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Just a small drabble set during the last minutes of the battle. Bumblebee's POV on Sam's role in the war.

First ever Transformers fanfic so fingers crossed.

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"You are a soldier now…."

No he isn't. He's just a boy. He did his duty, he gave up the glasses, and he is no longer required to stay, to fight…to die.

Primus, he is just a boy, so young. He had no choice; this battle was thrust upon his planet but not his world. He is not obligated to help. He should be home with his family, watching all this with them on a TV, miles away and safe.

He should be wondering if he'll ever get the second glance from the girl, not if he'll ever draw another breath, get another lucky escape, another chance to live.

There he goes running, our salvation and damnation tucked securely under his arm, so small against these enemies and these odds, yet he is not running from danger, he is running to it, a fierce determination in his eyes fighting the desperate fear that is begging him to follow the crowd and to turn back, that every step he takes is one more to his death.

She should be at his side, not helping me; she should be with him, running, the hero and the girl of his dreams. But no, she can't, she's not strong enough and she knows it. So she stays behind, sticks to what she knows, helping anyway she can. She has had less of a sheltered life, she knows what is at stake, she has her doubts, but Sam doesn't, he is ignorant of the consequences, he thinks he will merely die if he doesn't win and while that thought terrifies him (I can monitor his heartbeat from here) it is nothing to what will really happed should we lose. He will be tortured, he will suffer, he'll wish for death and only then will Megatron finally show mercy…and kill him.

He is ignorant of the unlimited cruelty that Megatron possesses. And that ignorance will save us all. He is not weighed down by the possibilities or the doubts, visions of pain, of heartache do not hinder him for the simple fact is he will not succumb to them and that makes him strong. That is the strength that we are all relying on. That is the boy who is going to save us all.

But I should be there, at his side, providing that last bit of strength should, Primus forbid, he falters; he shouldn't have to do this alone. But he will not falter, because he knows we are with him, he is not alone. Not really.

A soldier is only as good as the orders he follows. Sam lacks the discipline to be a soldier, he questions and he disobeys orders. He follows his own rules, his own code before anyone else. He'll do what he feels is right, even if it might mean the death of him.

So you see Lennox: He is not a soldier, he is so much more.

"No sacrifice, No victory"

But can't you see Sam; no victory will ever be worth your sacrifice.

At least not to me…

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