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"Cherry Tomatoes"

By Dark Shining Light

Pairing: Sasuke and Sakura

Rated k+


Summary: one-shot. Sasuke glared down at his sweets the fan girls left for him. Disgusting. "Sasuke?" He turned to spot a pair of juicy lips with a couple of perfectly ripped tomatoes.

Notes: So many people have written that Sasuke loves tomatoes but hates sweets so I'm going to continue it.

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"Disgusting." Uchiha Sasuke stated, throwing away the thousands of bits of chocolates his fangirls left for him in his locker.

"Forgot it was Valentine's Day." He murmured. His fangirls were really stupid and for many reasons. One reason, they've been giving him chocolates for the past seven years, only to have them thrown away. If they were truly fans, they would have realized a long time ago that he hated sweets. But on the top of his list right now was that he had a girlfriend (one that he wasn't going to give up on)

The fifteen year old walked outside of the school, his backpack on one shoulder. His onyx eyes gazed up at the sky, seeing it cloudy. 'Might rain.'

Suddenly, his stomach growled and he groaned in pain. "Get." He muttered. "I forgot I didn't have lunch."

But there was nothing that interested his taste bugs, nothing… until his mind remembered something that was really tasty. Well, it was two things to be exact. His first hunger was for his girlfriends lips. Her tasty, honey sweet lips always drove him mad, craving for her taste more everyday.

His second hunger was for his favorite fruit; the tomato. He never knew why it always his top food; maybe its juicy taste? He shrugged.

"Sasuke?" A soft voice came behind, only to find his Sakura at his side. His eyes moved to her arms when he realized that she was holding something behind her back. Valentine's Day rung in his head. He groaned slightly; praying that his girlfriend hadn't brought him any chocolates like other girls have.

She blushed lightly, matching great with her pink hair, before smiling sweetly. "Happy Valentine's Day."

The female pulled out a basket full of tomatoes. His eyes widened with his stomach growling again.

"I know you don't like sweets so I got you tomatoes." She explained. "I hope you just don't throw this away with all of your fangirls gifts." She explained and he smirked, picking up a red-ripped tomato. "Never." He whispered.

He gently put the tomato in front of her, waiting for her to take a bit. She flushed with color, understanding. She shyly bit into it, and then Sasuke drew away. He took the basket away before claiming her lips. They stayed there for a while; Sakura relieved that Sasuke loved his gift and Sasuke enjoying tasting his two favorite tastes at the same time.

Yup, he definitely wasn't going to give up his woman to any man.






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