At 11o'clock precisely Hermione Granger, Nay, Snape stepped out of the black marble fireplace that was center of the wall of what Hermione presumed to be Severus' living room. It was large and lavishly decorated with forrest green walls and darken wooden floorboards. Before the fire was a large black sofa and the walls on either side of the fire were lined with bookshelves, all of which were brimming with leather bound titles. A small, dark, dining table stood in one corner and a workdesk in the other. A circular rug lay between the hearth of and the couch and the room looked very elegant. Severus was sat on the couch waiting for her and he smiled when she arrived. She was dressed in simple muggle attire, a pair of dark blue jeans with a black tanktop and ankleboots. In her hands were several, obviously enchanted, miniscule bags and suitcases which she set down on the floor,

"Hi" She greeted him nervously,

"Hermione" he replied, inclining his head slightly. He watched as she took in her surroundings, "Sufficient I hope?" she nodded and he smiled, patting the seat next to him and indicating for her to sit down, "This is your home too now Hermione you can do as you wish. But please..." he begged softly, "Do not leave to much of a mess around. I am instinctivley neat"

"Yes Professor" she replied automatically, moaning at herself, "Sorry it's a habit"

"Don't apologise, but please, call me Severus. Or Sev if you must"

"Mya" she told him, "It's easier that Hermione and 'Mione is just awful!" They smiled at each other and he stood up offering her a hand,

"Let me show you around" His rooms were not extensive but they were quite roomy. Leading off of the living was a small corridor which led to an office, a bathroom and a bedroom. The bathroom was astounding, all done in black marble. It was a spacious, clawfoot bath and she noticed the jet hoses built in. There was a seperate shower cubicle, two lavish sinks and a toilet in the corner. Behind the sinks was a large mirror and underneath a cabinet full of medical potions and toiletries.

The bedroom was exquisite. There was a large, dark chest of draws in the corner and a full length mirror stood next to it. In the center of the room up against the far wall was a massive four poster bed made of rich, chocolate mahogany. The sheets and covers were made from shimmering silk in an emerald green. The hangings around the bed were a shiny black and the whole thing seemed to scream of decadence,

"It's a beautiful place" she told him truthfully and he smiled,


"Very" she admitted. They looked at each other awkwardly for a few minutes before Severus checked his watch. It was nearing midnight,

"Hermione, we still have 14hours to back out of this you know" she shook her head,

"If it's okay Severus I think we should see how this goes. We are, after all, the most compatable match and I think this could become fairly pleasant" He nodded to her, "I also think" she continued, "that there is no time like the present. Unless, you've changed your mind about this, shouldn't we 'seal the deal'?" Severus laughed at her turn of phrase and glanced down at his feet. She sensed his awkwardness and blushed,

"It's okay, I mean if you don't want too..." he shook his head and walked toward her, placing his hands on her shoulders softly and running them down her arms,

"Its just a bit uncomfortable" he told her quietly and she responded by placing her hands on the small of his back and resting her head against his chest briefly, but she knew they had to do this and so did he, wether it was awkward or not. She looked up at him and pressed up on the balls of her toes brushing her lips against his feather lightly as he bent down his head to greet her. It was quick and barely anything but it broke through some of their barriers. He brought his lips down to meet hers again and this time they were both a little more demanding and harder in the kiss. Her tongue brushed it's away along his bottom lip deftly and he caught it between his lips sucking softly. She mewed a little and he did it again. He deepened the kiss and his own tongue was soon flitting softly into her mouth, brushing the roof and tracing her teeth. She moved one hand up and intwined it in his hair, curling it slowly between her fingers and playing with it happily. His own hands had wandered, one to her hip and the other to stroke her softspot, the junction between her neck and shoulders. She pulled out from the kiss to breathe and he took his chance, his lips leaving a trail of kisses down her jawline and onto the softspot which he sucked softly, nipping it and soothing with his tongue. One of her hands had found its way beneath his shirt and was running itself all over his torso. She began to undo the buttons of his shirt and when she was done he pulled her top off over her shoulders, exposing her plain black halfcup bra. She moaned when his hands began to cup her breasts lightly and she unhooked her bra, quickly divesting herself of the intruding instrument and letting him pinch her rosy, erect nipples playfully. His mouth moved down and soon one of the delectable buds was between his teeth as he lathered it with attention, his fingers tweaking the other one. She pushed him off gently and he looked offended until she dropped the zipper of his pants and pulled them off. She did the same thing to herself and they stood, he in his straining black boxers, her in her sexy black, lacy thong. She kissed him again deeply and she let a hand roam down so that she could cup him through his shorts. She let the hand move underneath the fabric and grabhold of this throbbing member. He groaned into her mouth and she smirked, moving away and pulling down his boxers before dropping to her knees,

"Mya" he groaned, "You don't have to Ahhh" he gasped as she flicked her tongue along the underside of him, stopping at the tip so that she could slip her tongue along his opening before taking the head into her mouth and sucking gently. She let her mouth engulf as much of his length as she could a few times, which was a fair size, before standing up and moving backwards away from him and towards the bed,

"Still awkward?" she asked him playfully, and he nodded,

"Just for different reasons" he said as he lunged forward knocking her backwards onto the bed as he kneeled over her. His lips found hers again quickly as his hands quickly rid her of her knickers. One hand cupping her left breast gently the other wound its way down through her neatly trimmed curls and onto her swollen nub. He stroked it a few times before circling around it playfully, purposely avoiding the most sensitive area. She growled at him and he smiled before pressing down against it and moving his fingers idly. She purred and they locked lips once more, his hardness pulsating against her moist inner thigh. He moved himself up so that he was teasingly brushing her outerlips,

"Your not a...?" he asked uncertainly and when she shook her head he plunged into her deeply moaning at the feel of her hot, tight, warmth encompassing him. He drew back until he was tickling her entrance again causing her to buck in frustration before delving harshly in once more. Her hands wandered down to grab at his buttocks as she pressed him into her further. She pushed down against him as he thrust and mewed happily at the feeling him buried deeply inside her. His pace quickened and soon they were both breathing ruggedly. He slammed into her fast and hard and she groaned throatily,

"More" she whimpered helplessly, "Please Sever-Ahh" he thrust again manically pushing into her whole heartedly and relishing the sound of her smashing against him. He loved the way she begged for him and lowered his mouth to bite at her nipple harshly, "Oh god" she moaned, bucking against him as her muscles clamped down around him,

"Hermione" he growled deeply as he pushed back into her, savouring the feel of her milking him so deliciously. A few more long, hard strokes and he was spent, collapsing on top of her and sucking on her nipple.