Sakura Haruno is a sixteen year old genius. She was always winning awards for great academics. She is

also the perfect child that every parent would dream of. Sakura plays many instruments, invented many

stuff, read all the time, studied hard, and was always obedient. She also has a twin brother named Gaara

who was the athletic one in the family. Gaara is older than Sakura by ten minutes. They have two older

siblings though. Temari is nineteen and Kankuro is eighteen. They're parents are divorced. They live with

they're mom, while they're dad lives in California.

Sakura was in her room reading a book when she heard her mother's call. Sakura got up from her seat and

went downstairs to see her mom holding up a letter addressed to Sakura. "You have a letter for you." Her

mom said. Sakura took it and read it. She then smiled. "I can't believe it! They accepted me!" Sonomi

(Sakura's mom) looked at her strangely. "Where did you get accepted?" She asked her. Sakura put down

the letter. "I got accepted into the best boarding school ever; Konoha Academy." Before Sonomi could say

anything else the front door closed. Gaara came was back from soccer practice. "Hey professor and hey

mom." He said. No one said anything. "Did I interrupt something?" He asked. Sakura shook her head. "No,

I was just telling mom that I just got accepted into Konoha Academy." Gaara widened his eyes. "You

aren't really going? I mean, you can't go by yourself. Who will protect you?" Gaara said. Since he is older

than Sakura, he is very overprotective towards her. Sakura put her hands on her hips. "I don't always need

people taking care of me." Sonomi shook her head. "But Sakura, what happens if you have an attack or

faint? Who will take you to the hospital?" She asked her daughter. Ever since Sakura was born she has had

heart trouble which meant she couldn't do any sports that could cause her to be tired or else it could give

out. Sakura looked at the ground. "I can take care of myself." Gaara didn't look convinced. He looked at

the coffee table and picked up another letter with his name addressed to. He read it and widened his eyes

again. "Well look at this. I also got accepted to Konoha Academy." Sakura smirked. "Then problem solved.

Gaara can come so nothing bad would happen." Sonomi was deep in thought. "That's great sis, but I'm not

going." Sakura looked at him.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't feel like going to a boarding school for rich brats."

"But that school is the only school that gives good classes."

"Too bad I'm not going."

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"







Sonomi sighed. And to think that having twins would be a good idea. She thought. "Ok! Break it up!" She

yelled. Gaara and Sakura stopped yelling. Sonomi looked like she was going to cry. "I have come to a

decision. Sakura, you may go to the boarding school alone, and Gaara, you don't have to." The Sonomi

started crying. Sakura hugged her mom. "Don't worry mom, I'll come home on the weekends to visit. So

you have to miss me." Sonomi stopped crying. "I'm not crying because I'm going to miss you. I'm crying

because, who will do my taxes?" Sakura stared at her. "Ok?" Gaara smiled. "When do you leave?" Sakura

looked back at the letter. "Um…tomorrow at 5:00" The Gaara began hugging his sister. Sonomi also

joined. "What is this? A hugging party?" The twins and the mother turned around to see Temari and

Kankuro in the doorway. "No, this isn't a hugging party. Sakura is leaving tomorrow for a boarding

school." Sonomi explained. Temari gasped. "That's terrible! Who is going to do your taxes mom?" Sakura

rolled her eyes. "Isn't anyone going to miss me?! And what's with me always doing mom's taxes?" They

all shrugged. Sakura sweat dropped. "I'm going to call dad and tell him." She said going upstairs. "I should

get dinner started." Sonomi said going into the kitchen leaving Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro in the living

room. "I'm going to go watch television." Kankuro said reaching for the remote. Temari followed him.

"I'm with ya." Gaara picked up his letter and kept on looking at it. Should I go to Konoha Academy? He

asked himself.

Sakura was in her room making a long distance call to America.



Ring… "Hello?" A man's voice said.

"Hey dad! It's me, Sakura."

"Oh hey, shorty! How are things in Japan?"

Sakura smiled at that nickname. Shorty was her nickname since she was three. "Things are great. Guess



"I got accepted into Konoha Academy!" Sakura waited for a response.

"That's great! I always knew you were smart, but I never knew you would get accepted into those kind of



"Ok, I'm sorry." They both began laughing.

"Well I better get going. Mom is making dinner and I don't want to miss it."

"Ok, bye shorty!"

"Bye!" They both hung up. Sakura put down the phone and started to pack her things. Gaara then came into

her room. "What's up, sis?" Sakura turned around. "Hey Gaara, just packing." She resumed putting in some

books and clothing inside her bags. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked her. Sakura stopped

packing. "I'm sure." She sat down on her bed. Gaara sat down beside her. "I'll miss you." Sakura giggled.

"You sound like I'm moving out forever. It's only for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Besides, I'll visit on the

weekend." Gaara put his arm around her shoulders. "I know but…I've never been separated with my little

sister." Sakura hugged him. "Get used to it." Gaara smiled. "But remember that if anybody hurts you, I'll

beat them up. Nobody messes with my twin." They both laughed. Gaara looked down at Sakura. "You

know that twin telepathy stuff people talk about?" Sakura nodded. "Well I have it. Whenever you are in

trouble or in pain I get a small "feeling" that you need my help." Sakura stared at her brother. "Is that why

when I was 4 and those girls pushed me into the creek and I couldn't swim, you cam just in time to help

me? Or al those other times?" Gaara nodded. "Sakura! Gaara! Dinner is ready!" Temari yelled. Gaara and

Sakura went downstairs to eat dinner. When she was done she went upstairs to get some sleep. Sakura got

into bed and looked outside. "Tomorrow will be the day. I can't wait!" Sakura closed her eyes and drifted

off to sleep.

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