A/N:: Ah, more senseless fluff. :P 'Tis fun to write, though. I do hope you enjoy it. All these fluffy fics keep getting in the way of my other plot bunnies with more.. "substance." haha

FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 072- Fixed

All Better

Albus fingered through his last stack of paperwork for the day, anxious for the time when he could instead turn his attention to the lovely witch before him. Though his hands still shuffled through the papers, Albus allowed his eyes to abandon his work and focus on Minerva. She sat relaxed in the chair opposite Albus's desk, her eyes darting from side to side as she read intently from her newest book selection, a nice novel to pass the time. Absentmindedly, Minerva pushed a stray strand of hair back behind her ear, stirring a desire deep within Albus to reach out and run his hands through her long, dark locks...


Minerva jumped slightly at Albus's yelp, glaring fiercely at him over her book for giving her such a start.

"What's wrong, Albus?" she asked, watching as he put his index finger into his mouth.

"I got a paper cut!" he exclaimed.

Albus took his finger out of his mouth to show Minerva a thin slice in his flesh. She looked at it for a moment as if she was attempting to refrain from rolling her eyes, but she instead held out her hand to him.

"Here, let me see it."

"Can you fix it?" he asked, more from curiosity than actual suggestion.

Albus placed his hand in hers, a chill running up his arm simply from her touch. He watched, his blue eyes widening, as Minerva slowly brought his finger up to her mouth and carefully caressed his paper cut with her lips. The sight of her, the nearness of her, the feel of her lips on him made Albus forget completely about his pain.

"Is that better?" she asked, meeting his eyes.

He nodded as a smile crept onto his face.


"Yes, Albus?"

He leaned towards her and dropped his voice lower.

"My lips hurt," he replied with a pout. "Can you make it better?"

Minerva laughed.

"I'll see what I can do."

They inhaled simultaneously as Minerva closed the gap between them. She kissed him slowly, passionately until pulling back to look at him.

"Better?" she asked with a grin.

Albus nodded.

"All better!"