Jump and Attacked

Thanks to Shr0omx3, I thought of this!

Warning: Yaoi and over use of capital letters. XD

"Hey, where's Jiroh?" Shishido asked the team.

Almost everyone shrugged. Some people, like Hiyoshi or Oshitari, didn't care.

Where was Jiroh? Well, here's the story...

Marui was trying to get to practice on time today. This is the last time he has to run 500 laps! Believe it!

He passed a light pole. Suddenly, he thought he saw something. He looked around. No one. He shrugged and continued running.

After he passed his second light pole, something jumped at him.

He screamed and landed on the ground with a thump.

"Oh my god! Molester!! HELP!!! GAHH!!!" He screamed. He felt something heavy sitting on him.

"MARUI-KUN, HI!!!!" The other person screamed as well. "HOW ARE YOU?!"

Bunta realized the boy on top of him was Jiroh. He screamed even more. "OH MY GOD! JIROH!! HELP!!!"


Bunta started to scream even more. He screamed more than he did in his whole life.

Jiroh got off and pulled Marui's legs. "Let's go somewhere!"

Marui tried crawling away but Jiroh was strong... strange since the boy's so short and he sleeps so much...

"Nooo!!! PRACTICE!! ON TIME!! NO LAPS!!!" Marui shouted.

Jiroh continued pulling.


Amazing how the neighborhood doesn't even care that someone is shouting in the mornings.

"Let's go this way, Marui-kun!!"


"Marui isn't here today..." Sanada muttered to himself. He silently added, "Good grief..."

"Marui-sempai isn't here!?" Akaya cried. "Who am I going to annoy?!"

"Nah, he's right here." Niou said. He pointed to the door.

Marui was crawling to the courts. His shirt was messed up and ripped. His pants were also the same. Marui's pink hair was messed up and much like Akaya's curly hair. The boy was also out of breath.

"Oh my..." Yukimura gasped.

Jackal helped Marui up. "What happened, Marui?"

"Am... I... late for... practice?" He asked.

Yagyuu checked his watch. "3 hours late." Yes, Sanada decided to have practice for three hours.

"NOOO!!!" Bunta cried like Darth Vader. "Do I have to run?"

"Forget that, what happened?" Jackal cried.

"I got attacked by my fan boy..."

"He must have been bored." Akaya said.

"Yeah..." Marui said, "This is the third time this week."

"Who cares?" Niou said.

"MARUI-KUN!!!" Jiroh shouted.

"GAHHH!!!" Bunta ran off with Jiroh chasing after him.

Lesson? Don't be a genius? Wait, maybe it was fans are scary when they are bored? Who knows!


Akaya thinks it's: Sushi for lunch is good.