The Lies he told me

SUMAMARY: Inuyasha and Kagome have finally overcome all odds to be together at last. But when a disturbing truth about his past with Kikyo surfaces, will it mean the demise of his newfound love with Kagome?

RATING: M- for adult content, adult language, violence, adult scenes.

Author's note: Okay readers, P.O.J.A here writing her first Inuyasha fic (domo arigato to Drake Clawfang and deadly kitty for inspiring me to write it, with their bad-ass Inu fics). It's also the debut of my first ever M-rated fic so I really hope for all you mature readers out there that I capture the essence that is tasteful lemon scenes as well as appropriate use of vulgar language or whatever u wanna call it hehe. Note: all thoughts are in italic okey dokey! Anyhow enjoy and please review, it means a lot. Arigato!

Disclaimer: If I could I would own fricking Inuyasha and make it an even badder-ass or bad-asser (are those even words lol) anime than it is, but I don't. Oh well…


50 years ago in the Feudal Fairy era…

"Onigumo, I have some wonderful news to share with you," Kikyo beamed as she entered the cave beholding the incinerated bandit.

"Lady Kikyo, what news do you bring for me today?" Onigumo asked as he gazed upon the angel now feeding him a drink of water. She knew not of his true past—the fact that he, in his better physical state, had once planned to assassinate her so he could steal the Shikon no Tama—yet she cared for him like she would a loved one, even bringing along her younger sister Kaede at times to help her. He grew extremely fond of her with each passing day…he began to love her.

"I'm not positively sure of it…maybe I should tell you when I've gotten the facts right," she teased.

"Come, come, please don't torture and old soul like mine like this," he pleaded with a chuckle, knowing all too well she couldn't deny him such a simple wish.

"Alright, I'll tell you. Onigumo…"

"Yes Kikyo?" She had left her sentence lingering for some time. What could she possibly have to say of such importance? Was she about to profess her love for him? Oh how he hoped she felt the same way about him as he for her.

"I think I might be pregnant," she eventually blurted out, disrupting Onigumo from his thoughts.

"Wait, I don't think I heard you correctly," he began, fumbling with each word.

No, it's not possible, she can't be…for whom?

"I said I may be pregnant," she started, but was quickly cut off with another question.

"For whom might I be so bold to ask?" He struggled to keep his temper down; he couldn't fathom what he was hearing.

"The half-demon that travels with me, Inuyasha. I have loved him for so long and recently he proclaimed his undying affection for me as well. I didn't expect us to become so intimate so quickly. I mean, it was suppose to be a harmless boat ride down the river and, well, one thing lead to another. I have no regrets though, for I know he truly loves me the way he says; this child will be the ultimate beginning of our lives together," she said as she lovingly held her stomach containing the embryo which represented her future with the only one she has ever loved.

How could she do this to me? She is supposed to love me, not that fucking white-haired bastard! Damn him, damn them!

"Onigumo, are you alright?" Kikyo asked concerned as she saw his facial expression move from puzzled to glum to even angry of some sort.

"What…oh pardon me my Lady, I drifted for a moment there. So, does Inuyasha know about your pregnancy?" he asked with a bitter-sweet tone. He didn't give a damn if he knew or not, because that child should've been his, not that hanyou.

"No, not yet. I did say I wasn't completely sure about it. I don't want to give him an unnecessary scare or something—"

"Why do you think he'll be scared?" he asked cutting her off very defensively.

"It's just a manner of speaking Onigumo. Besides, despite all and all I'm 99 percent sure that I am pregnant! It's been almost three consecutive months since I've menstruated. It's a beautiful thing, to bring a child into this wonderful world," she said dreamily, mostly to herself. Then, recalling the main purpose of her visits to the cave, she resumed her attendance to Onigumo, renewing his weathered bandages and providing him with much needed nourishment, which in essence gave him time to wallow in his thoughts and process all that was happening so suddenly.

If Kikyo successfully conceives, this child will be one of the most powerful half-demons ever, even better than his cursed father. He will possess Inuyasha's strength and Kikyo's skill, and indisputably he would have some part to play in the protection of the sacred Jewel. Why, he'd be a complete demon if he chose to wield the power like that; he'd be invincible…I will not allow this monster to be born, especially one I had no say in creating.

"I must leave you now Onigumo. Inuyasha's probably waiting on me to go visit the next village. Till tomorrow kind friend," and she placed a dainty kiss on his forehead.

"Congratulations," he whispered when she came near.

"Arigato," she replied and left with a mild haste.

Because I love you my Lady, I cannot allow your demon child to be born, no matter what the cost. But never forget that I do this because I love you…I love you…

Scene continues with the very next day she was to tell Inuyasha of her pregnancy, he attacked her in the fields and stole the Shikon from the temple. The rest as you know it is history