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Life Before Love

18 months prior to the events of Twilight

Sunshine. Blistering, burning sunshine beat down on the tan interior of Renee's car. She had taken the bus to work today so I could have the car for my first day of work. I was thankful for this considering it was October-the peak of Phoenix's infamous heat. Starting tomorrow-Thursday- I would walk to work on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Joy.

Since Renee hadn't told me she wanted me to get a job to start saving for college until a week ago, and all of the local establishments that posted help wanted signs at the high school had posted them two months ago, the pickings were slim. I could volunteer at the hospital-scrubbing bedpans, mopping floors, etc.- or I could shell ugly, overpriced teen knock-offs at Pra-duh! Which high demand dream job shall I choose?

Due to the fact that me being within a ten mile radius of blood is about as good an idea as putting an armadillo in charge of making sure a grenade doesn't explodes, the hospital was definitely out. So four days a week I would walk to Pra-duh! in the Scottsdale mall. Like I said before… joy.

Normally I wouldn't be so bitter about getting a job. And I wasn't, not even after seeing my only two career choices. No, what really got me pissed off was the real reason I suddenly needed to get a job and start saving for college.


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