Meredith and Christina managed to get the kids, say goodbye to Richard, and slip out of the hospital feeling like they accomplished something. They had been able to have the strength to wonder through the hospital long enough to see their friends and promise them that they would tell them the whole truth later that night. It was a step closer to face their past completely. Sure it was a small step, but it was a step.

They returned to the hotel not long after leaving the hospital to find all three girls already asleep in the back seat. It was well past their afternoon nap so it wasn't surprising to find them like this. Christina grabbed Audrey and Meredith managed to get both the girls in her arms which she was getting better and better at over the years. Christina headed through the lobby of the hotel first and waited for the elevator that arrived by the time Meredith caught up. After lying Audrey in bed, she opened the door for Meredith. After tucking in all three girls, Meredith and Christina met in the hall to talk.

"Are you ready to tell the story?" Meredith asked.

"I don't know. What's the worse that could happen? We can always go back to Boston and act like nothing happened." They both knew that after they crossed this line there was no turning back. There would be no erasing it from their minds or trying to forget Mark Sloan and Preston Burke ever existed. After they made their presence in Seattle known to them, it was all or nothing. And for the kids sake, it had to be all.

"I wish." Meredith mumbled.


They got to Meredith's old house around seven o'clock with the girls in the back seat. Christina got out first and began to get Audrey out of the back seat. Meredith did the same in followed Christina towards the door with the girls in tow. It wasn't long until the door opened, and Izzie smiled brightly at them. It was only when she noticed the kids did her face turned from happy to confused and shocked.

"This is what changed." Meredith said quietly.

"You aren't the only one with a kid." Christina commented pushing past a very stunned Izzie. Alex and George were sitting on the couch watching TV until they saw Christina appear. Alex quickly turned it off and stood to great them. But his intentions fell short when he noticed Abby, Aubrey, and Becca. George sat there wide-eyed as he studied the girls faces. There was something familiar about them

"Um, hey." Meredith said breaking the awkward silence.

"Okay, you have got a lot of explaining to do." Izzie said still pretty flabbergasted.

"You think, Barbie?" Christina said sarcastically.

"Is it alright if the girls play on the floor?" Meredith asked the toys in her bag. Izzie absently nodded. "Okay, girls, we have to do some grown-up talking, so why don't you go play?" She received three nods and handed Abby the bag of toys. Happily the girls walked off oblivious to what was going on.

"Um, sit down." Izzie offered as she took a seat between her husband and best friend. Meredith and Christina took a seat on the other seat that sat off to the side compared to the couch the others were sitting on. Silence lingered in the air other than the girls soft talking. Nobody dared to break it. Nobody knew what to say.

"Why'd you leave?" Surprisingly, Alex was the first to break the silence.

"They left." Christina said simple. "He left me at the altar."

"He just… left. We couldn't stand to be her and see the places where we always would associate with them. Even working was hard. We couldn't stay here and move on." Meredith added.

"So you've moved on?" Izzie asked.

Shutting her eyes, Meredith took a deep breath. "No. I love the children he's given me. And I will probably always be in love with him. But we try to put it behind us for them. And I can't. Part of me wants to hate him for leaving me. Part of me is just happy to know where he is."

"I honestly don't know if I'm in love with Burke or not." Christina admitted. "He hurt me in a way nobody had ever done. But I love him for giving him Audrey."

It that moment when they heard Christina talk like that they knew the barriers were broken. They were speaking exactly how they feel. Skeptical feelings drifted away.

"They're their fathers?" Izzie asked. Both Meredith and Christina nodded. "What are their names?"

"Audrey Grace Burke." Christina answered with pride in her voice.

"Abigail Marie Sloan and Rebecca Lynn Sloan."

"They're beautiful." Izzie said softly with a smile.