Summery: After Christina's wedding failed to happen and Mark left Seattle, Christina and Meredith decide to leave Seattle in search for a fresh start. But once they get there, they realize it will be a little harder than they thought. MerMark and Bang. Slightly AU.

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone or anything to do with Grey's Anatomy. Sondra is being stubborn about selling it to me for my offer.

They sat on the plane listening the engine rumble. Not a word needed to be said between the two.

Meredith looked over at Christina.

"We're really doing this."

"Yeah, we are." She sighed.

Meredith put her head back and shut her eyes remembering the day when he had first suggested their dating. A week later, she took him up on it. And, they started this thing.

"You could. Start over, Meredith. Start fresh." He said. His pager goes off. "Saved by the bell. Order me another beer."

She sighed and walked to the bar thinking about what Mark had said. She used to wait for Derek hoping he would come back to her. But now he was taking time. And, somewhere down deep she knew that they could never be the same. She would always have that pain somewhere in the back of her mind.

"Hi, I'm Derek Shepherd."

She turned to look at him.

"What are you doing?"

"We met in this bar, do you remember? We met and you said 'I'm just a girl' and I said 'I'm just a guy' and we started this thing. We started this thing. You didn't know anything about me .The good, the bad, the wife. You didn't even know my name. You didn't know me. I want you to know me. I want to start over, from the beginning. So hi. Derek Shepherd."

She looked over her shoulder to see Mark standing there and the words he said ran through her head once more.

"You walked away, and now it's too late. There's too much water under the thing or whatever."

"Meredith, please."

"We can't just start over Derek. We can't just… pretend that you never had a wife. Because even if we tried that I will always be looking over my shoulder. I will always be waiting for another Addison to show up. And… I can't do that. I'm sorry."

With that she walked back to her table and put on her coat before walking out of the bar.

"We will be landing in Boston International Airport in five minutes. Please fasten your seat belts. I hope you're enjoyed your flight and will fly with us again."


She stood at the window and watched people walked by on the streets down below. She turned and looked at her friend sleeping restlessly on the bed. She sighed and walked over laying down beside her.

She walks into the door, crying. Meredith walks in trying her best to keep herself together knowing that she is all that Christina has right now.

"He's gone."

"I… I… I don't think he's gone. Uh, his stuff is here."

"No, it isn't. His trumpet was here. His entire Eugene Foote collection...vinyls and CD's...his grandmother's picture was by the bed. His lucky scrub cap was hanging on the door. He's gone. I'm...I'm free. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Damn it. Oh, god. Get this off me. Take this off! Take this off! Please, just...I can' me, help me, help me!"

Meredith cuts the dress off and Christina breaks down in her arms.

She quickly wiped the tears out of her eyes once she saw that Meredith was awaking. She rolled over and pretended to be asleep tying to avoid conversation.