Two pale fingers reached up to wipe the tear threatening to fall from Hope's bright blue eye. Earlier this day she'd brought her boyfriend home to meet the 'rents, and it was a disaster. Now of course…worse things could happen but still. It was unfair. Most girls at her school seemed to think she had the perfect life, simply because in their eyes she had

The "perfect" looks. First of all—they were not perfect. Second of all, if they were, she wouldn't have this problem. The one where she always had to compete with her mother. The star. Not like she'd told her English friends, not some screenplay star, but a star in the literal sense of the word. She had bodyguards around her constantly and Hope could not think of one room in their house that her father had not concealed at least one weapon because according to him "they'd eat her heart out." Well… it was true but Hope could not see the sense in his over protective ways. No matter though, he could never protect her from this. He couldn't hide the look on every single one of her boyfriends faces when they saw her mother. He couldn't hide how they moved closer to her at dinner, or mysteriously began to come over to the house every day. No, the all powerful King Tristan could do nothing to make Yvaine's un-aging beauty and radiance fade.

Nothing at all.