Moonlight Destiny
By LadyLupin

Chapter 3: Serpents Twined

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"Why does class have to be so hard?" Cassandra moaned as she slogged through her Potions homework as she had every night for the past month. Intelligent as she had believed herself to be, she was completely unprepared for the level at which her professor expected her to perform. Only sheer strength of will and a stubborn refusal to admit failure kept her struggling along.

"What's the matter?" Jennica asked, not seeming very concerned. Of course, it was all very well for her. She didn't need to worry about her grades so much. She was pretty well content with what her parents had planned for her already-marry young and rich, into a suitably prestigious family. And of course, this rather colored her handling of others' school problems.

A rather malicious grin crept over Jen's face. "You know, Snape is really good at potions..."

Cassi's face burned crimson. "No, Jen. For the last time, no."

"Come on, Cassi, I know you still have your eye on him. Why--"

Cassi leaned in and lowered her voice. "I can't get involved with him," she hissed. "He's from one of the most important families here, right up with you and the Malfoy kid. It wouldn't work," she sighed. "When he finds out that my father--"

"He doesn't have to know," Jenn said easily. "He never has to know."

Cassi's eyes widened. "But--" Jennica stood up deciseively. "Jennica, no," Cassandra protested. But Jenn tossed her head pertly and pranced over to the corner of the common room where Snape and his gang hung out. She said a few things in a voice too low to hear, glancing over a couple of times to where Cassandra sat still, mortified. Soon, he was walking over toward her.

"Jennica says you're having trouble with Potions," he said rather indifferently.

Cassandra just shrugged, although inside she was raging. He must think she was the stupidest, weakest person alive! How could Jenn do this to her?

Then again, having him close to her was very nice. And he was a year older than her; it wouldn't hurt too much to submit to his help for a little while.

"Here," he began. "It won't do to have you looking foolish in front of a room full of Gryffindors. Now, I believe both our classes are studying the various uses of monkshood..."


"Okay, Anna, your turn. Who is this guy you seem to have a secret crush on?"

The group of upper-level girls which had gathered in the Gryffindor seventh year girls dormatory erupted in giggles as the accused looked at her accuser in shock and then blushed bright red.

"It's no one, really..." she tried to say.

Lily Evans didn't buy it. "Come on, Anna. We all know you've been writing love notes to someone, and we want to know who it is!"

Anna fidgeted in embarrassment. "T-Tory," she said quietly.

Gasps and more giggles came from various girls around the room. "Tory what's-his-name, the Ravenclaw prefect?" one of them asked. Anna nodded, looking like she wished she could melt into the floor.

"Professor Argent docked her 10 points for not paying attention in Defense Against the Dark Arts today," Yumeko Nightwalker, a Ravenclaw fifth-year, informed the group.

One of the seventh-years laughed. "I bet she was daydreaming about kissing him. Tory!" she corrected very quickly.

"So?" Anna turned to her defensively. "Who were you daydreaming about in Potions last week, Gal? You nearly blew up your entire class!"

"Yeah, Galatia," said Lily with a knowing tone. "Who were you dreaming about?"

Gal glared. "Lily, that's not fair! You promised--"

Lily just raised her eyebrows. "I promised I wouldn't tell him. But Anna confessed to all of us, so it's only fair..."

Gal sighed. "Alright, alright." She took a deep breath. "Remus Lupin," she muttered.

More shrieks and laugher ensued, but this time, Lily's head jerked around as if she had heard something else. "What was that?" she said, looking around the room suspiciously.

"What was what?" asked Charlotte Azaile, the only fourth year and the youngest girl there.

"Nothing," said Lily slowly, though she still looked on edge.

"Well what about you, Lily?" began Gal in a rather biting voice. "I'm sure our esteemed Head Girl would never get caught daydreaming about kissing boys in class--"

"Kissing boys in class?" Yumeko piped in. "Now that's something to dream about..."

Gal scowled at the criticism of her bad use of English, then continued. "But I think we can get her to confess who she's had a crush on all term..."

"Go ahead," said Lily defiantly. "I'm not afraid to admit who I like."

"Okay, then, tell us," Gal challenged.

Lily faltered slightly, as if she hadn't expected her bluff to be called.

"Come on! Come on!" the other girls prodded her.

Lily drew herself up proudly. "Fine. I am in love with James Potter," she said with perfect confidence, though it looked as if it had cost her some effort.

There were gasps and tittering whispers all over the room. The Head Girl in love with the Head Boy! But now there were definitely other sounds too, sounds that didn't belong.

"Now I know I hear something," Lily said darkly. She held up a hand for the girls to be silent and gazed around the room with the expression of a stalking cat. She jumped up suddenly and flung the door open "Okay, who's been eavesdropping--"

There was no one there. But from behind her, in the room, she heard a thud and muffled voices.


"Oh, crap!"

Lily felt something brush past her, and saw a glimpse of motion hurrying down the stairs toward the common room.

She turned back into the room and growled in sheer consternation. "Boys are so stupid!"


Remus looked up from his potions homework with an expression of anticipating disaster as Sirius and James came hurtling into the common room laughing their heads off. Peter gave them a halfway inquiring look, as if afraid to know what they had been up to.

Sirius grinned. "Guess where me, James, and James's invisibility cloak just came back from."

Remus looked at them, then at the direction the had come in, then back at them with an apalled look "You didn't."

They just laughed.

"The girls' dormitory? Guys, that is either the most juvenile thing you have done this year, or the most perverted. Maybe both."

"Ah, lighten up, we didn't actually see anything," James said easily. "They were all up there gossiping, talking about, eh, boys--" James stopped rather abruptly, and Sirius started cracking up again.