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Chapter 3

Our son?

The information still didn't fully process in his mind. How can this be, when did it happen? The man she claimed to be their son was not much older than Inuyasha (minus the 50 years he was imprisoned) so how is this possible?

"Kikyo, what are you talking about? This is not your son, this is a monster!" Inuyasha scolded as he tried to render free from her grip, but for an injured woman she was still very strong.

"He's right Kikyo, it can't be. He's much too old to be either of yours!" Kagome bellowed out in defense of her hanyou. But secretly she prayed that this sudden confession was some fable Kikyo was using to try and win Inuyasha back. Kagome was broken when her incarnated spoke those words 'He's my son…our son'. Her entire body shut down; she couldn't move, speak, and she fought for air constantly as the phrase circulated in her mind.

It can't be, it's not possible…please Kami-sama let this all be just a horrible nightmare!

"He is ours and I will prove it to—agh!" she shrieked as the pain returned.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha cried out as he rushed to her aid. But the others noticed as the miko winced in pain, so did the youkai they were fighting. Kagome saw his shards glowing and before anything more could be said or done, the youkai's powers were diminishing and slowly he was transforming into the doctor again. When Kikyo collapsed in Inuyasha's arms, so did the doctor collapse onto the ground, his clothes now in shreds and barely covering his body.

"Dr. Saito?" Kagome whistled out to him, precariously nearing his fallen figure to see if he was alright.

"Kagome, be careful, we don't know if he's himself again or not," Miroku shouted to her.

Kagome alas reached the physician and stooped down by his side. His thick dark waves covered his face, and when she removed them she still saw his eyes glistening red…and staring back at her. Before she could steal a breath he grabbed her hand firmly and pressed down hard, trying to break her fragile wrist.

"Aiii!" She cried out as he squeezed down on her. "Inuyasha, help!"

"Kagome?" When the hanyou turned to her he saw the demon now rising from the floor, holding Kagome in the air by her wrist like a rag doll. Rage flooded the hanyou as purple strips began emerging onto his face, and all the world was seen through eyes of pure red hate.

"Hiraikotsu!" Sango exclaimed when she released her boomerang. She needed to stop this madness before Inuyasha killed the man and everyone near him now that his inner demon was taking over. She managed to sever his arm, forcing him to drop the miko, and somehow she found the strength to plunge a sacred arrow into his foot, the nearest body part to her fallen self.

"Gomen Saito," she sobbed when she pulled out the arrow and repeated her assault. The youkai was taking effect again as his features became more grotesque, but still the human inside saw the sobbing Kagome and realized what he was doing.


The demon roared a fierce cry before leaping into the air to escape, with ningen fighting youkai for a battle of control. As he fled, Inuyasha soared after him, a low deathly grumbled heard coming from the hanyou. Kagome saw what had happened when he flew over her and she did the one thing she knows best.

"Osuwari!" she shouted as the hanyou came crashing down forming an Inuyasha sized crater in the ground below. When she felt all was right, she ran to his side as saw his inu marks receding. She caressed her hanyou as she cradled him in her arms, thankful that he was able to break free of his murder rampage.

"You think she's alright?" Shippo asked Miroku as they all stood by the comatose Kikyo. As he looked at the sky he saw her soul retrievers coming to her aid.

"Yeah, she'll be alright. I think it best if we retreat to Kaede's for the moment so this drama can be cleared up. I still don't understand how Lady Kikyo could allege such a thing; does she want Inuyasha that badly?"

"I don't think that may be the entire case Miroku," Sango said. "You saw how connected they were just now, when she cried out in pain so did he. I don't think it was that coincidental."

"Perhaps. We'll discuss it at Kaede's; we have a long journey ahead." The houshi scooped the miko in his arms and placed her atop Kirara as both he and Sango climbed aboard.

"Kagome, we're leaving for Kaede's. Is Inuyasha up yet?" Sango shouted.

"Yeah, we're coming," she shouted back. "Inuyasha, we're leaving now," she whispered to him, but he just stared at her blankly, replaying the events prior to his 'crash'.

He can't be my son; he looks nothing like either of us…does he?

An image of the good doctor danced around his head. As Inuyasha studied him more carefully, he saw some startling similarities: his hair, the same thick texture as Inuyasha's but not as wild, definitely Kikyo's effect with her locks of silk; his eyes, those chocolate orbs of the serious kind, yet gentle and meek, again from Kikyo, but the golden tinge they took...yeah, that came from him. Coming to think of it, he looked more like Kikyo than Inuyasha, so is it possible that the doctor may be hers and not his?

But when did all of this happen? Does this mean she was actually unfaithful to me? Iie, not my Kikyo…

"Inuyasha, come on," Kagome called out to him. So caught up in his reverie he didn't realize when she got up and went aboard Kirara, leaving him behind in his crater.

"Oi, you could've told me you got up!" he lashed out as he proceeded to soar through the air to Kaede's.


"It appears everything is going smoothly. Good job Saito, I never expected it to go this well," chuckled the sinister mind behind it all to himself.

"How long do you think the doctor will stay entranced like that? He seems stronger than we thought; he's actually fighting his youkai. What happens if he wins?" asked his accomplice.

"Leave those minor details to me. Everything is playing out as it should. Soon my dear Kagura, soon…" and he released yet another ominous laugh.


It took about three dreary hours but at length our heroes arrived at Kaede's village. Kikyo awoke at some point in time during the journey, but she kept to herself and remained quiet as a church mouse.

"Lady Kaede, we're back!" Kagome sang as she dismounted the neko.

"Ah Kagome, back so—" but she cut her greeting short as she gazed upon her neesan, somber and clearly in pain.

"Kikyo," she whispered out.

"Kaede," was her simply reply before collapsing again from exhaustion.

"Kikyo!" Inuyasha cried out as he caught her before she met the ground.

"Take her inside to rest. There is food prepared if you are hungry," she directed to the others and ushered Inuyasha into an empty hut to lay Kikyo down.

The remaining Inutachi ate their supper in silence, Kagome merely picking at her noodles. This troubled Miroku and Sango deeply.

"Are you feeling okay Kagome?" Shippo asked with glassy emeralds of innocence. He hated seeing his surrogate okaasan so dismal, and it always made him feel sad too.

"I'm fine Shippo, I just need some air," and she placed down her bowl and left for a walk in the forest.

"She's gone through a lot today hasn't she?" Sango whispered to her houshi.

"Hai, she has. Why does Inuyasha continually bring her misery if he so cares about her?"

"Because he too high strung on Kikyo to let her go. As much as he wants to move on with Kagome, so long as Kikyo still roams the earth he and Kagome have no real future. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason he's with Kagome is because she reminds him of Kikyo."

"Sigh, I hate to say it but I often wonder the same thing too."


"Bring me a rag and some cold water please," Kaede ordered Inuyasha. He did as instructed and knelt down beside the old miko as she tended to her neesan.

"Is there anything we can do?" he asked, eyes filled with concern.

"We've done all we could. They will do the rest," Kaede replied, referring to the soul retrievers dancing about outside her hut. They entered simultaneously and each dropped a soul into their mistress, helping to revive her spirit. Soon enough, Kikyo was awake.

"Inuyasha," she called out softly.

"I'm here for you," he smiled back as he held her hand tenderly.

"I will excuse myself now and get something to eat. Hurry up Inuyasha before it's all gone," Kaede giggled lightly as she rose to leave. "Welcome back neesan," she said as she exited.

"How are you feeling?" he asked ever so gently.

She smiled sweetly before replying. "A bit groggy, but better."

I knew our child will bring us closer than ever.

"You think you're up for giving me an explanation now?"

"Hai." She took a deep breath before beginning.

"That horrid day 50 years back when I imprisoned you to the tree...sigh...that day we were supposed to meet in the fields where we always do, not so?"

He nodded his head in agreement.

"I had something important to tell you then. The day before I had found out I was pregnant." She paused to let the data process in his head. His eyes widened with the realization that her pregnancy was more than plausible, because for months prior to that day they did make love endlessly after declaring their love for one another.

"Did anyone else know about this?" he asked calmly.

"A friend of mine, Onigumo, was the first to know, then Kaede alas on my death bed; I told her to pray for the soul of our unborn child."

"But Kikyo, you're saying this is more than 50 years ago, how can it be the doctor? Hai he does bear similar physical traits to the both of us, well, mostly you, but his age doesn't correspond with any of this," asked the dumbfounded hanyou.

"I understand, and I thought the same thing when I heard about him."

"Heard about him? Maybe you overheard the wrong thing, so someone provided you with false information."

"Iie, for they knew too much."

"Who is 'they'?"

"One day, I was travelling to a village I heard was plagued with powerful demons, no doubt using the power of the Shikon, when I felt the aura of the shards in a nearby forest. So I left my trail to investigate. I saw from afar two meager youkai playing with a couple of shards they found, but before I struck my bow to kill them I heard one say my name, so I listened in.

"Did you hear about this new so-called youkai that's gonna destroy all of us?"

"Iie, what about him?"

"Rumor has it that he's the spawn of that miko Kikyo, you know, the protector of the Shikon no Tama."

"So who's the bastard's otousan?"

"That's the catch. Apparently the wench was fooling around with that hanyou Inuyasha, the half-brother of the almighty Sesshomaru."

"So why not go for the full demon?"

"Who knows? Then again it's not like Sesshomaru would want a ningen anyhow."

"True. But what's so significant about his parents? And on top of that didn't she die decades ago?"

"Hai, and it's said that she was with child when she died. Maybe some old hag with idle time used her witchcraft and resurrected the soul of the child, just like his mother, but however it was done it's known that his/her soul's inhabited in some doctor in a village not to distant from here."

"And how do you know all of this?"

"I have my sources, don't worry."

"So what's the moral of your story now, or do you enjoy making up fables as you go?"

"If it were such a fable why then would Naraku be hunting down this demon himself?"

"Why does Naraku want him?"

"To join his army of youkai maybe, but everyone thinks is he's gonna steal his soul and shards and use it to help make him more powerful, and possibly full youkai. He believes that with the Taisho blood and Kikyo's miko powers running through his blood, he'll be unstoppable!"

"Not unless I can help it," Kikyo said sternly as she shot her arrow and killed the naïve youkai. "Now, you will tell me where you got your information from."

"I…I…" he mumbled fear-stricken as Kikyo took aim.

"Before I shoot on the count of five I better get some answers. One…two…"



"Kagura, Naraku's spawn!" he spat out. "She just appeared one day in these forests and started telling people of Naraku's plan. We all thought she was bullshitting us as she works for the bastard, but she told us how she's planning to overthrow him and she proved it by giving us one of these shards meant for him. She said if we could find and kill this youkai before Naraku finds him it'll be easier for her to get rid of the hanyou."

"Five," was all Kikyo said as a ray of purple light was seen going through the youkai, leaving behind only the shards formerly in his possession.

"Take them," she said as she reached into her blouse and produced three shards.

"Arigato," Inuyasha said as he pocketed them. "So how did you know Saito was the doctor they spoke of?"

"The same village I told you about that had a demon infestation, they spoke of a young doctor who had helped cure them from many ailments, until one day he ran away and in his place were the youkai. They also said before the demon tragedy the doctor began acting strange, even some days refusing to attend to patients because of his own aliments.

"A child said one day she even saw his eyes glow red when she watched him tend to a knife wound, and how he often licked his lips at the sight of the blood. Their description of him was good enough, and another village I visited confirmed it when I asked if they were visited by this young doctor. Apparently he's drawn to towns with epidemics, as they are the ones that see him."

They loomed in silence for a while. Kikyo could see the worry in his eyes; she wouldn't blame him for not accepting the reality of things right away, for she had done the same when she heard the youkai talk about it, but when she spoke to the villagers and heard all the wonderful things they said about him and what he did, she couldn't help but feel those were traits he adopted from her for not once did Kikyo ever turn her cheek away from someone in need.

"I have but one question for you," Inuyasha finally spoke up, interrupting her from her thoughts. "If he's as powerful as to have Naraku running him down, why not kill him and end this foolishness once and for all?"

"Kill…our son?!" Kikyo looked at him with eyes of fury and confusion. Why did he persist on such a drastic measure, even after hearing all of this?

"Our 'son' is in danger of being part of Naraku for one, and secondly he can't control his inner youkai; he's a threat to everyone he meets!"

"But that doesn't stop you from travelling with the miko and helping people, does it Inuyasha?" she retorted. As she spoke those words Inuyasha realized that indeed Saito's position was similar to his; like father like son.

"Sigh. So what do you intend on doing?"

"I was hoping if I meet him long enough in battle I could use a special arrow and purify him. I found a purification spell that should hopefully free him from the demon. That is what continues to puzzle me though."


"How is it that two spirits are able to inhabit that one body? The youkai said our son's soul took over the body of a doctor, most likely one that had passed, yet there lies a demon inside as well."

"Maybe the original doctor was possessed and his demon never left, and now he's fighting our son for control." That was the first time Inuyasha used the word 'son' so genuinely. I made Kikyo's heart soar to know that he was finally accepting the truth.

"Maybe. There's much investigation still to be done, but for the moment we should rest. Don't you have food waiting on you?"

"Yeah, I should go. Will you be alright?" he asked earnestly.

"So long as you're still here," she replied as she lifted her head to meet his and allowed their lips to collide together for a moment of passion.


"Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha asked his friends when he rejoined them in their hut.

"She went out for some air. How's Lady Kikyo?" Miroku asked sincerely.

"She'll be fine. Think I'll go look for her."

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Sango asked the arrogant hanyou.

"Eat what? Kaede left me chicken scraps. I'll hunt later," he replied dryly before leaving the hut.

"So Miss Sango, I see we have some alone time at last," Miroku said sensually as he closed the proximity between them.

"Miroku, please. After all that Kagome has gone through today is that all you can think about?" she chastised mildly.

"When will we get another opportunity like this? Shippo and Kirara are sleeping outside, Inuyasha and Kagome are out, and I've missed you dearly," he said softly as he nipped at her ear lobe, raising gooseflesh with every flicker of his tongue.

"Hmm…that feels nice," she exhaled. She'd denied him for so long and now that they're finally together she continues to tease him, despite the fact that her body continually lusts for the feel of his skin against hers.

"Aishiteiru Sango-san," he whispered into her ear as he lightly kissed her cheek. He enjoyed seeing her flushed expression every time.

"You're just saying that," she brushed off fighting the blood rushing to her face.

"Iie, I mean every word of it. I'm even willing to give up my perverse ways if it means you'll have me." She looked him dead in the eyes; those navy pools spoke the truth. She reached out and kissed him so feverishly she knocked him to the floor with her love and repeatedly said "aishiteiru" as she returned his kisses.


"Kagome? Where are you?" Inuyasha cried out as he searched high and low for his miko. Then he saw her solemnly seated on a boulder looking at the floor, boredom and sorrow filling her face.

"Daijoubu Kagome?" Inuyasha asked gently as he approached her from behind.

"Oh, it's you. Genki desu," she replied half-heartedly.

"Clearly you're not. What's the problem," he said as he dropped down on the ground next to her.

"Did you and Kikyo really have a child together?" she sighed as she began to feel the tears brimming over.

Her question had caught him off-guard and he initially didn't know what to say, but decided in the end the truth would be better.

"Hai. Months before she was killed we consummated our love for each other, but I never knew about the pregnancy. That day when I was incarcerated to the tree I knew she had something important to tell me, I just didn't know that was the news," he replied somberly.

Maybe she's lying and is using this to get you back once and for all!

"Maybe…but are you positive that the doctor is you son?"

"We talked a while back and she told me what she found out. Neither of us can fully confirm it, but we both believe that the soul of our unborn child lies in the body of Dr. Saito. I can't say much as we're still scrutinizing the matter."

"Oh, okay," she replied meekly.

"Kagome," he said as he rose to meet her eye level.

"Huh? What is it Inuyasha?" she replied distantly. She regretted ever going to that village, and wished that they had stayed by the river instead where she and her hanyou had the time of their lives enjoying each other's company, and being able to at long last express their love for one another, without any dead interference.

"Don't question my love for you, for I can see it in your eyes. Like everything else we'll find a way, we always do," he vowed as he tilted her chin and sealed his promise with his lips. They never tasted sweeter. Kagome never felt more secure than she did that moment, and locked her arms around his neck holding on as though it was their last trice together.

This moment is simply perfect, nothing can ruin it now…

Inuyasha then lifted her off the rock and supported her back against a tree where he began his ministrations along her neck. He took great pleasure in hearing her moans and gasps at his touch; it drove him mad. She ran her fingers through his hair and held on tight as the surge of ecstasy she felt overwhelmed her entirely. Their lips came crashing once again and Kagome could feel his hands roaming along her thigh, each time teasing the ends of her skirt, unsure whether to enter or not. Guiding his hand further up her leg she permitted him to explore her, for tonight she swore that he would have all of her and she would make him hers forever.

His talons teased the rim of her panties, ever so often dropping them an inch lower than they were, whilst he used his free hand to fondle with the eager breasts that have so longed for his touch. He began to undo her blouse, whilst she started ministrations of her own on his neck. He didn't know she could do things like that with her tongue; he saw the real wild side of Kagome and he loved every minute of it.

Then she did the unexpected, she ran her hand along the surface of his hakamas and rested on his throbbing manhood, rubbing slightly on it. He gasped at her abrupt touch and discontinued all actions on her for that moment; he let her work her magic. As she continued to stroke him, she felt his heat and delight at her actions and took his mouth in hers again. He explored the cavern of her mouth with his tongue, until he knew every crevice like a dentist.

She took to his neck again wanting to hear him cry out her name in rapture.

"Kikyo," he husked out instead. It took brief second for Kagome to comprehend what he just said.

She pulled away from him, shaking her head in maddening disbelief. "What did you just call me?"

As she said that did it only occur to the foolish hanyou that he said the wrong name. Some of the things she did were exactly the things her incarnate did when they were together, so naturally his mind wondered to Kikyo. His intentions were good, but his actions crashed and burned before his eyes. She had him speechless.

"Do I look like Kikyo to you?" she screamed out.

"Uh…well…" he stuttered, but bit back his tongue at stating the obvious for it would only infuriate her more.

"Not like that you asshole! I should've known you could never stop loving her. 'We'll find a way'…bullshit! I thought you loved me Inuyasha, but I guess you're in love with the fact that I look like her, aren't you?" She gave him not a second to respond as she dashed off with tears streaming all over.

"Kagome, matte!" he cried out behind her.

"OSUWARI! OSUWARI! OSUAWARI!!!" she screamed out sending him six feet under. Immediately she ran to see Sango, her confidant, for she desperately needed someone to talk too. She entered the hut quietly as to not wake the kitsune and neko sleeping on the floor beside the doorway. Regrettably Sango was unavailable as she was sound asleep, cuddled under the houshi she had her legs entwined with, their naked bodies barely concealed by the monk's robe. Seeing that she clearly didn't belong there, Kagome left as quietly as she entered and ran off again.

She didn't know where to go, or where she was going, she just followed wherever her legs were taking her. Eventually, she reached a river, but this one was unfamiliar to her. She took the time to readjust her clothing and curse herself for even thinking of giving her mizuage to that ungrateful hanyou. She sat at the waters edge and watched her reflection, but the face that stared her back was a disgusting feat, for it only reminded her more and more that she looked exactly like her, and that's all she'll be wanted for. She couldn't stand it anymore, and lashed out at the water furiously until the image was distorted.

"Much better," she spat out as she allowed a few rogue tears to roll down her face. Suddenly, she felt a strange yet sudden gush of wind blow by her, drying her face completely in the process.

"Kagome?" the stranger called out.

Fanfic dic:

Aishiteiru: I love you

Daijoubu: are you okay

Genki desu: I'm fine

Hai: yes

Hakamas: pants

Hanyou: half demon

Houshi: monk

Iie: no

Inu: dog

Kitsune: fox

Matte: wait

Miko: priestess

Mizuage: virginity

Neesan: older sister

Neko: cat

Ningen: human

Okaasan: mother

Osuwari: subduing spell (in this case, 'sit')

Otousan: father

Youkai: demon (full)

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