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The Unknown Uchiha

It was early in the morning at the Konoha hospital. Sakura and Tsunade were rushing around with other medics. "Hokage-sama we have finished and wish for you to look over the baby" a medic handed a small baby to Tsunade.

She placed it down on a soft cushion and her hand glowed a light green and she ran her hand over the baby searching for anything wrong. "Ah he's very healthy" she smiled. The baby cried out from being cold and opened its eyes.

Tsunade went wide eyed at the red sharingan that stared up at her. They baby boy closed it eyes again and cried louder. The next time he opened his eyes they were black again. Tsunade let out a deep sigh and looked around at the other medics.

She called Sakura over, the pink haired girl walked over beside her sensei. "What is it Tsunade-sama?" her emerald eyes gazed into the Hokage's brown ones.

Tsunade leaned over and whispered something into the others ear. Sakura went wide eyed and looked at her sensei. "You can't be serious!" Sakura almost yelled.

Tsunade nodded, "Take care of the baby and finish cleaning it and making sure it's healthy and reading to go"

Sakura nodded and the Hokage left the room and made her way to one of the hospital rooms. She grabbed the knob and walked in to see her black haired assistant.

"Hello, Shizune" Tsunade smiled and took a seat beside the worn out woman.

"How is he?" Shizune asked sleepily.

Tsunade nodded, "He's very healthy and he looks strong . . . he got his father's eyes"

Shizune clenched the sheets in her grip. "I don't understand what you mean by that Tsunade-sama" she looked off to the side.

"Shizune I want to know if that night around 9 months ago was really a rape from a rouge shinobi, or something else" Tsunade raised a blonde eyebrow at her assistance's silence.

"Because I'm almost certain you are not apart of the Uchiha clan" Tsunade stood growing angry with her silence.

"Shizune, if Itachi did this to you it is a serious matter we need to know why he was in the village and why he did this to you" Tsunade was practically shouting.

More silence only followed, "SHIZUNE!" Tsunade screamed.

"He didn't rape me!" Shizune cried out tears streaming down her face.

Tsunade stood there with a shocked face staring at Shizune. "Shizune you need to tell me what happened, because if you . . . well did it with him, then we need to know how he gets into Konoha without anyone knowing"

Shizune nodded and looked up at the ceiling. "It was about a year ago when we made our first encounter. . ." she began speaking.

Flashback. . .

Shizune sat in a hot spring out side the village. It was her own escape from the mountains of paper work Tsunade wouldn't finish and left in her hands. It was a small spring but it was all she needed.

Shizune slowly opened her drowsy eyes at the dreading feeling she began to get. She looked around to see if anyone was near but could see no one until she felt and icy hand on her hot skin.

She completely froze how she could have let someone get so close and her not even notice. A deep voice ran through her ears, "What is a maiden like you do straying so far from her village?" she could tell he was smirking by the cockiness in his voice.

Shizune decided to try and play along until she could reach her weapons or at least see who it was. "I wanted to escape my mounds of paper work" she answered truthfully.

"Ah so stress has lead you here, interesting" she could feel his hot breath on her neck. She felt his thumb caressing her back almost like working out all the stress.

Shizune snapped out of it when she felt herself liking the strangers touch. "Who are you?" she asked sleepily, curse these hot waters.

"You know me, I assure you, all Konoha know of me" he said his cheek brushing lightly against her ear. "I have yet to see your face, though" he said huskily.

Shizune blinked and blinked again, "Right now?" she asked.

"There's no better time," he chuckled.

"But I'm . . ." her face went red noting the fact she was indeed naked.

"That's why there's no better time, I've been waiting for you, you know" his deep voice sighed.

"I've been watching you for sometime and been waiting for the perfect moment when you would come outside the village"

Shizune held her breath, "You've been. . ." she gulped. "Watching me?"

"Oh yes for a while, I'll tell you what I'll let you see something so you know who your . . . admirer is" he smirked choosing his words carefully.

He turned her around quickly bring her face extremely close to his and she could only see his red eyes. Shizune froze as she noted they weren't just red they were the sharingan.

"Uc-Uchiha Itachi" Shizune panicked and tried to break from his grasp. She fell back beneath the searing water and came up only having half her head above.

"See I knew you would know who I was" his red eyes stared at her. Shizune felt embarrassed under the renowned Uchiha's stare. Wait a second, Uchiha Itachi, an S-class criminal who left Leaf, was interested in her.

The thought made her go as red as his eyes. He sat with his legs crossed on the other side of the hot spring just staring at her. She felt nervous one, because he was staring at her while she was naked and two, because she could only see his eyes from the large neck collar on the Akatsuki cloak.

Shizune let out a breath causing bubbles in front of her. She heard a small chuckle from the Uchiha and blushed more. She really wanted him to leave; this was weird, way too weird for her.

Shizune sat up a little so that her whole head was above water. "You know um this is really uncomfortable" she said almost silently. Itachi blinked and raised an eyebrow.

"Turn around" she ordered. Itachi couldn't help but laugh, but did as she said and stood up and turned around. Shizune got up slowly eyeing him to make sure he didn't turn around.

She covered herself and walked backwards to her towel and wrapped it around her. She was actually surprised that he didn't turn around or even move for that matter.

Once she was completely dressed, she remained silent. She didn't know what he wanted from her maybe she could just sneak away. Shizune crept backwards never letting her eyes wander from him. She ran straight into something and went wide eyed.

She turned around to see she ran into him. Shizune gulped and stepped back a bit and felt a tree behind her. Great, she was between a tree and psycho killer.

Shizune gulped as his head dropped beside her and he whispered something into her ear.

"That was quite brave of you but I assure you, you cannot out whit or outrun me" he placed his hand on her face caressing it slowly. "What is your name?" Itachi asked her.

Shizune gulped and looked away. "Are you afraid of me?" he asked.

She didn't answer him and only continued to look away. Itachi sighed, "Would this help," he leaned back slightly closing his eyes.

Shizune looked at him curious as to what he was doing. She saw him open his eyes again and went wide eyed. Shizune stared into Itachi's black eyes, "W-Why did you do that?" she asked shaking.

"Do you not feel safer with my eyes like this? I would think the sharingan was intimidating" he said. Shizune blinked unable to look away from the Uchiha that held her captive.

"What do you want with me?" she asked slightly afraid of the answer.

"Did you not hear I am interested in you" she blushed again still not over the fact that Uchiha Itachi was interested in her.

"But why . . . would you be interested in me?" she asked really wanting to know what caught his eye about her.

He blinked and leaned closer. "I thought you were the most beautiful shinobi I have ever seen" he whispered making her blush even more. He pulled her close to him and held her with one arm around her waist.

Shizune was about to explode, "Um I really have to go" she said trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

"What is your rush it is early in the evening" he smirked. "I thought you came here to get away from Konoha?"

Shizune slumped in defeat. "Now are you going to tell me you're name? Or am I going to have to break into the Konoha and raid the files until I find you?" he laughed lightly.

She sighed and looked up at him, "My name is Shizune" she said looking away again.

"What a pretty name for such a pretty face that I would enjoy looking at" he sighed tilting his head slightly.

"Would you let me go? You know you sure are expecting a woman from the village you left long ago to just like fall into your arms or something" she huffed looking at him sternly.

"As a matter of fact," Itachi began and then rose and hand undid the top of the Akatsuki cloak. "I do" he said before he leaned in and kissed her.

Shizune went weak in the knees and unconsciously kissed back. Until all of a sudden he jumped to the side pulling her with him. He landed on the branch of a near by tree as they soon heard laughter.

Itachi looked down at the few rogue ninja that were closing in on them. "Looks like we have ourselves a skilled one men" the biggest out of them said.

"Don't get yourself into something you can't win" Itachi said warningly to them. "You just interrupted my time with my lovely counterpart here" he told them.

"I'm not your-"

"You have a lady with you? We shall take her and what valuables you have" another said laughing as well.

Itachi jumped down leaving Shizune in the tree. He stood up and looked at all the men. "You are all going to die, unfortunate really. I was planning on not killing today" he sighed. He made quick hand signs and place a hand to his lips.

A giant fire ball shot out at the unsuspecting ninja and they were all devoured in the flame. Itachi turned around and looked up in the tree to see Shizune gone.

He smirked and disappeared.

Shizune ran as fast as she possibly could. 'It's my chance I can get back to the village! I know I can!' she told herself. Shizune stopped as she saw the same spot on the ground as she had passed awhile back.

"It can't be" she shook horror struck.

The image around her faded and the real forest came into her vision as Itachi stood in front of her. Shizune groaned and slumped down giving up all hope of getting away from him.

Itachi kneeled in front of her and stared at her smirking. "I told you, you cannot outsmart me" he sighed and stood back up. He held a hand down to her and she took it just to get this over with.

"Just walk with me" Itachi said turning and starting out. Shizune reluctantly followed him. "Tell me what your status is in the village" he practically ordered looking back at her.

"I am the Hokage's assistant; I am in the medical field and have a hand for poisons and weapons. Not that I would be any threat to you Uchiha Itachi." She taunted smirking as well.

Unknowingly she had become comfortable with his presence. He stopped and looked back at her and laughed lightly. "Wise you are . . . Uchiha Shizune" he snickered and continued on. Shizune went blood red,

"Wh-what did you just call me?" she asked speeding up to where she was walking beside him.

"You heard me"

"But why?" she wondered.

"I already told you I find an interest in you Hokage's assistant." He stopped and smiled down at her. "I cannot go further then this or the guards standing by will fell my chakra. If you enjoy company as much as I enjoy yours come back to that spring we met in one week. Around 9 o'clock"

Shizune blinked and stared at him. "How do you know I won't sell you out to Tsunade-sama?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Call it a gut feeling" he smirked and stepped closer to her. Shizune's arms fell to her sides and she looked up at him. "Any chance to see you trap or not would be worth it" he said leaning extremely close.

You can only resist that Uchiha charm for so long until . . . she leaned in a bit and their lips met. She knew that this was bad, he was an S-class criminal. But flattery goes a long way.

He stepped back and jumped up into the dark tree and sped off. Once his chakra was completely gone Shizune turned and headed for the gates.


One week later. . .

Shizune walked into the open area where the hot spring was and looked around. This was a bad idea coming but she couldn't help it. Unfortunately the Uchiha had stolen her heart, whether she liked it or not.

A black figure landed in front of her and his red eyes looked down at her. "So you came" he smiled and raised a hand holding her face with it. "I missed you" Itachi said.

Shizune blushed and looked off to the side unable to speak. She had been thinking about him all this past week and now she couldn't even say she had been thinking about him.

She felt his lips press against hers and she immediately kissed him back. There was a big explosion behind them and he wrapped his arm tightly around her waist protecting her from the blast.

He turned his head slightly and looked at the two dark figures. "Ah Deidara you must be so noisy?" Itachi asked.

"Itachi cut the crap" another voice came. A red head and a blonde came out of the smoke created by the blast.

"So you're here too Sasori?" Itachi raised an eyebrow and looked at them.

"Don't talk to Sasori-danna, Itachi you traitor" Deidara hissed standing in front of Sasori.

"Akatsuki" Shizune gasped and looked up as Itachi's slightly angered face.

"So you followed me, but I neglect to see this as becoming a traitor" he said lightly still holding Shizune close to him in case a battle broke out between the two.

"Engaging with that Konoha shinobi is clearly forbidden, even touching her how you are is strictly off limits" the blonde huffed folding her arms.

"And what you do isn't prohibited?" Itachi asked smirking. Deidara glared at him and held her hand out in front of Sasori.

"No need for you to get involved Sasori-danna, I will handle this myself" clay came out of both openings on her hands and closed them forming two birds that shot out at him.

There was another big boom and Itachi held onto her even more tightly. As the cloud of dust began to clear Kisame's tall figure appeared to have blocked both clay birds with his sword.

"I don't remember you having received an order to kill Itachi" Kisame said picking up his sword and resting the hilt on his shoulder. Deidara scowled and reached her hands into her clay bags.

"Oi, Sasori-danna looks like Kisame wants to die with his partner. Can I kill him too?" she looked back at the red head.

"Do as you please we have our orders, if he interferes he's betraying Akatsuki as well" Sasori stated sitting back against a large rock. She pulled her hands out and two spiders jumped down poofing into larger ones.

Shizune looked over to the side thinking she saw something and went wide eyed. "Don't breathe!" she yelled to the blue Akatsuki member and placed her hands over Itachi's face covering his mouth and nose.

A black poison surrounded them and Kisame pulled his arm in front of his face and jumped out of the poison gas. Itachi jumped bringing her with him and they looked down at the purplish cloud.

Sasori looked up at the three and glared slightly. "That woman saw it coming" he growled. Shizune pulled up her sleeve and pulled a wire and senbon flew out at Sasori. Deidara threw a bird that poofed larger and all the needles hit it causing it to explode.

Shizune pried herself away from Itachi and made hand signs quickly and placed her hand close to her mouth and breathed out a thick poison cloud that went towards Sasori and Deidara. Deidara glared and threw out another bird and as it got larger her and Sasori jumped on and it took off.

The other three disappeared from the area and reappeared far off in a dense part of the forest. Itachi and Kisame stared at her, "Why on earth did you bring senbon with you?" Itachi asked.

"Oh I'm so sorry I don't want to be killed. There's others besides Akatsuki out here you know" she crossed her arms not believing he was actually surprised she was carrying weapons.

"Itachi who is this woman?" Kisame asked hovering over Shizune and looking at her. Shizune looked back at him and felt a little awkward from him being so close to her. He caught her look and backed away with anime tears, "Its cause I'm oddly colored isn't it?!"

Shizune sweat dropped and stared at him. "No actually you were just standing really close to me and it was weird." She laughed clearly not thinking about his looks.

"Hovering over someone does in fact make them uncomfortable" she said nodding.

He arched an eyebrow and looked at her oddly, "Who are you anyway?"

"I am Shizune, the Hokage's assistant" she said proudly standing up as straight as she could.

"You need to go back to the village" Itachi said stepping in front of her.

She blinked and looked up at him, "But why?"

"Because those two are very dangerous and I can't have you out here while they are chasing Kisame and I." he sighed closing his eye and then opened them again staring down at her. "Please, just go back and in due time I will see you again" he said seriously.

Shizune nodded and couldn't take her eyes off of the red sharingan. Itachi looked over his shoulder and looked at Kisame who was staring at us. Kisame caught his look "Oh sorry" he said turning around.

Itachi looked back at the black haired ninja and leaned down kissing her lightly and she kissed him back. About to pull away Shizune felt him almost leave her lips when she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down.

They kissed for a long while until finally he pulled away holding her hands in his. "Don't worry just wait I will send you signs" he smiled and looked back at Kisame.

"Come on, let's go." He told his partner and then looked at her once again, "Now go back to the village as fast as you possibly can"

She nodded and the two disappeared from sight. Shizune looked around and jumped to the trees and headed back in the direction of Konoha.