Stella and Brandon started battling the Trix not only for the Sun and Moon staff but also for their lives.

"Brandon, run for the staff." Stella says. "Maybe it would get us enough power to defeat them. I'll buy us some time by holding the Trix."

"Right, Stella. I won't disappoint you." Brandon says.

Brandon was about to get the staff when one of the Trix blasts it away from him. Stella gives a cry of despair which attracts the staff to her. She then defeats the Trix and our heroes make their way back to the city.

"Congratulations, Brandon." The first nobleman asks. "We now approve you as Princess Stella's suitor and will prepare your wedding. Is the day after tomorrow good for you both?"

Both Stella and Brandon agree. Meanwhile Cassandra and Chimera are not happy about it.

"Now I'll never become Queen of Solaria." Chimera says.

"Worse, I'll never make Radius pay for dumping me for Stella's mother." Cassandra says.

"Didn't it happen on the other way around?" Chimera asks.

"Originally he would marry me but his family arranged that marriage and he decided to follow his family's wishes instead of following his feelings. Eventually he divorced her and married me but that doesn't feel the same." Cassandra explains. (A/N: I don't know if King Radius and Countess Cassandra had some history before his marriage to Stella's Mom but in this fic they had)

Stella overheard this while she was going to rub Brandon's approval on her Stepfamily's faces and now pities her Stepmother. A prison guard who avoided Chimera's spell but was afraid to do something with the other guards as hostages testified against her. Stella was happy that she could punish Chimera but regrets not being able to do the same to Cassandra.

After marrying Brandon and becoming Queen of Solaria she sends the Trix (minus Icy) back to Omega Prison (Stella correctly deduced Icy's powers to be the key to their last escape) and Icy to the prison they were sent at the end of Season one and Chimera was sentenced to become a scullery maid at the palace and prohibited from leaving it. She tried to get her mom to interfere in her favor but even she believes there's no hope now. Cassandra however goes to talk to Stella.

"Cassandra, I'll understand if you're asking me to be merciful to your daughter but you're wasting your time." Stella says.

"Actually, my dear, I'm here to deliver a letter your father wrote and asked me to deliver to you after your marriage." Cassandra says.

Dear Stella,

If you're reading this letter it means I didn't live to see your marriage. If you still had a chance to keep the throne I hope you kept it my marring someone like Lord Malcolm instead of wasting it for that squire, Brandon. But above it all I hope you don't regret your choice like your mother did.


King Radius

Stella is happy her father still loved her at all. After reading the letter she and her Consort King Brandon start their royal duties and announce they will continue their education there with private tutors rather than returning to Alfea and Red Fountain.


Did you like my story? I hope so. About Lord Malcolm, I based him on Malcom Frink, a character I once again say I don't own, from Super Human Samurai Cybersquad, a series I once again say I don't own either. I only resent I didn't develop the character.