they're going to come from' the girl replied. 'But if you can't I'm giving you two decades worth of heads-up to get ready for the coming storm' she said. 'You need to end the war in Pylea for a start, it's a waste of resources and slayers and it is going to go on for years' she told them. 'I'll help you negotiate a truce with my Father Berith' she offered. 'After that you need to use the information I've bought with me to develop and manufacture the prototype techno-mystical weapons you'll need to level the playing field' she continued. 'You need to recruit every Mage and Slayer you can too, by force if necessary, I've got a list of them for you' she said. 'You need to start the Pathfinder program as soon as possible as well.'

'Pathfinder?' Buffy asked.

'Dimensional scouting' the girl replied. 'You need to reconnoitre other realities looking for potential allies, resources and possible threats, there's plenty out there' she said. 'If you're not proactive you'll be screwed because as it stands humanity is royally fucked.'

'Watch your language' Faith found herself saying, where the hell did that come from, she wondered.

'Sorry Mom' the girl responded sheepishly. 'I've got a copy of the latest version of the Pathfinder device with me' she said. 'do yourself a favour Dawn and read the manual before you try it' she advised. 'Mother once had to rescue you from a world where you'd ended up accidentally and after two months living on nothing but shrimp you were pretty damn cranky.'

'Me?' Dawn replied. 'Why me?'

'You're the Pathfinder Dawn, the key' the girl informed her. 'The device is just a way for you to use your power' she said. 'You wear it on your forearm, you can open portals to anywhere so you scouted and if you found something you came back home and reported' she continued. 'The device records the dimensional coordinates so we could then use the portal orbs to get there without you.'

'I scouted other dimensions?' Dawn exclaimed. 'I'm important?'

'Of course you're important' the girl told her. 'You did the recon, your blood fuels the Portal Orbs, heck I used four pints of it from the stockpile to get here, had to do that in six separate jumps back through time and rest in between' she said, using heck instead of hell because she didn't want to get told off again.

'So anything else useful in that bag?' Buffy asked.

'Oh I've got presents for almost everybody' the girl replied with a grin. 'Angel, Spike I've two Gems of Amarra we picked up on our travels' she said. 'Don't think about smashing them, you'll need the near-invulnerability trust me' she said. 'Cordelia, I've got a talisman that will override the block that the Powers-That-Be have on you, you get back the visions and the other powers, and with practice more control than you had before, but don't try and levitate you were never any good at it' she advised. 'Fred, I've got the plans for a Quantum Computer thousands of times faster than anything that exists yet for you plus all kinds of software' she told the physicist, 'don't let Mother use it for playing games on or she'll never get off it, Connor I've got you a morphing bowie knife that becomes a sword, you got it from Willow once she figured out how Lindsey MacDonald got it to work, you need to be human but still part demon, he had the evil hand you've got the vampire thing' she explained.

'What do I get?' Willow asked intrigued.

'Your Book of Spells circa 2020 or so' the girl replied. 'Trust it it's almost the best thing in there' she added, indicating the bag. 'You once turned a battle around by raising all of our losses as zombies and sending them back into action.'

'That's… appalling' Willow responded in horror.

'Desperate times call for desperate measures' the girl observed with a shrug. She knew they were wussy back in these days but it still felt strange to get that reaction to something so trivial.

''Do you expect us to take your word on all of this?' Giles asked.

'No' the girl replied. 'I've got letters from most of you to yourselves in the bag plus about five hundred terabytes worth of data on a holographic crystal data storage drive that should be able to interface with the glorified calculators you use these days' she added.

'Five hundred terabytes?' Fred repeated. The way she said it indicated to Angel that that was a lot.

'Lots of it is video images' the girl told her. 'You might like the film Andrew put together of the Second Battle of the Quor-Toth from the live UAV feeds and helmet cameras, the musical score is awesome, we showed it to new recruits we were drafting from other dimensions' she said. 'We were conscripting slayers from every world we could find by then' she continued. 'We had eight thousand of them plus five thousand auxiliary troops fighting in that battle' she said. 'Artillery, air-support, hundreds of scythes' she reeled off. 'Left better than a million Turok'Han as dust before pulling out' she said proudly. 'Not including the one's we incinerated with H-Bombs as a farewell present' she said.

'Auxiliary troops?' Wesley queried.

'Human mercenaries mainly, plus a PDF Guards Regiment' the girl explained. 'Pylea fell in 2024 but we managed to get most of the army and civilian population out intact before the Turok'Han ate them' she said.

'You're really dropping a bombshell on us here… Rebecca' Wesley told her. 'It's all a great deal to take in' he added.

'I know that Dad' she replied. 'But believe me when I tell you if you don't hit the ground running right now you'll be condemning everyone, everywhere, to oblivion' she told him. 'There simply isn't another dimension we've found that has the potential to win this thing, we were the best armed, the meanest and the most powerful there was and we lost' she declared. 'Maybe with a twenty year head-start you can do better in this timeline' she said hopefully.

'Okay, so saying we buy this why did you come?' Cordelia asked. 'Why not Illyria?'

'If Mother had come back she would have been obliged to fight against the Illyria here, they could not tolerate each others presence, one would have had to accept the domination of the other to co-exist, and that would have been unthinkable to either.'

'I would not submit to the control of another, even myself' Illyria agreed. 'I would sooner perish than yield.'

'As offspring I could, though by rights one day I should challenge Mother for leadership' the girl told them.

'As I challenged my own birth parent' Illyria agreed. 'The fight…' Illyria paused ton consider the terminology, 'she put up was ferocious' she told them. 'I was truly proud of my lineage when after an epic struggle I finally triumphed and ended her life and reign' she said.

Giles rolled his eyes. 'A matricide and a regicide in one fell swoop' he said wryly. 'How efficient.'

'Human's also wish their children to outdo them do they not?' Illyria responded.

Buffy rolled her eyes 'Not in single combat to the death' she told the Old One.

'What greater indication of worthy genes and an effective education could there be?' Illyria asked rhetorically. 'You might be interested to know that Enyo was my mothers name also. I undoubtedly named my own offspring in her honour.'

'Why am I not surprised at finding that out' Giles responded. 'Dawn how's your Ancient Greek getting on?' he asked.

'Better than my Latin' Dawn replied. 'I've been taking lessons from Medousa, why?' she asked.

'What does Enyo mean?' Giles asked her.

Dawn grimaced as she realised it wasn't just a name. 'Horror' she translated.

'Indeed' Giles told her. 'Enyo was the name of the Greek Goddess of War and Violence' he announced. 'Also known as "The Waster of Cities" and usually described as being drenched in blood' he added. 'The Roman's called her Bellona, which comes from…' he trailed off looking at dawn.

'Bellum meaning "War", it's also the root of the English word belligerent' Dawn noted.

'I was glad to see during my studies of your world she was still remembered so' Illyria told them. 'You have a great name to live up to' she told her daughter solemnly.

'I laid waste to a small town once' Rebecca/Enyo declared. 'They had it coming' she told Buffy hurriedly, 'Jasmine Cultists, brainwashed religious fanatics' she explained. 'They had stoned a couple of our girls to death' she told her. 'I did spare the children' she added.

Illyria nodded her approval. 'A worthy start to earning your name I am sure' she told her daughter appreciatively.

'Okay so it sounds like the future is going to suck' Cordelia opined.

'Hopefully not as much as it did' Rebecca/Enyo responded. 'Not that it could to be honest.'

'We shall return to the Hyperion' Illyria declared. 'Do you like Mexican Food?' she asked the girl.

'Not really' Rebecca/Enyo replied apologetically.

Illyria looked horrified. 'I blame your side of the family' she declared, pointing an accusatory finger at Faith and glaring.

'Hey don't look at me, I could murder an enchilada' Faith retorted defensively.

'Berith' Illyria realised. 'This must be his fault then' she stated angrily.

'Mention it when you ask for child support' Spike advised.

'Yeah good idea' Buffy agreed, 'make that god take some responsibility… for what an alternate him did in another timeline in the future' she declared, then paused. 'Damn you're going to need a good lawyer and most of them already work for him at Wolfram-Hart' she said. 'For a non-morality based definition of "good" I mean' she added.

'I've got a daughter' Wesley said, looking off into the distance. 'And she's not even really mine.'

'My heart bleeds' Giles responded sardonically, 'depending how you look at it I've got three or five of them.'

'Maybe six if you keep seeing that single-parent waitress' Dawn interjected.

'Restaurant Manager' Giles snapped back.

Angel walked over to Wesley. 'You know speaking as a man whose son appeared from a portal as a teenager I'd just like to say I'm glad it's not me this time' he told him happily.

'I'm not a teenager, I just look 18, and always will do' Rebecca/Enyo responded. 'I'm nearly twenty-one' she told them.

'Okay so that's not fair' Angel told Wesley. 'You got to skip the teenage years.'

Wesley smiled. 'Divine intervention' he said. 'The gods are apparently on my side' he joked.

'So how are you going to tell Roger in London he's got a grown up granddaughter who's part demon god?' Giles asked.

Wesley grimaced. 'I hadn't even told him about Faith yet' he admitted.

'Brighten up, he might have a heart attack' Giles suggested.

'Things have largely been going my way of late' Wesley agreed. 'You might be right' he continued in a more upbeat fashion.

Spike frowned and looked to Fred. 'Don't you feel sorry for people who had crappy parents?' he asked her.

Fred nodded, then her eyes widened as something occurred to her. 'Illyria are you going to tell Mom and Dad?' she asked.

'Yes the Burkles should be informed' Illyria agreed. 'They are Enyo's grandparents too after a fashion' she said.

'I bet she does great for presents at birthdays and Christmas' Dawn observed. 'Thinking of which I never got that Porsche…'

'Not a chance Dawn' Buffy told her.

'Oh well' Dawn replied. 'Who needs a Porsche anyway when you can portal?' she asked rhetorically with a grin. 'Dawn Summers, Inter-dimensional Scout and her superhuman sidekick boyfriend Connor.'

'Sidekick?' Connor responded irately.

'We live strange, strange lives' Cordelia observed thoughtfully. 'Hey if I'm going to start getting visions again does that mean I get a raise?' she asked.

'I just want to find out if wearing that gem means Spike can get a tan' Buffy responded. 'You know vampires from all over the world will be after those.'

'Ain't a vampire in the world that'll cross us now and you know it' Spike replied happily. 'Anyone interested in hitting the beach tomorrow morning?' he asked. 'Bugger I need to buy some shorts' he realised. 'Can I borrow your convertible?' he asked Angel.

'No Spike' Angel replied flatly.

'Oi Wesley can I borrow your Jaguar?' Spike asked, changing tack.

'Crash it and we'll find out how invulnerable you are wearing that ring' Wesley told him darkly.

'Cheers Mate' Spike replied happily. 'Now you see that's what a friend does' he told Angel. 'Not a tight selfish git like you.'

'We're not friends Spike' Angel told the other vampire. 'I don't like you.'

'Miserable tosser' Spike retorted. 'Hey sweetheart can I get hold of that gem soon, I might want to have it reset in a ring that didn't look as festive as the last one' he said.

'Festive?' Dawn asked.

'You know, as in Gay' Spike explained. 'Not that there's anything wrong with that' he added quickly, avoiding the look Willow had sent in his direction.

'So are you going to use your gem to have fun or just brood in the basement instead?' Cordelia asked Angel. 'You could take Nina out somewhere before dark, that'll throw her.'

'We'll see' Angel replied. 'For everyone concerned I'm better off not being too happy.' He was intrigued about whether or not Spike was going to tan though, best to let him find that out.

As soon as they got back to the Hyperion Whistler was waiting for them in the Lobby under guard and apparently the Powers-That-Be were pissed. Enyo told him to let them know to go fuck themselves, Faith did not complain about the language.

Note from the Author:

It's pronounced E-NYE-OH if you weren't sure.

And yes I do like a nice sweeping epic storyline thanks for asking :-p

This ongoing, and becoming ludicrously long Fanfic continues to run on reviews.