( A/N : Hinata ran away from Konoha and her old life

( A/N : Hinata ran away from Konoha and her old life . She meets up with Gaara and they travel together known as ' Kunai ' . The name was invented because they Hinata always throws a Kunai in the room with an explosive tag on it . So they travel around until their next stop is a certain town where Hinata does NOT want to go to . But Gaara has something he doesn't want to talk about. ( this chapter is now re-written)

The feelings that he hides .

Chapter 1 : Plans to destroy.

I .

It was a quiet warm night , with a cool breeze rushing through the sky . When night falls , some animals hunt their prey and run away in the night sky. And the stars shine so brightly that you would think they are little lamps hanging in the sky. Some say it's the time when the ghost come out , but this is a night when some people make plans. Plans to destroy . Nobody dares to disturb their plans . Or is there ?

II .

A factory looms in the dark of a forest . From the outside it looked like a ghost house with only spiders and insects in it . But if you see the inside , you'd see what's going on . Sound ninja where walking through the factory . Ever since the attack on Konohagakure failed, they were planning another one. Konoha must fall.

A wall exploded as two shadows jumped inside . They shifted through shadows.

" Who's there ? " The man heard footsteps behind him . He turned around . There stood a girl with the age of 19. She wore ninja shoes , brown pants that reached her knees and a white Tank Top . She had some kunai with a bomb tag on her waist and Katana on her back . She wore her long blue hair in a high , straight ponytail. Of course with her trademark bangs coming out. A shadow hung in front of her face . She stepped out of the shadow revealing big , pale , lavender eyes . " Who are you and what are you doing here girl ?! " She smirked. She swinged her Katana back and fort. Much to the man's annoyance.

" Just getting a party started " She said with an amused voice . The man thought this was amusing. A girl with a Katana, getting a party started?

" Hn. A little girl shouldn't be out alone in a house full a strange men " He said with a smile . " Who said she was alone , you douche-bag ! " a low, rough voice sounded through the hallway.

He turned around and saw a boy off the same age as the girl, with flaming red hair. Blowing in the wind (drool).

It was (A/N The one and only ! ) Sabaku No Gaara . He whore black pants with a red clothing above it with pieces of grey chest armour. He had some kunai around his waist and a dagger

And wore his monstrous gourd on his back. His hair was short and messy and his eyes where aquamarine, who he knew all to well. He also had a tattoo on his head, with the kanji symbol for love. And as always, the boy was frowning. He did not like the tone he used against the girl . " Little girls and little boys shouldn't be walking around here . Now scram before I call some guards . He was about to walk away until the girl drew her sword and held it firmly between his eyes . " I don't need you to tell me what to do . "

Then she slashed her sword in his chest and he fell. They ran faster through the hallways and slashed everyone that crossed their path . They stood back – to- back as they faced the Sound ninja. They glanced at each other and gave a nod . The girl jumped in the air and the boy made a wave of sand . She landed on the sand and surfed around slashing Ninja. The sand disappeared and they fought alone . " Byakugan ! " She then used her Sixty-four palms technique .

" Sand coffin , sand burial ." He whispered in a dangerous voice. They kept on fighting like that until every ninja lay dead on the ground . Gaara turned around and saw Hinata sitting on the ground , clutching her arm . He crouched besides her and pulled out some bandages . She had a big gash in her arm and leg . They stood up when he was done .

" Thanks . " He smiled in response . They ran further until they burst into a room . ' Aaaah, love the smell of blood, Gaara ! You should start a perfume shop! ' the Shukakku screeched in his head. ' Would you shut up, you prick! " Gaara shouted in his head. ' Ow, that hurts my feelings… oh wait , I don't have feelings ! Ahahaaha!' Gaara sighed and quickly killed the few ninja there and started looking around . " Gaara ! Here ! I found it ! " He ran over her and start looking at the sheets of paper she was holding .

They had found the plans to destroy a few villages . " What do we do with them ? " He pointed behind her to a fire place . She tossed them into the fire and walked back to him . They heard footsteps running through the halls . He threw a kunai at the window and jumped out . She jumped upon the railing and waited . The ninja ran into the room . She threw a kunai with a bomb tag into the room and left also . They looked at the kunai and screamed . BOOM ! She snickered . " Must you always blow up the whole building ? " He asked . " Yes . " she said.

" Why ? " He asked with annoyed voice ." Because it's fun . And it's not like they are gonna need that building anymore . " He snorted . " Right , but still . " Aw , Gaara feels sorry for the wittle ninja! " She said her words dripping with sarcasm.

" No. But that doesn't mean you have to make a scene every time . " Her jaw dropped and she snapped her head in his direction, while pouting

" I don't make a scene ! I just … spice it up a bit . " He just rolled his eyes and as they continued their journey . ' Pff, drama queen.' Of course, he would never say that aloud. He wanted to live for another 6 years or so.

Hinata sat in front of the campfire . Glancing at Gaara who was resting his eyes . Her mind drifted away as she stared into the fire .

Flashback :

It was in the evening around eight o'clock . She was roasting a bird above a fire . She looked at Gaara who sat against a tree staring to the ground. " Stop staring at me ."

He snapped in a demanding voice . She blushed and turned her gaze to the fire . " S-sorry , G-gaara-san . " She poked her fingers together.

" I , I was j-just wondering , wh-why didn't you k-killed me when I bumped u-up against you?" she asked, glancing at him once in a while. Silence.

" Why do you ask me ? Do you want me to kill you ? I would if you want me to." He asked in a dangerous voice and with a smirk . She squeaked a response.

" No ! It's j-just that , you would n-normally k-kill a person that…that…" she started mumbling. He understood failure and weak.

" You're not that weak . " He said while looking at her . " Huh ? "

" When you fought you're cousin at the chuunin exam , you didn't look so weak to me . To everyone I think . " He said . " Thank you . If only my father would think like that to . " Then she went to sleep . Since when did he complement people ?

End flashback .

" Hey Gaara . You still didn't answered that question . " She said . " What question . "

" You know , that one I asked the second night . " She said with a smile . " Oh , that one. " He remembered that one very good . It haunted him . ' Why didn't I kill her that night . I've could have just killed her like that and I wouldn't be with this annoying woman now . But something in me said that I shouldn't kill her and listen . For once . '

" I don't know . " And he smiled .

' Why am I smiling? I don't smile ! ' he could hear the Shukakku laughing at him.

" You don't know ? " She said with an eyebrow raised . She sighed and then shrugged .

" Anyway , good night Gaara . "

" 'Night . " ' Not like I sleep . ' He just once in a while rest his eyes . But most of the time he just watches . Watches her sleep . He doesn't even know why he didn't kill her . He just didn't . Since he met her that night he stayed with her . For some reason he didn't know . God , he didn't know why he always watches her when she sleeps ! He kept thinking about that , the whole night through . But also , thinking of what he didn't tell her what he just exactly saw in that house from the Sound.

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