Chapter 1

"Karin, are you sure your information is accurate?" asked an unbelieving Sasuke, fists tight with anger.

"AHHH!! How many fucking times do i need to tell you!??? Your little blonde boyfriend is looking for you with a bunch of his little friends... You or Itachi...", spoke Karin, obviously annoyed with the times she had had to repeat herself.

Itachi... Damn you Naruto, why do you always insist on getting in my way... thought Sasuke. Memories of how Itachi had searched for Naruto, a complete stranger, and not him, his own brother began to flash in his mind.

"And why exactly are they looking for Itachi again??" Sasuke asked for the thousandth time fuming.

Karin stared for a moment unable to comprehend the reason she had to repeat herself THIS many times. "Ugh! If only I would have known this was the catch to spending time with you, i would've settled for one of the prisoners!"

Sasuke just stared, as if he hadn't caught anything she had said.

Damn this is bothersome... "OK OK. They are looking for you or Itachi, Itachi obviously to use him as a trap for you... but the whole point of this is to get to you... There and that's the last time I say it..." Karin said, smoke beginning to come out of her ears.

"And who was in their little group?"

UNBELIEVABLE! "OK, it was a guy with some weird metal thing on his forehead i suppose his name was Yamato..., your boyfriend, obviously Naruto, some girl with white eyes, and indigo hair, I think her name was Hinata or something. Those two were accompanying Naruto, but there was more people that went in different directions... a boy with a little pup, some guy that had himself completely covered up, glasses, hoody, all that, some guy with silver hair and a mask covering most of his face, ooooh some cutie that looked kinda like you, oh and some girl with pink hair..." Karin said still with hearts in her eyes as she recalled Sai's image in her mind.

Mmm, Ok so obviously it's Naruto, Hinata, Yamato, hmmm... pup... oh of course that idiot Kiba, all covered up, heh Shino, Kakashi, cutie... ... ummm... Sai I guess..., and Sakura. That's not so bad. He could easily avoid most of them. But wait... white eyes, Damn! Why didn't he think of it before? Hinata is a Hyuga. Meaning she can see miles ahead with those white eyes of hers... Shit, what if they get to Itachi before I do... This poses a challenge now, and to be honest he didn't need one on a mission this important. I mean this is my lifelong mission, and there was already all the other Akatsuki members that also stood in his way. OK... So we somehow need to dispose of Hinata... OR... Sasuke's frustrated face turned into his signature grin at the thought of his plan.

Suigetsu, Karin, and Juugo (A/N: sorry I don't know how to spell it) just stared.

"What are you all of a sudden grinning about? What Karin said isn't exactly good news... I mean that's a shitload of Shinobi after your pretty boy ass..." Suigetsu asked clearly frustrated with the thought of having to deal with the famous copy ninja Kakashi... or any of those other people Karin had described. The only one that Suigetsu was interested in at the moment was the Akatsuki member Kisame, and obviously he needed all the rest before he faced someone at his level.

"Idiot... We're not going to fight anyone... well you are, but it's just one person, and she's not a very impressive foe from what little I recall of her." Sasuke said, still grinning.

"Wait... she... why on earth would you send me to fight a girl???" Suigetsu asked completely dazed.

"Hinata posesses the white eye, Byakugan, which has the ability to spot a target from miles ahead... to be honest I don't need anymore competition... that's why I brought you three." Sasuke said in his usual quiet, cold tone.

"So what are you suggesting? You want me to take her out?" Suigetsu said smirking evilly at the thought of getting practice with his new sword... Maybe someone with skills like those would be hard to surprise, which meant a challenge, but by the way Sasuke was talking about her, not too big of a challenge. Interesting...

"... No... What you will do is go over there and kidnap her... We will use her abilities to help me find Itachi, and to obviously keep clear of those after us" , Sasuke said, his usual empty look back on his face.

"KIDNAP HER, USE HER, YOU MEAN YOU WANT HER ALIVE!!!!", Suigetsu asked the gleam in his eye gone, shaking his fist in the air.

"I won't repeat myself... You may go now" Sasuke states sitting down obviously waiting for Suigetsu to return mission accomplished.

"Ugh i suppose... will she be hard to handle" Suigetsu asked, hope washing over him once more...

"Doubt it, from what I know about her, which is close to nothing, I hear she's a nice, shy, pushover." Sasuke said hoping his information was accurate. It wasn't his fault he didn't remember much about her... After all, she never even tried talking to him either... which was a big deal back in the days of the Academy. He remembered her being the only girl in the entire academy that wasn't after his good looks... Something he always appreciated... It was why he had noticed her at all, actually...

"Ugh i guess I'm off then", Suigetsu said his entire energy drained from him, I mean obvioulsy he wasn't gonna need it against a pushover.

"Oh and one last thing... don't make any noise, try to catch her alone, I don't want the entire flock to follow you here..." Sasuke added laying down now, knowing that this might take a while... Naruto alone means more noise than a whole army of shinobi, and that is not what I want right now... Maybe after this is all over...

"Heh, you just made it a challenge... so I lure her away from the group, then surprise her and knock her out and drag her here!" Suigetsu said...

"Whatever, just bring her back... alone and unharmed Oh, and she's the one with the indigo hair and white eyes." Sasuke replied still laying down on the floor next to a tree. Lousy description, but then again it's safer this way, I haven't seen her in a while now... Not that it mattered to him anyway.

"Right then I'm off... ... hey Sasuke" Suigetsu turned one last time...

"hmm" Sasuke looked once more at Suigetsu, a scowl on his face by now.

"You said you were a real lady's man back in your Academy days right", Suigetsu asked.

"I said no such thing, what you heard from Kabuto is not my problem" Sasuke answered, taken aback by the question. Then putting his arms behind his head and resting back down.

"OK then, laterz", Suigetsu said before finally flying off into the darkness of the forest, all while smirking to himself.

Wonder why that last question... Sasuke wondered before finally falling into a nap.

Meanwhile Karin stood there, angry as hell thinking Another female in Hebi... Oh fuck no...