Neverwinter Inc.



Congratulations on the purchase of your new Casavir! This Lawful Good human Tyrran paladin will surely provide you with years of faithful service and amusement.

For detailed instructions on the care, feeding, abilities, training, romancing, etc. of your Casavir, please consult the owner's manual, "The Faerûnian Idiot's Guide to Casavirs" that was enclosed in the packaging of your purchase.

Your Casavir is a complex companion. Misuse may cause severe damage. With that in mind, please be certain to read and observer the following cautions prior to first use.

To keep the Casavir in optimal working condition, please avoid exposing it to the following:

- Bishops

- Denizens of evil

- Blackguards

- Evil-aligned women who it may feel obliged to redeem

- Casual sexual propositions

- Hordes of undead

- Necromancers

- Injustice

- Raging orc tribes

- Wells, springs, and watering holes of any kind

- Politicians

- Guilt complexes

- Opportunities for martyrdom

- Proponents of blind obedience

- Damsels unhappily betrothed to elderly nobles

- Mockery of religious faith

- Reminders of its suddenly leaving Neverwinter

- Discussions of romantic feelings

Do not submit the Casavir to "lesser of two evils" situations as this may cause its paladinhood to experience severe stress and possible breakage.

Please do not oblige the Casavir to swear a vow without considering the consequences you may cause, as it is then bound to either fulfill its word or die trying. For example, "Swear that you'll stop being romantically angsty" might cause severe issues.

Neverwinter Inc. assumes no responsibility for incidents of overzealous and possibly suicidal attacks on evil resulting from placing the Casavir too close to citizens in distress.

The Casavir comes as-is, without warranty. Any alterations or changes resulting from use of the Casavir as companion are solely the responsibility of the owner.

Coming soon in Marpenoth 1386: the new Casavir 2.0 upgrade chip. This highly requested new technology will allow your Casavir to act romantically and confess his love without the requirements of a castle wall and an impending battle of doom!

Troubleshooting of Common Issues

Q. My Casavir obviously has romantic feelings for me, but doesn't talk about it. What do I do about this?
A. Your Casavir is a Tyrran paladin and as such is obliged to keep silent so as to not use its high standing and charisma to influence you. After the Casavir 2.0 chip, this issue should be largely resolved by your simply asking it for the true nature of its feelings for you. Until the release of the upgrade, try talking to it on top of a castle wall the night before an impending battle of doom to get the desired result.

Q. I think I've done something wrong. My Casavir no longer has an aura and can't cast divine spells.
A. Have you recently exposed your Casavir to situations forcing it to choose largely Chaotic ways? If so, you've altered its alignment, and it is now a Neutral Good fighter. To help this, if you desire it, consult your local Temple of Tyr for an atonement quest to help your Casavir regain paladin status.

Q. I think I screwed my Casavir up. I just wanted to see what would happen if I made it fall! Now it's casting "Smite Good" and destroying villages!
A. Yes, you did mess it up. Your Casavir is now a Lawful Evil blackguard. And you didn't see this coming? Search your heart for what led to this catastrophe, and consult your local Temple of Tyr. Evil owners may wish to purchase an Aribeth (Blackguard Version) and let the two blackguards freely pillage the countryside enforcing their unholy authority.

Q. This stupid paladin won't stop harping on me about goodness and redemption. I'm evil, dammit!
A. Why did you purchase a paladin? Consider turning it into a formidable blackguard.

Q. I own a Bishop and it won't leave the Casavir alone.
A. The Consumer Warnings specifically suggested avoiding exposing your Casavir to a Bishop. Owning both a Bishop and a Casavir may lead to constant conflict and a duel to the death. Careful management can avoid this, but it generally involves severe alteration of the Bishop to keep the peace, and dedication on the owner's part to bring about this result. Most owners choose only one or the other.

Q. It won't stop talking about Old Owl Well! Can't it say anything else?
A. The Consumer Warnings specifically said to not expose the Casavir to wells. Sorry, but it's your problem now.

Q, How old is the Casavir, really?
A. While the manufacturer's suggested age is "late thirties", your Casavir can justifiably be whatever age you consider proper. This is particularly useful for female owners who think that the idea of a paladin romancing a teenaged Knight Captain is strange—though perhaps no more strange than the fact that a teenager can be a Knight-Captain.