Wild hearts

Summary: Rukia has fully regained her powers, and along with Hanataro, return to the soul society. Hanataro has finally realized his feelings for Rukia, so now whenever he's around her, he immediantly gets flushed and goes wild. But what happens when Rukia decides to trsnfer to 4th division, and new ryoka cause 2 squad teams to go out alone to stop them, and of course, poor Hanataro is paired with Rukia

A/n: Well, I'm a IchigoXrukia fan, but after watching some old episodes of bleach with Hanataro, I'm ALSO a hanataroXrukia fan! This story is more comedy and less adventure than my other stories, being Hanataro and all.


"Well, it seems no one here really remembers." Declared Hanataro, while sitting in the store he worked at temparyingly, since entering the living world. "And plus, Ganju already quit." He muttered.

He looked up from his chair at the counter and saw none other than Rukia walking up. A serious expression crossed her face.

"Hanataro...I need to speak with you."

Hanataro gasped, blushed, and fell from his seat and onto the floor. What is she doing here?!

rukia peered over the counter and blinked. "You alright?"

Hanataro nodded, as he pulled hijmself together and up. "yes...I'm fine Rukia. Now, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" He asked, still flushed.

"I've noticed that Icigo hasn't remembered you really at all, and then Ganju left to fight with Ichigo and the others. It has been latley I've regianed my Soul reaper powers, and I've been wanting to return to the soul society. Aizen is gone, so there is now war at the moment. Becuase of what I said earlier, I was wondering if you would go ahead and return the soul society as well, along with me."

Hanataro blinked. "With you...uh.." He twirled his ifnger in his hair. "Um..alright."

Rukia smiled. "Good. Urahara has a gate way there, that's how we'll get there. Ichigo said he'll probably go there for permanet as well, and join a division. So he might see him later."

Rukia turned. "I'll meet you there tomorrow, i'm sure you know where Urhara shoten is?"

Hanataro nodded, while blushing at the same time.

Ruki smiled. "Good, tomorrow morning." Then she left.

Hanataro sighed and straightened up in his seat and smiled gleefully. "Yay!" Then immediantly closed his eyes and blushed even deeper. "Why am I acting this way. If i fell anything for Rukia-chan, I would've realized it a long time ago."

He openedh is eyes again. "Maybe I did." Then he blushed and fell from his seat again. "Um...A little help here..." he called out, but..of course, NOONE came. "Why am I such a klutz?" He muttered, before once again getting himself back up.

A/n: I hope everyone got the idea that near the end Hanataro was like: "I like Rukia..Yes, I do! Why have I only realized it now! I'm stupid...how many times have i heard that..oh well, I like Rukia! weee...OW! I fell again..."

Hope it was good so far. Arigato (ari-ga-tO)!