Truth or Dare

"Sneak into the twelfth division and make a pass at Kurotsuchi Nemu." Momo grinned almost evilly as Renji broke out into a cold sweat across from her.

"Ya can't dare me to do anything that's gonna fuckin' get me killed!" he snarled back.

"You can always get out, you know." Izuru laughed as his friend sputtered – the penalty dare involved singing love songs at Kyouraku-taichou's window, which was a scary prospect precisely because he might actually take them seriously.

Renji took a drink from his bottle of some kind of whiskey before responding.

"Fuck you both."

"That can be your next dare if you want," Kira responded, sharing a grin with Hinamori. Truth or dare hadn't been a half-bad idea after all. Even if it seemed stupid and girly.

"I'll take the stupid dare." He looked like he wanted to say "fuck you" again, but thought better of it.

Abarai stood up, scowling, and took a long swig of his bottle – no better way to do stupid things than inebriated – and started walking towards the door. Rather than following, the other two made their way to the wall behind their dorms, from which they had a wonderful view of the twelfth division grounds, much to their continued amusement.


Renji was sweating hard by the time he made it across the grounds without being seen – it was almost dark, and the twelfth division never went outdoors anyway – and took a deep breath before entering the building. Her room was the first door in – not that he had ever used this knowledge, mind you – and he slipped in without making a noise.

He found her reading, which was entirely unsurprising. She hardly noticed that there was a strange academy student in her room – in fact, she only looked up when Renji prostrated himself in front of her, and then only to show him her perfect deadpan.

He blushed and scowled before starting his speech, which he hadn't had the foresight to even think about beforehand.

"Nemu-san, I'm Abarai Renji and, uh… you're real pretty and um, I really like you... I like the way you… follow your captain. Loyalty and devotion and, uh, stuff like that. Real attractive. Yeah." He paused. "I was thinkin' we might get to know each other some, or somethin'"

She hadn't said anything for some moments, and he was beginning to think that he should get the hell out before something bad happened.

"Abarai-kun, I…" She seemed flattered – thank the gods – and maybe she was actually showing some kind of interest in him. Hell yes.

Being more than a little tipsy and quite ready to take advantage of this new situation, he sat up and leaned in towards her. Might as well get a kiss out of it.

That's when he noticed that the mirror in the corner of her room wasn't actually a mirror. It was a window. And there was the captain of the Twelfth division, avidly watching with that creepy wide-eyed stare.

Renji knew he'd spend the rest of his life trying to forget the fact that Kurotsuchi Mayuri was a voyeur.