-"Ugh! I feel like a truck hit me!" A cold voice said. Sasuke opened his eyes and found himself in Naruto's house…tied up to a chair. He looked up and saw Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Matsuri sleeping on the couch. He looked at each side and saw Gaara, Naruto, Neji, and Shikamaru also tied up. Sasuke twitched at what Shikamaru was wearing. Then Sasuke looked down at his own clothes and saw what he was wearing too.

-"What the hell am I wearing?!" He yelled waking everybody.

-"What happened?!" Ino asked falling off the couch. Sasuke glared at the girls.

-"Why am I wearing a humongous bra?!"

-"Well Tsunade-sama had big bosoms so that's why you have a large." Tenten said.

-"That's not what I meant!" Sasuke yelled. Sakura sighed.

-"You and the guys got drunk and you and Shikamaru were having a karaoke night." Neji widened his eyes.

-"Why do my pants feel wet and squishy?" He asked. Tenten looked away.

-"While you were drunk, you crapped your pants." Neji glared.

-"But why didn't you change me?" He asked. Tenten raised an eyebrow.

-"Are you crazy? Why would I touch your shit?" Gaara felt like puking.

-"What did I eat last night?" He asked.

-"You had too much sugar." Matsuri said.

-"That would explain the sweetness in my mouth." He said. Naruto was busy giggling at Shikamaru.

-"You looked so weird in make-up, Shikamaru!" Naruto said.

-"Shut up idiot!" Shikamaru snapped. He didn't feel like arguing. All he wanted to do was get out of these ridiculous clothes and take off the make-up.

-"Um Ino?" He asked.

-"Yes Shika-kun?" Ino said.

-"Can you please untie us now?" Shikamaru asked trying to hold in his anger. The girls nodded and untied the boys. The moment Neji got loose he ran to the bathroom to change his pants.

-"Naruto! Do you have extra underwear?!" Neji yelled from the bathroom.

-"Yeah! Their drawer to the right!" Naruto yelled back. He then got up from his seat and walked to the kitchen.

-"I got it to hand it to you Teme; you don't look bad wearing my mom's bra!" Naruto laughed.

-"Shut it dobe!" Sasuke growled trying to unclasp the bra. But since he never used one it was hard to take it off.

-"Sakura help me take this "thing" off." Sasuke demanded. Sakura sighed.

-"Ok sis." She said. The girls stifled a laugh. Sakura helped Sasuke take it off. Tenten and Ino sat on the couch reminding themselves of what happened the night before. Matsuri and Hinata were finishing the movie from last night.

-"Naruto! What the hell are these?" Neji yelled stomping down the stairs.

-"What's what?" He asked. Neji held up the underwear. It was pink and it had Elmo all over it. Everyone's jaws dropped. Naruto laughed nervously.

-"Well, since I can't have Kyuubi anymore I've become attached to Sesame Street. Elmo is my idol!" Naruto yelled pumping his fist in the air.

-"I can't believe I'm going to have to wear this!" Neji yelled.

-"Well you don't have to." Tenten said.

-"And wear my crapped up underwear? Never!" Neji then walked back upstairs.

-"I'm never going to a party at Naruto's house again." Sakura muttered. Naruto shrugged and opened his cabinets.

-"What the fuck! Where's my ramen?!" Naruto yelled.


-"That party was so much fun! Did you think it was fun Sakura? It was fun, huh?" Gaara said shakily.

-"Gaara! How much sugar did you have this time?" Sakura asked. Gaara stopped shaking for a moment.

-"About 2 or 3 hundred pounds!" Gaara then was jumping around the hallway. They were back at school and it seemed that Gaara had too much sugar again.

-"That's it! Ever since Naruto's party you've been having sugar non-stop. You need help." Sakura said. Gaara stopped jumping and burst into to tears.

-"No! Don't take my sugar! Sugar makes me happy! What did I ever do to you?"

-"What's going on here?" Matsuri asked. Sakura looked up seeing Matsuri and Hinata who have become close friends standing there sweat dropping at bawling Gaara.

-"Sugar rush. He needs help again." Sakura said.

-"Well Haruno seems to be emotional this morning." Sasuke said walking up to Sakura's locker smirking at Gaara.

-"Not funny. When he gets like this, he won't stop eating sugar for days. He becomes crazy like Ino without her medication. Where are the others?" Sakura asked seeing only Sasuke, Matsuri, and Hinata there.

-"Taking the dobe out of his room. Since we got a television the dobe has been watching episodes of Sesame Street non-stop. The others are trying to disconnect the TV. Neji is taking Tenten to rehab and - -"

-"Wait! What did you say about Tenten?" Sakura asked.

-"Oh. Well Tenten has been having nightmares about doctors and hospitals again so Neji is taking her to Rehab so they can help her with her problems."

-"Is that even possible to go to Rehab for having a fear of doctors?" Matsuri asked. Sasuke shrugged.

-"I guess so."

-"But what should we do with Gaara-kun? He won't stop crying." Matsuri said.

-"Just leave him there." Sasuke smirked.

-"Stop joking. I need to call my mom. She knows what to do when Gaara's in this state." Sakura pulled out her phone and dialed her phone number.

-"Hello, you've reached Kankuro's house, how may I help young pretty lady." A voice asked.

-"Kankuro stop being gay and put mom on the phone." Sakura said.

-"Sakura? Why are you calling? I'm waiting for a girl to call." Kankuro asked.

-"Just give mom the phone you idiot!" Sakura yelled. Kankuro gulped and gave the phone to Sonomi.

-"Hello? Sonomi speaking."

-"Hey mom. It's Sakura. We have a problem; Gaara is on a sugar rush again." Sakura said.

-"Again? Oh boy." Sonomi said.

-"Elmo rules! Say it with me everybody!" an annoying voice yelled.

-"Dobe be quiet! Sakura's talking with her mom!" Sasuke yelled.

-"Can you both be quiet?" Sakura asked. "So mom, what should I do?" There was some silence.

-"Well first you should tie Gaara up to a chair and make him drink some herbal Chinese tea. It will calm him down from the sugar rush. Is that all?" Sonomi asked.

-"Yeah. Thanks mom! Bye." Sakura hung up the phone.

-"What did your mom say Sakura-chan?" Hinata asked.

-"Well first, take Gaara and tie him up." Sasuke and Shikamaru nodded and grabbed Gaara by the arms. They dragged him to a room and tied him up.

-"What's next?" Shikamaru asked.

-"Give him some herbal Chinese tea." Ino volunteered.

-"I have some ingredients. I'll go make it! And Naruto…change your shirt!" Ino then left. Sakura looked to see what Ino meant. She saw Naruto wearing a white t-shirt that said. 'Learn from Sesame Street.' And it then showed all the characters from Sesame Street gathering around.

-"Naruto, why are you wearing that shirt?" Sakura asked hoping for a good explanation.

-"It's my new favorite shirt." Naruto answered.

-"I have the weirdest friends." Sakura said.

-"Ahem." Sasuke couched.

-"Except for you Sasuke-kun." Sakura sweat dropped. Sasuke nodded.

-"Is Gaara always like this?" Matsuri asked.

-"Sometimes. But never this way." Sakura said.

-"Hey Sakura, you know my brother Itachi?" Sasuke asked. Sakura shook her head.

-"Well he's my older brother and called me yesterday telling me he got a girlfriend. His first one."

-"That's nice. Who is the girl?" Sakura asked.

-"Some 'Temari' girl." Sakura almost choked on her spit.

-"Does she happen to have blonde hair and four ponytails?" She asked.

-"Yeah. How did you know?" Sasuke asked.

-"Because she's my sister!" Sakura said.

-"Really?" Sakura nodded.

-"That's really ironic. Sakura's older sister dating her boyfriend's older brother. It's so weird." Matsuri said.

-"It is." Hinata said.

-"That's so cool Sakura-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

-"I guess it is. Where's Ino with the tea?"

-"She'll be here soon." Shikamaru said.

-"She better. Gaara's need to stop this sugar rush." Sakura said. Ino then walked in.

-"Got the tea!" She chirped.

-"Great! Now give it to me." Sakura said. Ino handed it to her and Sakura made Gaara drink it.

-"How do you feel Gaara?" Sakura asked. Gaara looked around.

-"Why is everybody staring at me?" He asked.

-"That's a relief! You were in a big sugar rush, Gaara-kun." Matsuri said.

-"Really?" He asked.

-"You're a very emotional Haruno." Sasuke said smirking.

-"Be quiet Uchiha." Gaara growled.

-"Will you two ever stop fighting?" Ino and Shikamaru asked.

-"Not until Uchiha/Haruno dies." The boys yelled in unison.

-"You guys are such children." Matsuri said.

-"She's right." Sakura agreed. Gaara kept on glaring at Sasuke until something caught his eye.

-"Uzamaki, why are you wearing a Sesame Street shirt?" Gaara asked.

-"Because it's my new favorite show! Got a problem with that?" Naruto asked.

-"Yes I do!"

-"Ok, enough you two." Hinata said.

-"Oh! I just remembered something. Gaara, guess who Temari is dating?" Sakura asked.

-"Who?" Gaara asked.

-"Itachi Uchiha. Otherwise known as Sasuke's older brother." Gaara stared in disbelief.

-"Where did I go wrong? The Harunos' aren't supposed to date Uchihas'!" They all sweat dropped.

-"Gaara, you're really freaking me out." Ino said.

-"Yeah, what the pig said." Naruto said. Ino glared at him.

-"I'm leaving. There's too much drama in this room." Sakura said leaving the room. Naruto got an idea.

-"Oh! This would make a great soap opera; 'Drama in the Janitor's Closet' it will be a hit!"

-"Forget about it dobe." Sasuke said.

-"You can't be anymore stupid Naruto." Shikamaru said.

-"Yeah, what Shika-kun said!" Ino said.

-"Why am I here in the first place?" Matsuri asked referring to Naruto.

-"I think it's a great idea Naruto-kun." Hinata said.

-"Um guys...I hate to disrupt your little fight but…can you untie me?!" Gaara asked.


Later at Sakura's House…

-"Oh my god Sakura! Itachi-kun is so cute! He's also nice a polite, we make the perfect couple!" Temari exclaimed waltzing around the living room.

-"Temari, can you get out of the way? I'm watching my favorite soap opera." Kankuro said. Temari crossed her arms.

-"Kankuro, 'Unloved' is the worst soap opera ever! Right Sakura?" Temari asked Sakura.

-"Shh! This is getting good. It turns out that Molly making a huge mistake at marrying Craig when she clearly loves Ryan." Sakura said.

-"What is it with you too with that soap opera 'Unloved? They're boring." Temari asked.

-"Shh." Kankuro and Sakura shushed. Temari glared at them and sat down the couch with them. She might as well watch it with them. Then there was commercial.

-"So what were trying to tell us?" Sakura asked. Temari beamed.

-"Well I was saying that Itachi-kun and I make the perfect couple. He's nice and handsome." Kankuro rolled his eyes.

-"Temari dating? What a horrible mess." Temari glared at Kankuro.

-"Well excuse me, puppet boy. If I recall, you don't have a girlfriend.

-"She's got a point there." Sakura said.

-"Actually I do have a girlfriend." Kankuro said. Temari and Sakura stared at him.

-"You're kidding right? Since when and who is it?" They both asked.

-"No, I'm not kidding. And her name is Kin and we've been dating for about a month."

-"And you kept it a secret from us?" Sakura asked. Kankuro nodded.

-"But why?" Temari asked.

-"Because if I told you earlier then you guys would be spending hours at telling me how to make me look presentable when she clearly likes me fore who I am."

-"I guess you're right, we'll stop criticizing you and leave you to your own relationship." Sakura said. Temari nodded.

-Good. Now shut up and let me watch 'Unloved'." Kankuro said turning his attention back to the television. Sakura and Temari then started watching it again.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

-"Temari get the phone!" Sakura yelled.

-'Why not you?" Temari asked.

-"Because I just got out of the shower!" Sakura yelled.

-"Fine!" Temari walked over to the phone and picked it up.

-'Hello?" She asked.

-"Hey, Temari-chan." A voice said.

-"Itachi-kun! I'm glad you called." Temari exclaimed. Itachi chuckled.

-"That's good. Listen, my family is having dinner tonight and they want to meet. Bring your little sister along too." Itachi said.

-"Why Sakura?" Temari asked.

-"Because she's dating my little brother Sasuke and my parents want to meet her too."

-"Ok! When should I come?"

-"Around 7:00. See you later Temari-chan. Love you." Itachi said.

-"Bye Itachi-kun, love you too." Then they hung up. Sakura came walking down the stairs.

-"Who was it?" She asked drying her wet hair.

-"It was Itachi-kun; his parents want to meet me and you. So we're going to have dinner over at their house at 7:00!" Temari said.

-"That's cool. I'm going to get some breakfast, you want something?" Sakura asked. Temari nodded.

-"I'll have some pancakes." She said. Sakura walked into the kitchen. Things seem to be turning out well. Sakura thought.


-"I can't wait for you to meet Temari-chan, guys." Itachi told his parents and Sasuke.

-"She seems to be the perfect match for you, honey." Mikoto said.

-"She is. What do you think of her dad?" Itachi asked Fugaku.

-"I have to admit. That Temari will be a splendid girl." Fugaku said. Itachi smiled.

-"Great! What about you Sasuke?"

-"I guess she's ok. But I can't wait for you guys to meet Sakura."

-"Ah yes. Sasuke, tell us about your girlfriend." Mikoto said glad to hear about this famous Sakura Haruno.

-"Well she's beautiful, smart, caring, and she's always happy. You guys will love her for sure." Itachi stared at his brother.

-Dude, what happened to you? You've never talked about a girl that way." Itachi asked.

-"I have finally seen the light." Sasuke said proudly.

-"Weirdo." Itachi muttered. Sasuke glared at him. Itachi then noticed.

-"I mean…my favorite show 'Unloved' is on! See ya!" Itachi dashed off upstairs.


-"Are you ready Sakura?" Temari asked before knocking on the Uchihas' front door.

-"Yes, I'm ready." Sakura said. The door opened to reveal a maid.

-"Good evening. How may I help you?" She asked.

-"Hi, I'm Temari, Itachi-kun's girlfriend. And this is Sakura." Temari introduced. The maid looked at them and let them in.

-"I'm glad you both came. The Uchiha family is in the dining room waiting for you two. You may go."

Temari and Sakura nodded and walked into the dining room. Fugaku, Mikoto, Sasuke, and Itachi were there sitting. Itachi looked up and smiled brightly.

-"Temari-chan!" He yelled running up to Temari and hugging her.

-"I'm so relieved that you came. I see that you brought your little sister." Itachi looked down at Sakura.

-"Um…hi. I'm Sakura." Sakura said not sure exactly what to say.

-"So you must be Sasuke's girlfriend. I'm Mikoto. Sasuke's mother. And this is my husband, Fugaku."

-"Nice to meet you all." Sakura said. Sasuke smiled and walked up to Sakura. He gave her hug and led her to the table.

-"So anyways, this is my girlfriend Sakura Haruno. The girl I've been telling you about." Sasuke said.

-"I'm pleased to meet you Sakura." Fugaku said. Sakura nodded.

-"I hear that you are a true genius, is that true?" Mikoto asked.

-"I guess you could call me that." Sakura said.

-"Dad, Mom, Temari-chan and I are going out instead ok?" Itachi said. The parents both nodded.

-"Have fun you two." Fugaku said as they both left.

-"So Sakura, are you having fun over at Konoha Academy?" Mikoto asked.

-"Actually I am, things are pretty…interesting there." Sasuke smirked at what she meant. The school was like a circus.

-"That's wonderful to hear." Fugaku said.

-"Indeed!" Mikoto exclaimed. Sasuke smiled. They liked Sakura.

-"Ok, let's have some dinner!" Sasuke said.


-"Guess what Teme!" Naruto said. Sasuke looked over his shoulder and saw Naruto coming over his way.

-"What do you want dobe?" He asked.

-"You know how Spring Break is coming tomorrow?" Naruto asked.

-"Yeah, what about it?"

-"I found this party we can all go to. It's tomorrow! We can invite the girl to come with us!" Naruto said. Sasuke smirked at the idea. He was planning on to do something with Sakura so the party seemed like a good idea.

-"What do you think?" Naruto asked.

-"I guess we can go. Let's go tell the girls." Sasuke and Naruto walked off to find the girls.


-"So how was rehab Tenten?" Ino asked. Tenten looked at her.

-"It was horrible! They locked me into a room with the doctor. I nearly died but I made it out!" Tenten said.

-"Are you going back there?" Matsuri asked.

-"Are you kidding me? I'm never going back to that hell hole! I'd rather kiss monkey." Tenten yelled.

-"That's nice to know." Sakura said sweat dropping.

-"But it's good to hear that you're okay, Tenten -chan." Hinata said. Tenten nodded.

-"Yup! No doctor will underestimate me!" They all sweat dropped.

-"Hey look. Shika-kun, Neji, Sasuke, Naruto, and Gaara are coming over." Ino said. The girls saw too.

-"What could they want?" Matsuri asked.

-"I don't know but we might as well see." Sakura said. Naruto ran over to them.

-"Guess what girls! Tomorrow we're going to a party!"

-"Oh god!" Hinata said.

-"What?" Naruto asked.

-"Last time we had a party, you guys got drunk!" Tenten said.

-"But this time we won't!" Naruto said.

-"The dobe is right; we want you girls to come with us. It's a spring break party." Sasuke said.

-"Ok, but you guys have to promise that you won't get drunk." Matsuri said.

-"We promise!" Gaara agreed immediately. Neji and Shikamaru just nodded.

-"Great! I can't wait until tomorrow!" Naruto exclaimed. The nodded in agreement.


-"This party is awesome!" Naruto said as he entered the party. Music was blasting out, lots of food; people dancing, and plenty of any other things.

-"This party is so beautiful, Naruto-kun." Hinata said planting a kiss on Naruto's cheek.

-"I can't wait to dance the night away!" Ino yelled already dancing.

-"Ino, please stop dancing." Shikamaru said. Ino stuck out her tongue. Sasuke and Sakura then walked in.

-"Wow! This place is so cool!" Sakura said looking all around the place. Sasuke smiled. Neji, Tenten, Gaara, and Matsuri walked in too.

-"Sweet place!" Matsuri and Tenten said. Neji and Gaara sweat dropped.

-"Enough with the talking and let's party! We're only having Spring break for two weeks!" Ino said walking towards the food cart.

-"Let's go!" The girls said taking each of their boyfriends with them. However it was still Gaara's turn to ask Matsuri to be his girlfriend.

We're both looking for something
We've been afraid to find
It's easier to be broken
It's easier to hide

Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Tenten, Gaara, Matsuri, Naruto, and Hinata were dancing. It was already night time and the moon shone brightly. Ino was pigging out on the food cart and Shikamaru was trying to stop her.

-"Tonight is really beautiful Sasuke-kun." Sakura said. Sasuke smiled down at her.

Looking at you, holding my breath

For one in my life I'm scared to death

I'm taking a chance letting you inside

-"Are you enjoying your spring break so far, Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked. Hinata nodded.

-"You're the best, Naruto-kun!" Hinata hugged him. Naruto hugged her back.

I'm feeling alive all over again

As deep as a scar deep in my skin

Like being in love, she said, for the first time

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right

Whenever I'm alone with you tonight

Like being in love with you for the first time

-"I love you, Neji-kun." Tenten whispered.

-"I love you too." Neji said. They both leaned in for a kiss. They were wrapped in each other's arms.

The world I see inside you

Waiting to come to life

Waking me up to dreaming

Reality in your eyes

-"Matsuri-chan, are you ok?" Gaara asked Matsuri since she wasn't talking.

-"I'm fine. Just admiring the beauty here. This is all so wonderful; I've never had a night like this before. And I'm glad it's with you." Matsuri said. Gaara turned red.

-"That's good to hear." He mumbled. Matsuri giggled and planted one kiss on his cheek. When am I ever going to ask her? Gaara thought to himself.

Looking at you, holding my breath

For one in my life I'm scared to death

I'm taking a chance letting you inside

-"Ino, can you please stop eating all the food?" Shikamaru asked. Ino stopped eating.

-"Sorry, I eat when I'm nervous about something." Ino said looking down.

-"Nervous about what?" Shikamaru asked.

-"This." Ino leaned over to Shikamaru.

-"I love you Shika-kun." She whispered before kissing him on the lips. Shikamaru responded fully.

I'm feeling alive all over again

As deep as a scar deep in my skin

Like being in love, she said, for the first time

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right

Whenever I'm alone with you tonight

Like being in love with you for the first time

We're crashing

Into the unknown

We're lost in this

But it feels like home

I'm feeling alive all over again

As deep as a scar deep in my skin

Like being in love, she said, for the first time

Maybe I'm wrong, I'm feeling right

Whenever I'm alone with you tonight

Like being in love with you for the first time

Like being in love, she said, for the first time

Like being in love with you for the first time

The whole gang came together. It was such a magical night for them.

-"This is a night to remember." Tenten said. Ino, Hinata, Sakura, and Matsuri nodded and looked at the boys who smiled at them. Then Naruto frowned.

-"Wait, does this mean all our adventures are over?" He asked. Sasuke looked at him.

-"He's right, this is the end." He said. Sakura smiled.

-"No, this is just the beginning…"

A/N: I'm finally done with this story! I had a lot of fun making this story, but don't worry I'm working on the sequel. Thank you for all that supported me and actually read my story. It makes me happy, and for doing all that it gave me the confident boost to work on the sequel. The song was 'First Time' by Lifehouse. It's a really good song.

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Here's a preview of the sequel 'Big Break?'

-"Where is Sakura-chan that she wanted to talk to us?" Naruto asked.

-"I don't know, but I hope she gets here soon." Ino said.

-She better, she woke me up at 6:00 am just to tell me something." Sasuke said. The whole gang was waiting the lounge for Sakura to tell them some great news. But she wasn't here yet.

-"I can't take it anymore! Where can she be?" Tenten asked.

-"Right here." They all looked at the doorway and saw Sakura and Sai standing there.

-"Finally! What did you want to tell us, Sakura-chan?" Hinata asked.

-"Well…We're all going to Spain!" Sakura exclaimed.


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To Be Continued…

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