A couple of weeks before Christmas, George was sitting in the shop's office going over the books. He really should have been out on the floor with Ron, Verity, and Jenna but he needed a little time to think and they understood. Closing the shop's books in frustration, he turned and grabbed a photo album from the bookshelf and started to look through it. Turning the pages he smiled, there was a photo of Fred flying about four feet off the ground on a toy broomstick with a Christmas tree in the background. George smiled at the photo, they had been five and not three weeks later, a three year old Ron had stolen the broomstick and had crashed into a tree, breaking it. Fred, in return, had turned his teddy bear into a spider.

He continued to look at the pictures and had just gotten to the group picture of Fred, Angelina, Lee, Patricia, Katie, and himself all dressed for the Yule Ball, when there was a knock on the office door and Jenna entered.

"Sorry to interrupt you George, I just wanted to let you know I got an owl from the Ministry and I'll be starting Auror training right after the New Year." Jenna said, as she sat in a chair.

"That's great Jenna. Remember, if it doesn't work out you're more then welcome to come back here to work." George said. "Have you heard from Oliver yet?"

Jenna shook her head. After their talk that night at the Burrow, Oliver had said he had needed some time to think things over and would let her know when he was ready to see her. As of yet though, there had been no word from him. "I just hope I hear something soon. Has Hermione stopped gloating over the plan blowing up in your face?"

George nodded. "Yeah, finally. I was starting to get a little sick of it actually. So, how are other things going?"

"Great, Verity and I are getting along great and I'm going to be spending the holidays with her family. Thanks again for suggesting that we should move in together." Jenna said. "Well, I'll let you get back to looking at your photo album."

Jenna stood to leave, but George stopped her. "Wait, I actually wanted to ask you for your opinion on Hermione's present."

Jenna sat back down. "Go on then."

Christmas Eve came and Hermione and Ginny were busy doing some last minute shopping. "You know, I think George might have forgotten to get his revenge." Ginny said, as they looked around a Quidditch supply store.

"I don't think so. I'll bet that's what he wants you to think." Hermione said, as she held up a toy broomstick and continued, "You think Andromeda will murder me for giving this to Teddy?"

Ginny shook her head, "No, but Harry already got one for him for Christmas and I don't think he needs two of them."

Hermione put the broomstick back and asked, "What hasn't Harry bought Teddy for Christmas? I swear, I never thought it'd be so hard to find Teddy and Victoire Christmas presents."

"I know what you mean. Between Harry and George there really isn't anything left to get them… Wait, I got it! At least for Teddy's present."

Hermione waited for Ginny to say something else, but when she didn't say anything, Hermione asked, "Well?"

Ginny looked up. "Oh, sorry. Listen, let's go over to Flourish and Blotts and get a photo album. Then we'll go over to Grimmauld place and look through all of Sirius' old photos and then over to Andromeda's and do the same."

Getting at what Ginny was going for, Hermione nodded. "That's perfect. I mean, he might be too young to really appreciate it now, but he will. Let's go."

That evening, a very tired Hermione walked up into the flat only wanting to go to bed. She stopped when she looked around the living room and saw a huge vase of daisies, her favorite flower, sitting on the coffee table. Walking over, she picked up the note sticking out of it and read it.


I love you so much. Turn around.

Still holding the note in her hand, she slowly turned around and saw George kneeling in front of her holding out a ring box, grinning.

Hermione gasped as George asked, "Hermione, will you marry me?"

Hermione nodded, smiling. "Yes!" She said, and George put the ring on her finger and they embraced, sharing a passionate kiss.

"I could kill Percy for denying Mum his wedding to plan." George whispered to Hermione.

Hermione just smiled. It was true, Mrs. Weasley had gone into full swing planning George and Hermione's wedding, and was in fact going overboard, thanks to Percy. They were now seated at a table in the garden of the Burrow for their rehearsal dinner. Hermione's parents were there and being drilled by Mr. Weasley about ice chests, and they were in turn questioning him about portkeys.

The weather was quite nice for May, and there was no hint of rain for their wedding the next day and Hermione was very grateful for that. She then caught Ginny and Charlie's eyes. The two were huddled together, a common occurrence every time all the Weasley's were gathered. George still had not gotten revenge on them and they had almost given up on the fact that George ever would… almost.

"George? When are you planning on getting your revenge on Ginny and Charlie? Or have you changed your mind?" Hermione asked, but George only hushed her as he stood up, getting everyone's attention.

"I'd like to thank everyone for coming out tonight to celebrate. Who would have ever thought that Hermione was harboring secret feelings for me when she was yelling at Fred and me for testing products on first years?" He looked at Hermione, who was scowling at him, and then he said, "Oh that's right, it was the other way around, my mistake." Everyone laughed, and George continued, "Anyway, I love you Hermione, and a toast. Kreacher, you think could pass out those glasses for us?"

Kreacher was already busy handing out champagne to everyone present. Harry had freed him after the war, and Kreacher had recently been working at the Burrow part time for Mrs. Weasley. Once everyone had a glass, George raised his and said, "A toast to my never ending love for Hermione and for my hope that she will forgive me."

Everyone raised their glasses and Hermione looked up at George. "Forgive you for what?" George didn't have to answer though, for at that moment there was a scream and all eyes turned to Ginny and Charlie, or at least, where Ginny and Charlie had been standing. In their place were two very dwarfed sized people, they were only three feet tall, with blue skin, and extra arms growing out of their heads. When one of them opened their mouths to shout at George all that came out was: "I'm a stupid git!" and: "How may I serve you, master of the pranks."


George, meanwhile, was running with Hermione's wand in his hand as Hermione took up the chase. "Hermione, love why don't you calm down a bit? You knew I was going to get revenge… did I mention that I love you? Hermione?"

George had taken cover behind Jenna and Oliver. Jenna turned to George and said, "You know I don't think I've ever seen her this mad… I'd run for it."

George yelped as Hermione sent a jinx in his direction from the wand she had nicked from Harry. He took off again and this time took cover behind Bill. "Bill, she's crazy, do something!"

Bill laughed, "I'd just go out there and take whatever hex she plans on sending you if you still want to marry the girl tomorrow. You were the idiot that decided to get revenge tonight…"

Deciding Bill was right George went and stood right in front of Hermione, "Go ahead and hurry up with it."

Hermione stood frozen in place. She hadn't expected George to just stand right in front of her like that. After a minute though, she sent the bat-boogey hex at him, leaving it for about 5 minutes before lifting the spell. "Don't you ever do this again, now go and turn them back to normal."

George nodded but then said, "Oh you know you love me… You like the excitement I bring to a party." He leaned in, kissed her real fast, and then took off to fix Ginny and Charlie back to normal.

The next day at the wedding, Ginny, Jenna, and Hermione were getting ready in Ginny's room. "It's okay Hermione; everyone gets nervous before their wedding." Ginny was telling her.

Hermione just nodded. In truth, she wasn't nervous, just sad. She had always pictured Abby as her maid of honor before Abby had died, and she wanted more then anything for Abby to be there as maid of honor instead of Ginny. She knew George was feeling the same way; Ron was standing in as best man. "I'm okay. I'm not really nervous, just thinking about Abby and Fred."

The other two girls nodded. Everyone was thinking about the same thing, only their thoughts were more on Fred than Abby, only because they had actually known Fred. Just then though, Fleur burst into the room with tears on her checks. "Jou ready?"

The girls nodded and Jenna asked, "Fleur are you okay?"

Fleur nodded. "I'm fine. Jou'll see een a minute."

The girls left the room and headed down to the garden. Hermione's father was waiting for her and she looped her arm through his. Jenna had already started to walk down the aisle and Hermione heard her let out a small gasp as she neared the front. A few seconds later, Ginny did the same thing. Hermione was only slightly curious; her thoughts were now on George, who was waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Once Ginny was in place, everyone stood as Hermione and her father began their walk down the aisle. She was only looking at George but when she was halfway to him he slightly inclined his head to both sides of him. Taking her eyes off of George, Hermione looked in both directions and smiled, tears slightly running down her checks. In the place of where Ginny and Ron were suppose to be standing, there were two stools, and Abby's school picture was sitting on one. The other stool held a picture of Fred, grinning and winking, and Hermione realized it was the one taken of Fred at Bill's wedding. Once she reached George he leaned in and whispered, "I didn't think they should miss this." Hermione smiled. She thought the same thing.

A/N So here it is the end of Saving George. I had fun writing this and I will eventually write a companion story for this following Oliver and Jenna just don't know if it will be the next story I write. I hope you enjoyed this and thanks for all the reviews.