Abby and Addy Levesque were in Vince McMahon's office signing one of the most important documents of their whole life. They were signing a WWE contract to become WWE divas. This has always been both of their dreams. Abby and Addy both got done signing the contract and put their pens down. Both girls have been interested in becoming divas since they were little. They used to watch it all the time with their older brother and WWE superstar Triple H. The twins loved their big brother, but sometimes they wish he would back off and stop being so over protective. They weren't babies anymore, and they didn't need someone watching them all the time.

"Well ladies, it is now official. You girls are now WWE divas. Congratulations, and welcome to the WWE" Vince said shaking both of their hands. As they were leaving the office, Abby turned to her sister.

"Can you believe it? We're Divas!"

"I know, Abby! This is the best day of our lives."

"Who should tell first?"

"We first tell mom and dad, and then we tell Paul"

Abby's face turns sour, "Do we really have to tell Paul?"

"He is our brother."

"But Addy! You know how he is. If we tell him, he'll go straight to Vince and request for both of us to be on RAW so he can keep an eye on us."

"I thought you wanted to be on RAW."

"I do! But you don't, do you?"

"You're right. But he'll find out sooner or later. So we might as well tell him now."

"Fine! But you're telling him and I get to tell mom and dad."

"You wimp."

"Damn straight. Now get on the phone and make that call."

Addy turned away from her twin sister and laughed. She felt the exact same way her sis did. But she didn't get as worked up as Abby did. Paul was the overprotective one, Abby was the goofy, loud mouthed one, and Addy...Well, she was just there. She was very kept to herself and shy. But she realized that she would have to change her personality in order to last in the WWE. She flipped open her phone and called her brother.


"Hey big brother! It's Addy. What's up?"

"Not much, changing Aurora's diaper...It stinks."

"Eww. Good luck with that. Guess what? Me and Abby signed a contract with Vince! Isn't that great?"

"Uhh...I don't know Addy. What if something happens to you guys and I'm not there to help you guys?"
"We're 23 years old. We can handle ourselves."

"Well, I'm going to talk to Vince."


"I wanna make sure that you guys are both on RAW with me."

"Paul! Don't you dare!. I don't wanna go on RAW!"

"How would I keep an eye on you?"

"You don't have to. Paul, I love you very much, but you gotta learn to let go."

"We've had this talk Addy. Just give up."

"I will when you will. And plus, I told Vince that I did not want to be on RAW. And I told him not to listen to you even though you are his son-in-law."

"Addy!" Paul whined

"Please big brother, let me do this on my own." Addy pleaded.

"Okay, but if one thing goes wrong, you're coming to RAW, are we clear?"

"Paul, we're so clear, we're crystal." they say their goodbyes and hang up.

Abby walks up to her sister, "So, the rents gave the okay. How did Hitler-"

"Abby! Don't call him that!"

"Sorry, how did Paul our darling big brother take the news."

"He's not too excited, but he's letting me go to Smackdown."

"Yay! I'm so happy for you. You're gonna be a Smackdown Diva!"

"That's good to know."

The twins turned around to see none other than Dave Batista and Randy Orton. They are so hot. The girls both thought.

Randy walked up to Abby, "Please make my day, and tell me you're coming to RAW."

"Yea, so?"

Addy turned away from her sister so she could laugh.

"Well, if we're gonna be on the same brand, I'd like to know your name"

"What's it to you?"

"Abby! Don't be rude."

Dave finally spoke up, "Well, it's nice to meet you both," he shook Addy's hand, "but we still don't know your name."

"Oh...Well, I'm Addy. Or Addeline, or new girl, or "Hey you!" whatever floats your boat, it's fine with me." she looks down and blushes.

"Are you ladies doing anything tonight?" Randy asked.

"Why do you care?" Abby asked

"Abby, stop it!" Addy pleaded

"Don't worry about it, Addy. I can take it."

"Better than you dish it, Orton." Abby replied.

"You think so, kid?"

Randy and Abby stepped closer to each other, "Chill out RKO. I'm just pulling your leg. Which isn't that difficult of a pull if you ask me."

"Your sister is really difficult." Dave said.

"She doesn't mean any harm. That's just how she is. And since I'm her twin, her mouth gets me into as much trouble as it does her."

They both laugh at her statement, "I bet, but you seem nothing like her at all."

"Thank goodness."

"I heard that" Abby said looking at her sister.

"Well we should get going. Some of us are going out after the show tonight. We would love it if you girls would join us" Dave said smiling.

"We will definitely think about it" Addy replied.

"We would love to go out tonight. Meet us at our hotel room and we will all go together" Abby said getting a pen and a piece of paper out of her purse, and writing down their room number.

"Ok, see ya then" Randy replied taking the paper from Abby.

"Bye" Addy said waving.

"It's going to be an interesting night" Abby said laughing.