AN: Just a short, quick oneshot for dreams.of.destiny :) More (better ones) to come!

Her nose wrinkled in distaste as she caught sight of her morning reflection in the bathroom mirror. Sighing slowly, she began to apply dark eyeliner to her face. To her side stood her partner, Pein, who was idly cleaning out one of his numerous barbells that went through his nose. His hair was a bit disheveled from sleep, and there was a slight fogginess to him.

Not that she was any better. Her partially covered eyes had bags under them, and she kept absently opening and closing her mouth, trying to get the taste of morning breath out.

No words were spoken as the top ranking pair of the Akatsuki began to prepare for the day. She started to straighten her hair; he continued cleaning the multiple piercings with antibacterial soap.

At some juncture, they both reached for the same tube of toothpaste, and her hand brushed her partner's. Somewhat amused, she raised an eyebrow and looked at him. He stared back, the slightest of grins on his face, and she felt sparks fly.

Literally, sparks flew.

Not less than half a second later, an explosive note attached to a kunai crashed through the window to the bathroom of their hideout, and she gave an annoyed sigh. Her hair wasn't done, her lip stud wasn't in, and she hadn't even finished applying her makeup before they were attacked by some hunter nins. Typical.

Next to her, she saw Pein give a similar reaction, the slumping of his shoulders, at the sight of the note embedded in the wall next to the mirror. He looked at the several pieces of metal that had not been reinserted into his face, to the note, then back to his facial jewelry. He seemed to mouth the words 'too early'.

He groaned; plucking the kunai out of the wall and tossing it carelessly back out the broken window. A few moments later there was the sound of an explosion and a startled yelp of agony. She absently began to reapply her eye shadow. Pein put in his bridge piercing.

Not even two minutes after the initial exploding note, there came a quick rain of senbon needles through the same window. She grabbed one quickly out of the air with two fingers and used it to style her hair, taking two more to secure the large flower. Not a single one of the needles hit their intended targets.

Pein turned to her, "Do you think they're done now?"

She shrugged, screwing in her lip stud.

Apparently they weren't, as two masked nin then hopped through the window, withdrawing shuriken and launching them at the pair. The two Akatsuki members ignored them, dodging effortlessly while grooming.

That is, until one of the nin's projectile weapons hit the mirror, causing it to shatter.

Her eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched, and they both simultaneously turned around.

In less than three seconds, both of the nin had kunai cleanly embedded into their chests. They slumped down on the ground, glassy eyed and no longer breathing.

As if nothing had happened, she brushed off her cloak while he started to put in his earrings. They both then continued with their morning routine.

There was a reason why they were partners.

Anyone else in the organization that needed two daily hours of primping would have been killed.