Summary: What if Arthur Black never took his daughter to the Court of Miracles? What if after Lilac's death, Lavender was taken to the Palace of Justice to live there until she turned fifteen? Would she forgive Frollo? Would she marry him? What if Clopin caught her attention during the Feast of Fools?

A/N Note: Okay, I was just thinking about what if such and such didn't happen so here it is! This is gonna be mostly a Frollo love fic type thing…yeah lol. Please review!

It was the second week of mother's death. It was the second week that we buried her in a quiet graveyard, a look of peace eternally on her face. And yet, I still could not get the images out of my mind.

Two weeks ago, I ran inside my little house, talking about dresses. My mother had been bed-ridden for a few days and although neither parent of mine spoke why, I could guess easily. She had bandages wrapped around her stomach and I assumed it was because she was stabbed. So of course there was no reason for me to think she wasn't there.

When she didn't answer, however, that's when I got worried. I had run to her bed and saw she held her side, her face twisted in pain. Her eyes, however, were cold and distant, not at all like her usual warm ocean blueness. She was dead.

Father started drinking after the funeral. Even though I was ten years old, I knew very well that this meant he had lost his job as captain. Every morning, I'd awake to see him passed out. I'd make breakfast, go clean the house, and try to find odd jobs to do. When I came back in the evening, he was drinking and demanded dinner. When I didn't hurry up and fix his food, he'd hit me.

At the end of the first week, when I was trying to drag my passed out father to his bed, there was a knock at the door. I opened it and jumped nearly a foot in the air to see black and purple robes.

"Judge Frollo! H-How are you sir? Um…won't you come in?" I stuttered, blushing. There was something about that man that made my heart pound. Perhaps it was his intimidating presence or his dark voice.

"I'm fine, Lavender." He answered while walking in, looking around. Yup, it was his voce. Thank goodness I had cleaned the house a few minutes before. Since I was eight, my father had taken me to Notre Dame to talk to Frollo every now and again. He was a decent man, handsome but mean looking. That was another thing I liked about him; his eyes were cold but when he looked at me, they softened.

"Is there any particular reason why you're here, sir?" I questioned, getting some tea for him.

When he sat down at the table, he looked around and stared at the hallway. What was he…crap; my father's unconscious body was lying in the hall. Smiling sheepishly, I poured him some tea and walked away quickly to place him in his bedroom.

Frollo sat there sipping the hot liquid, inspecting our house. "Anyway, why are you here, sir?"

He raised an eyebrow at me. "You may call me Claude, like I've told you before." My cheeks warmed with embarrassment. "And to answer your rude question, I'm here to make sure your father and you are okay." My cheeks flared up even more.

"I-I'm sorry Claude, I've just been really tired lately. My father is fine, just…ill." I stated, hesitating for a split second.

Frollo looked at me seriously before standing up and towering over me. "Lavender, don't lie to me. I know your father has been drinking these past days and believe me, I won't allow this to keep happening." With that, he had left.

So now, a week after that incident and two weeks after my mother's death, I felt an overwhelming sense of dread in my heart. It was midnight on the second week and I tried to sleep, listening to the soft drizzle of rain hit my window. I couldn't stop thinking about what Frollo had said. In fact, earlier today, father had gone off to talk to him about something. When he came back, his face was white and he looked terrified.

"Lavender!" I heard my father whisper. Looking at my doorway, I blinked to see him packing things in a bag. "Get up, we're leaving."

"Where are we going?" I questioned while grabbing a few of my most prized possessions.

"Somewhere. Hurry up!" He snapped. Was he drunk? No, the way he moved made it seem as though he was sober.

We started traveling to a graveyard, making me glare dully. "Father, why are we going to mother's grave?"

"We aren't. We're going to the…" He looked around before whispering, "Court of Miracles."

Blinking in confusion, I questioned, "What's that?"

"You'll see."

We kept walking until he put out the torch. "We must be secretive." He answered my unasked question. Walking through rows of graves, I felt tired and weary. Glancing behind us, I could have sworn I saw movement. The undead? A zombie? Doubt it.

My father looked around and said, "Alright, now listen to me Lavender, I…"

A familiar voice rang out in the cold air, "You're under arrest for abusing a child, Arthur Black." It was Frollo! He rode up on his horse, smirking. "Guards, take him away."

My father kicked and shouted, grabbing a sword and swinging it wildly. I took a step back, amazed at his fighting skills. Although he was captain, I had never seen him fight with a sword. He stabbed several guards but was taken down by losing his balance and dropping the weapon.

"Lavender! Go to the King! Go to the Court of Miracles!" He shouted while be dragged away. "Get help from the King!" What King? Was the Court of Miracles near here? If so, it was clear as day that he didn't want the Judge to know.

"Lavender, my dear, you're coming to live with me. I see from the bag you carry that you have all you need?" Frollo smiled gently. His eyes sparkled with curiosity though.

"I-I…Yes Claude." I stuttered, trying to figure out what 'King' my father meant. He wasn't drunk for sure since he fought so steadily, so what was he talking about?

Suddenly I felt myself be lifted up onto the black horse in front of Claude. "What were you two doing out here in the dead of night, dear girl?" He whispered in my ear. As we rode out of the graveyard, I tried to act casual and stroked the horse's mane.

"W-We were...visiting my mother's grave." I lied smoothly. The Court of Miracles, whatever that was, had to be in that graveyard so sooner or later I'd have to try and go back.

Frollo grew quiet, perhaps mad. I wondered though; when my father went to talk to him, did he say he'd take me away? Is that why my father tried to take me here? Who was the King? I remembered faintly about my mother speaking to my father about it once…

Glancing over my shoulder, I looked at a huge tombstone on a hill with a star sparkling on the top. Narrowing my eyes, I spotted in the darkness a man…a man wearing a hat with a feather in it. Who was he?

As we rode to the Palace of Justice, I felt my eyelids grow heavy. Leaning against Claude, I ignored his sharp inhale of surprise and fell asleep.