A/N Hello Hello , time for a new chapter

A/N Hello Hello , time for a new chapter. Pfff , I'm way to lazy these days. My apologizes for that. On with the chapter!

The runaway, yet again.

Hinata lay unmoving on her hospital bed. It has been 2 weeks since Gaara-kun left. She hasn't left her room ever since. She got out of her bed to go to the bathroom, and that's it. She hasn't spoken for 2 weeks and she barely ate so they fed her most of the time through a tube. Always staring with empty eyes. Her lavender orbs always seemed to glow with a light .Like fireflies that glow in the moonlight. But now, that light has disappeared. Like a fire that has been put out. Many tried to get her out of her own little world of depression and suffering, but no avail. They always hear her mumbling one word. One name . Gaara.



Shouted Hinata's friend Sakura. Sakura stood panting at the edge of the hospital bed. Hinata lay unmoving. Sakura stomped over to her and put her hands on her hips. " Hinata this can't continue like this. Please, go out of the bed for once. Everyone is worried ! " Sakura pleaded.

Hinata only blinked. Sakura sighed and retreated out of the room. She closed the door and looked sadly at the people outside. " And ? " Kiba asked. Sakura shook her head. Kiba cursed and walked around in circles. " Damn, why won't she come out ?! "

" Kiba , we've been over this. It's because of Gaara. And something tells me she ain't coming out until Gaara is back. " Ino said. " Indeed. " Shino replied. Kiba groaned, sighed and rubbed his hair in frustration. " Then why doesn't he come back ?! It's been 2 weeks ! Let's go and grab him and take him here ! " he shouted with a triumphal grin. Shino rolled his eyes behind his glasses. " That's called kidnapping, Kiba. " Kiba stopped jumping in mid- air .

" Oh, right … "

Meanwhile Hinata had yet again fallen into a deep slumber. Dreaming that Gaara was with her. They where at a sound village base and they had blown the whole thing up. But suddenly Orochimaru came and snatched her away from Gaara. Never to return to him ever again.

She awoke with a scream that lasted 10 seconds. " Gaara ! " She shouted. A whole bunch off people had thrown themselves into the room saying things like ' what the hell is going on ?!' and ' are you all right ?! ' and even ' Eww , something smells. Is that you Hinata ? ' that one was from Kiba. Who got a couple of glares in respond. Sakura turned and looked worriedly at her. Hinata was breathing harsh and shallow. Her pale, lavender eyes stood big and she was sweating. " Hinata-chan ? Are you alright ? Did you have a bad dream hunny ? " Sakura asked her quietly. Hinata's lip trembled and crashed her head in Sakura's stomach and started sobbing loudly. Sakura talked to her in a soothing voice. " Shh … It's alright Hinata. Tell me what happened, okay ? " Hinata nodded and told her the dream.

Sakura looked at her concerned. ' Hinata really likes him …' But her eyes didn't stay like that long, soon her face scrunched up in a frown and a glare. Hinata looked clear awake then. Not her usual dull stare. " Hinata , If you like him that much, you should go see him! And I'm sure if you take some off us with you , you'll be alright ! Leave Orochimaru to us !! " Sakura shouted with determination. She punched the air, trying to make a dramatic effect and help convince her into going with them. Her eyes went back to her half-open state as she looked out the window. " If I'm going to him. Then I have to… have to do it alone. This is something that I have to do on my own. " she rasped out. Everyone looked at her with pity, understanding and also pride. Knowing that their little, shy Hinata. Has bloomed into a beautiful, young woman with confidence and strength.

' She's right. I have to go. I'm falling apart, I don't think I will last long like this…' Hinata straightened herself up and turned to the bedside. She tried standing up but wobbled a bit and slipped. She fell on her knees and some tried to help her but she shook her head, telling them not to move. She winced and stood up shakily. She walked slowly to the bathroom. After 10 minutes of , painfully, trying to get her clothes on she got back into the room. She heard a lot of gasps. With her own clothes you could see how much she changed, for the worst. She lost a lot of weight. Her clothes seem to hang off her. She had HUGE bags under her eyes. Making her look like the source off her problem, Gaara. Her hair was messy and looked like she didn't wash it for weeks. Her skin was sweaty and she was shaking. In one word , she looked like a mess. " Hi-Hinata, you can't go just like that ! You have to eat a full meal and maybe wash your hair and – " Hinata cut off her sentence and said " No, I'll eat and go now. And d-don't start about sleep, 'cause I've had enough sleep. A-And you can't stop me. " She walked shakily out the door, coughing a few times and continued. Nobody stopped her, knowing that she had to do it or she'll turn out bad, worse, even die. But that didn't stop them from worrying sick about her.

Hinata walked slowly and shakily towards the Ichiraku ramen shop. She ate a bowl or two and left, with worrying stares from the people around her. She didn't care though, she was determined to go and see Gaara. She walked towards the gates off Konoha, not even asking permission to go.

She stood at the gates off Konoha. She looked at the horizon and saw a little stripe off brown that represented the desert. She narrowed her eyes and sped off without looking back.

One single tear rolled off her cheek. She didn't have a plan for when she arrived. She hoped Suna would accept her and let her see him. After 4 years , she prayed again. She prayed she would see him again, even for a moment. Just to see his face, his eyes and his smile.

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