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Amelia's eyes never reverted back to their warm brown hue and Reid found that he didn't much mind because in reality he was in love with Nemesis. Nemesis was Amelia and Amelia was Nemesis and there was no separating the two. Something had changed in Amelia that night. She and Nemesis melded into one in a way that had made it impossible to separate them and Reid found that in some ways, the goddess within her was almost childlike in her curiosity and innocence.

Reid had died that night and something other than Nemesis had brought him back; she herself admitted to asking for help, and, in doing so had changed something within the sons of Ipswich, eliminating the aging caused by using their power. Whether this new trait would pass down to their children was yet to be determined and Nemesis refused to reveal who the outside force that had saved him was although Reid had somewhat of an inkling. After all, being struck and revived by a lightning bolt was a dead giveaway in his opinion.

The five of them would be off to Harvard soon-moving ahead with their lives in as normal a fashion as was expected of the Sons of Ipswich and a god. What awaited them Reid was unsure of, but the one thing he could be sure of was that what was written of them in the book of Damnation would alter the existence of the covenant forever.


Amelia will be back. I'm working on a sequel.