Hello, it's me again! To understand what's going on here, you should read my main story, "Alena and the Team of Crazy People." This takes place a little bit before the start of the main story (but Alena still has her bracelet) and doesn't relate to the plot. Other than that though, it has the same crazy characters, so enjoy!

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The Adventures of Wonder Whishcast

One day, Alena, Twig, Electrinz, Sander, and Whishcast were all sitting around the dinner table waiting to be served.

"Twig, are you going to serve dinner soon?" asked Alena.

"I thought Sander was making dinner," said the Sceptile.

"You told me that we were going to order pizza!" said the Flygon.

"Actually, that was me," said Electrinz, "And don't blame me for not making dinner, the only thing I can make is cereal!"

"So… does anyone want to go out for dinner?"


Sander had wanted to get Italian.

Whishcast had wanted cake.

Electrinz had wanted pizza.

Twig and Alena had wanted to go to Panera.

"That's two votes, we're going to Panera!" said Alena.

"But pizza is Italian!" said Electrinz.

"Too bad, we're decided!" said Alena.

At Panera, everyone ordered and chose one of the really tall tables. Whishcast sat in Alena's lap while Sander and Twig stood up. Electrinz sat on a huge pile of pillows on top of one of the chairs.

Twig immediately began drinking a full cup of coffee. When it was all gone, he went back up to the counter and showed it to the lady that was operating the register.

"Oh, what a smart little Sceptile! Do you want more coffee?" she asked.

Twig nodded and she gave it to him free because she thought he was the cutest thing ever.

"Have as much as you like!" she said.

So Twig went up for seconds. And thirds. And fourths.

Back at the table, Whishcast was talking about her latest discovery.

"Me Wonder-Whishcast!" See 'W' on head?"

"Oh yes, I'm sure you'd make a great superhero!" said Alena, tickling Whishcast gently.

"Don't be ridiculous! You're not a superhero!" said Electrinz.

"Am twoo! Me have cape!" Whishcast pulled out a mini blue cape out of thin air.

"That doesn't mean you're a superhero," said Electrinz.

"Oh, be nice," said Sander.

Just then, Twig came back to the table with 5 cups of coffee in his claws.

"Um Twig, how much coffee have you drunk?"

"I don't know… maybe… 14 cups?"

Everyone stared at him open-mouthed.

"Twig, you like bitter food way too much."

"ME WONDER-WHISHCAST!" shouted Whishcast suddenly.

All of a sudden, Whishcast began glowing! When the light faded, she was floating in midair while heroic music played. Her 'W' glowed red and laser beams shot out of it, heading right for Electrinz.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" he yelled.

The music changed as Whishcast chased the poor electric mouse around the restaurant.

"Will you stop that?!" Alena yelled at the band that was playing all the music. They ran over to the bakery section of Panera and stole all the bagels. Then they ran out the front door, never to be seen again.

Just then, Twig's eyes began twitching. Whishcast and Electrinz stopped running around and stared.

"Uh-oh." said Alena.

"Everyone run! Caffeine overload!" yelled Sander.

"Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" yelled Twig.

Wattson, the weird electric gym leader, walked in and started laughing with Twig.

"What the heck are you doing?" asked Alena.

"Laughing is good for you! Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" yelled Wattson.

One of the trainers from his gym walked in and stared at Wattson's bald head.

"Shinnnnnnnnneeeeeeyyyyy!" he yelled.

"Whahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" yelled Twig. Leaves shot everywhere, knocking Whishcast out instantly and shooting Electrinz out the front door. But there was a cliff outside and he kept falling, falling, falling…


His eyes suddenly jerked open. His breath came in gasps and he was sweating horribly.

"That dream was weird!" said Electrinz, "It was just plain freaky!"

That's when he noticed a little pair of eyes looking at him.

"Electrinz okay?" said Whishcast.

"Ahhhh!" yelled Electrinz. He ran out of the room screaming.

Alena walked into the room and looked at Whishcast.

"What was that all about?" she said.

"I no know," said Whishcast.


Well there it is! I just had to write a story about Twig's coffee obsession. In Ruby, he actually does like bitter food the best! Anyway, review or feel the wrath of Twig and his coffee obsession!