AXM 24:

Something inside Kitty's soul began to wail when she realized Scott meant to separate her from Piotr for the endgame. It was superstitious, but she had a horrible feeling that she'd just gotten him back to lose him again.

"I hate this plan. Not just the part where I can't touch you for the next twelve hours. I hate the PLAN. Scott's putting you right where the prophecy said you'd be. Don't let things get out of your control."

The corner of Piotr's mouth turned up. "I am an X Man, Katya. I am not in the business of destroying planets. Especially when I am on them."

"This is a bad plan," was all she could say when they pulled apart.

"Efreboddy's dead, the kestle is on fire, and I hef lost my hat?" he asked, quoting Girl Genius and making her laugh.

"Not quite that bad." They kissed again. Kitty burrowed into his embrace. And reluctantly let go. "Time to be heroes. Let's go save the world. Worlds."

She caught Lockheed...the alien she had called Lockheed's eye as they left, almost made a gesture for him to join her, but turned away.


If there was one.