Halo: Halos in Space 2: Aliens attack

Joe Chief bended his leg and his other legs and lookd at big wepon and tear droped down his eyes and said "alien you shoot at my human people and kill and shoot at them! No more or else!" then Joe Chief grabed the wepon on his back and standed up.

All every where aliens was shooting and making booms on human people around the Halo place. "No over there no over there!" a human guy said to another human guy becaus alien things are going to them. "No we die soon!" the other human guy said back to the other human guy after. "No you dont die soon!" Joe Chief yelt back to the human guys. "Yes we do!" human guys shout back. "No look" Joe Chief said then BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM Joe Chief shot the big huge wepon that lookd like a cannon on a pirat ship but smaller and more bigger bullets. The aliens around had no heads no more becaus the wepon blew them to teeny weeny pieces. "Yes thank you Joe Chief!" both human guys said at the same time together.

After Joe Chief helped them he went away to helped other human guys. But right then a HUGE aliens ship droppd down from teh space skies. Joe Chief tryed shootin big booms at it but no thing happend cus aliens ship had a lightningy thing on it that made booms blow up to fast. Joe Chief said "What!? How when i have this wepon i cant kill big alien ship?! Now I have no bullets!!" and he yelled it really loud. Joe Chief jumpd over dead aliens with no head really fast to get to big wepon place. It wasnt there but Joe Chief said "hurry!" then it came on the ground becaus wepons get born in Halo Town from some place you cant see. When Joe Chief was puttin it on his back again the aliens ship saw him and punchd a button to make missil come from it to go to Joe Chief. It blew up every place and Joe Chief but Joe Chief had a shield but it was all gone after so Joe Chief waited for the bzzt bzzt chhhhhrg and the shield got back.

"Nice try alien ship but now i have shield again ha ha ha!" Joe Chief yelled at ship then ship said "dont laugh at me ill show you!" and punched another missil at Joe Chief but then some human people droved to Joe Chief on a War Thog and picked him up and drove away befor missil hit them. "Joe Chief a general befor said that the boss alien is on the big ship we need to kill boss alien to make them go far back to Alien Town okay?"a human guy with a cool helmut said. "Okay lets kill all them!" Joe Chief said. "Wait you hear that?" helmut human guy said. "Yes I dont know what is it" Joe Chief said. "It is me!" a big alien with spines on the back of it and a shield like Joe Chief said. "Oh now i kill you!" Joe Chief said.

The spines alien shot a needle gun at the War Thog and killt the human people and the needles stuck in the helmut of the human guy but then they stuck in his heart so he died anyways. Joe Chief jumped from it and landed on his hands and then flipped even thow his space guy armor was heavy. "Spines alien we can fight with wepon like babies or fight with hands and feet like strong guys!" Joe Chief said out loud to spines alien. "Joe Chief i am not a baby i will fight you with hands and feet" Spines alien says back. Joe Chief charjed at spines alien with his fist out ready for a big punch but the spies alien turned around and Joe Chief punched spines "OWW" Joe Chief said but he broke the spines off so the spines alien said "OW" to. Joe Chief looked at the big alien ship and saw that the doors was closing and he was running out of time so Joe Chief said "now you die!" then with a lot of power from his whole body Joe Chief stepped back then swang his arm really really really fast you couldnt see it becaus it was a blur then PLOW right on the spines alien face. The spines aliens face blew up and brains and blood and guts went all over. The doors were closed almost so Joe Chief ran fast and jumped to try to get under the door, but...

to be continued...?