Neverwinter Inc.



Congratulations on the purchase of your new Neeshka! This True Neutral Tymoran tiefling rogue will surely provide you with a great deal of shiny baubles as well as wisecracks.

For detailed instructions on the care, feeding, abilities, training, romancing, etc. of your Neeshka, please consult the owner's manual, "The Faerûnian Idiot's Guide to Neeshkas" that was enclosed in the packaging of your purchase.

Your Neeshka is a complex companion. Misuse may cause severe damage.

With that in mind, please be certain to read and observe the following cautions prior to first use.

To keep the Neeshka in optimal working condition, please avoid exposing it to the following:

- City Watch members

- Lawfulness

- Paladins

- Aasimars

- Half-witted tanar'ri hindlickers

- Shiny things

- Anything not bolted down

- A blood geas

- Honor amongst thieves

- Leldon

- Locks

- People of a prejudicial mindset

- Selflessness

- Discussions on law not involving the phrase "Possession is 9/10ths"

- A copy of the Neverwinter criminal code

- Seasick dwarves and wood elves

- Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

- Dour Helmites

- Credit cards

It is advised that you not comment too frequently on the Neeshka being a tiefling. It is well aware of it, and is somewhat sensitive about the subject, which may lead to a sense of mistrust and even persecution.Neverwinter Inc. assumes no responsibility for outraged citizenry calling you regarding the location of stolen property after your Neeshka has been prowling in the evenings. Any resulting civil or criminal penalties are solely the owner's by virtue of being the caretaker of the Neeshka.

The Neeshka comes as-is, without warranty. Any alterations or changes resulting from use of the Neeshka as companion are solely the responsibility of the owner.

Troubleshooting of Common Issues

Q. My Neeshka keeps getting upset whenever a paladin and/or aasimar comes near, complaining about itchy skin.

A. Paladins and aasimars certainly possess a holy aura, although in test phases we noticed the fact that the Neeshka mentions this issue only when one of these beings is prospective to share its company, and then never brings it up again. We suspect the Neeshka is possibly telling you a white lie, or at least overstating the situation in hopes that you won't permit these beings near it to disapprove of its actions and cramp its style. As for itchy skin, if you've been adventuring in the wilds lately please consult a healer and rule out any conditions such as ticks or scabies that would explain its symptoms. Offer the Neeshka the Comforting Calomel Lotionenclosed with purchase.

Q. I'm really running up the legal bills from its "extracurricular" excursions.
A. The Neeshka can't avoid grabbing shiny things when it spies them. It's a simple fact of your new companion's nature. Be honored that it chooses to show its affection by bestowing gifts on you. And on the bright side, its intelligence generally realizes which shiny things are valuable. Bankroll its defense from this fund, and please hide the loot better next time.

Q. It's boobytrapped my basement and now I can't go down there without being injured by acid, fire, arrows, etc.
A. Your new companion also enjoys the challenge of dealing with traps and locks. Permit it to practice for mental stimulation and its continued happiness. Consider that given the chance, it didn't set traps with your sofa and remote control instead.

Q. Some strange guy in black robes and a skull surrounded by blue flames asked me for some of my Neeshka's blood.
A. That's a problem. To avoid your Neeshka being bound by a blood geas, please be watchful that it doesn't get injured. As for getting rid of the visitor, consult your nearest heroic fellowship…and tell them to bring in the True Name scroll.

Q. I can't get it to stop playing "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider". It's keeping me awake all night with the noise!
A. You have a rogue and you're surprised that you can't get it to obey you, or stop playing a game that involves tomb robbery and treasure? Maybe you should reconsider your purchase.