Those Moments




"Katsuya … I had another nightmare; can I sleep with you tonight?"

He'd never tell anyone, but he adored those moments. Sometimes, he would lie awake in bed wondering if—and secretly hoping that—his little sister would have yet another nightmare. She would stand at his doorway in her white nightgown, rubbing the fatigue from her eyes and biting her bottom lip fretfully. Katsuya would lift his head from his pillow, a tousled piece of blond hair hanging into his face and make believe he was previously sleeping.

In that tender, concerned voice he'd ask, "What's up, sis?"

And as she'd ask the question, the one he'd anticipated the long nights before, a warm smile would spread across his face. He'd slide over to one side of his bed and pat the vacant space. "'Course you can, 'zuka."

Her eyes would light up as she hurried to her newly adopted sleeping area, and she'd climb into the bed pulling the covers over her. She'd always lie on her side, facing her brother. Katsuya would brush a strand of auburn hair from her face, and kiss the top of her head. Soothingly, he'd assure her, "You won't have anymore nightmares here, I promise."

"I love you, Katsuya," she'd tell him, her words often muffled by a yawn.

"I love you too, sis," he'd reply, implying so much more than she.

…and he truly adored those moments.