Ministry of Magic,

Charring cross road,



Underground Residence, 3498774.

Hermione Jean Granger,

2310 Bodeux Street "W" Apartments,



SL9 3WK.

Dear witch or wizard,

As of this day, 23rd August 2007, a new law concerning all people between the ages of 17 and 70 will be in place.

"Every unmarried individual between the ages of 17 and 70 will be required to marry and procreate accordingly. To ensure optimum stability and happiness in these marriages the ministry will be choosing partners for everybody, based on levels of compatability with each other, according to an approved and thorough survey. Once assigned a partner each couple is to sign their own personalised, legally binding, agreement which will act as a marriage certificate as well as various other forms of documentation. When signed, these forms shall be returned to the Ministries immediatley. Couples are then given a further 24hours to consummate their marriage and enter into unbreakable, holy matrimony. Each couple is to produce a minimum of two children within a four year period, the first of which should be conceived within the first 6months of marriage." --- Atticus Orelius Blackstock, Minister for Magic.

Inclosed in this letter Sir or Madam will find a list of the rules and regulations that apply to the law. They will also find the compatability survery that is to be filled in and returned to the ministry no later than two days after it has being issued via the supplied Owlagram service.

Congratulations on your impending engagement,

Dolores Umbridge,

Head of the Population Purity Commity.

Rules and Regulations

1. Your best compatable partner not only depends on the survey results but also upon your blood status. Pairings that are accepted are as follows:

Muggleborn witches or wizards to be paired with witches or wizards that are of a half-blood background.

Pureblood witches or wizards to be paired with witches or wizards that are also of pureblood.

Half-blood witches or wizards to be paired with Muggleborns.

Failure to comply with these regulations could mean powerstripping and banishment from the wizarding world. Alternativley a sentence of upto 10years in Azakaban.

2. Marriages are to be upheld and honoured. Infedility will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Anybody found to be engaging in more than friendly hugs and kisses on the cheek [apart from with their spouses can face an Azkaban sentence of upto 15years. Alternatively, time in St.Mungo's for rehabilitation is also a punishment.

3. Failure to consummate the marriage will result in annulment. Anybody who has their marriage annulled will then face upto 6months in Azkaban and will be repaired with somebody who is not a compatable match. Only one annullment is allowed per person. Anybody found to have exceeded the limit will face upto 5years in Azkaban.

4. Failure to procreate within the time period the Ministry has set for all couples will result in both partners having a physical examination to check on their reproductive organs. If no problems are found they will be forcefully implanted and could face upto a year without the privelige of a wand or access to any magical means.

5. Homosexuals are not exempt from the law. Pregnancy in these cases will simply be from inplantation.

6. All people who are incapable of carrying children should present themselves for a ministry checkup. When given the allclear you may then be exempt from the law. People found to be using this as an excuse will be punished severely.

7. The ministry expects all couples to live together and share a bed. Expect a ministry check-up at anytime. If living circumstances are not deemed suitable couples are given 2weeks to fix it before punishment.

8. To ensure optimum results couples are to have intercourse at least twice during every period of ovulation until the first pregnancy.

This is reduced to twice during every three periods of ovulation for the second pregnancy, allthough failure to produce a second child has serious consequences.

9. Children born without any magical ability, or very little [squibs will not be counted as one of the two neccessary children. If a child is found to be a squib then it shall be adopted out by muggles within the first 48hours of life. Couples who produce two or more squibs will be seperated by the ministry and given alternative partners.