Wild hearts

Summary: Rukia has fully regained her powers, and along with Hanataro, return to the soul society. Hanataro has finally realized his feelings for Rukia, so now whenever he's around her, he immediantly gets flushed and goes wild. But what happens when Rukia decides to trsnfer to 4th division, and new ryoka cause 2 squad teams to go out alone to stop them, and of course, poor Hanataro is paired with Rukia

Chapter 2

They found Unohana pretty easy, with a good welcome. "It's nice to see you again Hanataro. Rukia-san." She smiled.

Rukia bowed to the 4th captain. "there's been something I needed to talk to you about Captain Unohana."

Unohana blinked. "really? Why not discuss things with your captain."

"I have, quite a while back, and he's agreed to my propersition." Rukia replied, walking up to Unohana. Hanataro watched as Rukia began to talk silently to his caption.

Unohana laughed a little bit. "I see, and Kenpachi didn't care. Alright. Whats your reason?"

Hanataro noticed rukia gestured in his direction and then she went whrispering again.

Unohana nodded when Rukia stopped and took her place once again beside Hanataro. "What about Yama, has he agreed?" asked Unohana, and Rukian odded wtih a smile. "Alright, then I guess it's offical."

"What's going on?" aksed A confused Hanataro.

"I'm joining fourth Division." Rukia answered.

"What!" gasped hanataro!

Rukia frowned and nodded. "You don't seem very happy about it."

Hanataro shook his head and placed his hand on her shoulder. "It's not that, I'm jsut suprised, I'm actually very happy with it. I don't really have any friends in fourth comapny really." Hanataro blushed.

"How long have you've been planning this?" he asked.

Rukia look up in thought for a while. "A little bit before Aizen's defeat(the time the story takes place). I fully had my powers by then, and Ichigo was thinkingg already about joining the soul society. ThenIchigo defeated Aizen, and I just decided there, and began connecting to my caption from the living worls."

Hanataro smiled and looked down. i'm so...happy.

Rukia removed Hanataro's hand from her shoulder, and once again he felt the nice, calm sensation of Rukia's touch. Making him Blush even deeper scarlet.

This the bad part about it...I won't be able to think straight if I'm with Rukia even more now. thoguht Hanataro. But I'm used to having hard times.

"Hanataro, I'm sure yo udon't know, but recently a new group of Ryoka have found their way into the soul society. Please..this time don't go helping them." Interrupted Unohana.

Hanataor looked over at Rukia. "I alreayd know. Captian, I'll make sure he doesn't." Rukia laughed, making Hanataro gasped and making his knees shake.

her laugh was music...calm, soothing music, that made him tremble. it was almost as great as her smile and beauty.

"Alright, I'll try not to unohana." was Hanataro's reply.

Suddenly, at that moment, he remembered that his zanpakuto was still in the living world somewhere. "Unohana I-"

"I know already." She interrupted. she rose her hand in the air, and as if calling it, his sword flew up and jumped into her hand. "I guess you still don't know how to call your zanpakuto." Unohana muttered, handing Hanataro the sweord.

"No, I guess I don't." He replied, embarresed to seem so dumb, especially in front of rukia.

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