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"My dad could beat your dad easy!" a red headed boy was butting heads with a blonde.

"Yeah right my dad is the best Hokage that ever lived!" he yelled both glaring intensely at each other. Sand swirled around the two as the blonde boy's eyes turned milky white and the veins were visible around his eyes.

"Stop fighting!" a red headed girl yelled pushing them away from each other. "You make it look like I'm older then you two, I mean come on stop being idiots" she huffed and glared at them.

"Tsuki! You are here!" a brown haired girl with her hair up in a pony tail.

"Airashii!" the red head yelled running past the two glaring boys.

The two girls hugged and smiled at each other. "So still got that crush on Kira?" the brunette nudged her making her go as red as her hair.

"Shush!" she demanded covering her friends mouth turning to see her brother and Minato did not hear. The brunette smiled wildly and dragged off the red head leaving the two boys by themselves.

"Hey guys!" a black haired boy almost the spitting image of the Uchiha himself walked up to the two. Everything about him was like Itachi except he did not have the dark marks on his face.

"Kira!" the red head waved.

"Hey, Tokui. How are you? I heard you guys were staying for awhile" he asked looking at him.

"Yeah but we're staying with the Hokage and Minato," he gave a cold glance.

"Fighting again?" Kira asked with a sigh having a frown on his face for only a moment. "I think both your dad's are great I mean remember to be lucky you have one" he told them and they both gave him a sad look.

"Well lets not stand here doing nothing, I found this really cool cave that is really fun to explore and its right outside the village" he smirked with the other two.

"Let's go!" Tokui shot his hand in the air.

"All right Kira you always have the most fun missions" the blonde who was identical to his father smiled.

"Well what are we waiting for?" he asked as the three took of running.


They crawled out of a hole in the side of the wall just big enough for them all to fit through and ran into the forest. They stopped seeing a giant cave and all looked at each other with mild smiles.

"Let's go in," Tokui said walking ahead with Kira and Minato right behind him. As they walked deeper in the cave they began to hear voices they continued in and peered over a rock seeing a group of what looked to be rogue ninja.

"Kill him we have the information we need," one said and the three boys watched with wide eyes as an innocent was murdered before them. Minato let out a gasp and all the people in the cave looked over and saw them.

They all gulped and Minato yelled "RUN!"

Getting up they ran as fast as their legs would take them hearing the men chase after them.

They ran out into the forest and some of the men jumped in front of them. They closed them off and were all laughing at the boys. "Little children shouldn't wander off into the forest" one taunted.

"And men shouldn't pick on little boys!" someone yelled coming down and drop kicking one of the men, turning and punching the one beside him and kicking the one on the other side. It was so strong you could hear the bones cracking.

She pulled two kunai from her kunai pouch and shot them out in two separate directions nailing two guys right between the eyes and then exploding. She jumped over the boys and slammed her fist on the ground making the earth tremble and the ninja all grew wide eyed.

There around this pink haired woman's neck was the symbol for Suna in pure silver with diamonds encrusted in it. "That's S-Sabaku no Sakura she's the Kazekage's wife that took down that entire invasion force from the land of mist!"

"You got that right" she smirked and swung her leg kicking one of the guys in the jaw. "And your messing with my son," she glared throwing two more kunai and then grabbing the two remaining and smashing their heads together shattering their skulls.

Sakura stood in an almost identical outfit to Tsunade only with a black shirt and red long shorts, they only real difference was her boobs weren't as large. She dusted her hands off and looked back at the three boys and smiled but her smile soon turned evil as her hands rest on her hips.

The breeze blew her hair that was in a long braid. "Now you three boys are in big trouble" she smirked making them all pale.

"March" she ordered pointing towards Konoha. They all sighed and turned to the pointed direction and began walking towards the village. "You three are lucky that I followed you out here, you could have been killed! What on earth were you thinking?" she asked.

"Sorry," they all replied getting a sigh from the pink haired mother.

"Now Kira you hurry on home alright I won't tell your mom but you have to promise you won't do reckless things anymore" Sakura smiled setting one of her hands on his head and kneeling down to his level. "You are very smart and I bet you will be the best Uchiha to ever live, now you know how your mother worries about you. So get home" she kissed his forehead and shooed him off.

Kira sighed and walked in the direction of his home. "Sakura-sama is pretty strong," he laughed to himself. "Well she was originally from the Leaf village" Kira smiled and stopped seeing his apartment building and began the accent.

"Mom I'm home" he called as he opened the door. Shizune looked at the door from the kitchen and smiled at him.

"How was your day? Did you get to see Tokui and Tsuki?"

"I didn't see Tsuki she must be off with Airashii" he said sitting at the kitchen table and table on the wood.

"Aw I'm sorry to hear that," he heard his mom say. "You know I heard that Tsuki is becoming even more beautiful then Sakura" she laughed.

Kira smiled a bit and leaned back in his chair. "No on is prettier then Sakura-sama except for one person," he told her taking out a kunai and spinning it on his finger.

"Oh really? And who is that?" Shizune asked coming out with two plates and placing one in front of him.

"You of course," he smiled up at his mom.

She sat across from him and began eating, "I love you Kira," she said smiling at him.

He frowned and looked at her. "Mom what's wrong?" he asked seeing her down face.

"Nothing," she said shakily.

"Remember we are going to Naruto's house tonight for dinner to see Gaara and Sakura. So be ready, I have to go to the market and go visit Tsunade-sama" she smiled at him finishing her plate and taking it to the sink.

Shizune began washing it when she heard her son's question and froze. "What?" she asked hoping she heard wrong and refusing to turn around.

"So you never told me the reason why dad left" Kira repeated as he looked at his mothers stilled form.

Shizune set the plate down in the sink and held onto the counter tightly lowering her head trying to stop from crying. It was hard enough not to think about him when her son was almost identical to him.

"I told you I don't want to talk about it" she said quietly and grabbed her wallet and headed for the door. "I'll be back later," she said closing the door behind her.

Kira looked at the door with a sad look on his face. He really wanted to know what happened but the only thing he got out of her about his father was his name, Uchiha Itachi.

He had gone to the Hokage and asked him about Uchiha Itachi and graciously Naruto had secretly let Kira see the file. Naruto had even told him about the encounters he had had with him. Kira knew more about his father then his mother thought he did.

He had always thought his mother followed the rules did everything she was supposed to and never ever did anything wrong. But boy was he wrong, an S-class criminal who killed the entire Uchiha clan except for his brother, Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto had even warned him about this Sasuke person, his uncle. He had said that Sasuke would come after him if he ever found out Itachi had a son.

Kira sighed and picked up his plate washing it along with his mothers. He wished he could ask his father, but apparently he was in something called the Akatsuki and they were almost impossible to track down.


Shizune stood by the hot spring she had been 11 years earlier. Not since the last time she saw the Uchiha had she returned. She stood there for awhile just staring until she realized nearly 30 minutes had gone by.

"He-he look Sasori-danna she came right to us," a blonde in the Akatsuki cloak smirked. Shizune flipped out a kunai and threw it at Deidara who dodged to the side.

A small clay spider attached itself to her arm and she quickly yanked it off and threw it just as it was detonated. "What do you want with me?!" Shizune yelled dodging out of the way of a puppet.

She felt a powerful presence behind her and looked seeing the red head, "You see I don't like Itachi," he said as chakra strings attached and surrounded her. "And I like to make him as miserable as I can and using you for this certain task Pein has requested will just make it all the better" he said jumping up on the giant bird dragging her behind him.

Deidara looked at Sasori before taking off giving him a look, "Ay Sasori-danna I don't think I'm ok with you holding her captive maybe I should do it," she said glaring at Shizune.

"Come on Deidara, what Itachi saw in this woman I will never know" he huffed and the bird took off.


Kira stood at the window looking down at the street waiting to see his mothers figure come into view. What had taken her so long? She never took this long ever. He noticed the sun sinking below the trees and the buildings and really began to worry.

Something was wrong he knew for sure if something had come up she would send a message to let him know. Kira walked to the door and locked it before leaving and headed for the Hokage's house. Being a guest here so much he didn't even need to knock before walking in to be greeted and hugged by Hinata, the Hokage's wife.

"Kira, where is your mother?" Hinata asked giving him a warm smile and looking behind him. Sakura walked in the room and smiled at the boy and waved at him giving him a wink. She looked around apparently wondering the same thing as Hinata.

"Where is Shizune?" Sakura asked standing beside Hinata now.

"I don't know she left about two hours ago to go shopping but she hasn't come back and I'm really worried. Especially because before she left I made her sad," he said looking down at the ground. He felt awful if something had happened to her then the last thing he would have seen of her was her back. Sakura looked at Hinata and it looked as if they were communicating with their eyes.

Sakura left the room and Hinata kneeled down to Kira's level, "Would you like to stay here, or do you want to help use look for her?" she asked placing her hands on his shoulders.

"I want to help find her" he said confidently.

Hinata smiled at him as Naruto, Sakura, and Gaara came from the other room. "Alright I'll get Kakashi and his squad and also get Kiba and Ino. You three can search now while I assemble the teams" he said getting nods from the rest of them.


Shizune opened her eyes and sat up rubbing her sore head. It was really dark in the room she was in right now. Looking down at herself she realized she was changed from her former outfit into a black strapless tube top only covering her breasts.

Also a long skirt that was tied on the side and split down the sides as well, almost horrified to find out who changed her. The blonde walked in and looked at her seeing her now awake. "About time Sasori-danna was getting mad about you sleeping too long now come on I changed you to better fit Leader-sama" she hissed.

Shizune didn't move and glared at Deidara. Deidara sighed and leaned against the door, "Don't think about trying anything there's a seal on your back blocking your chakra so no jutsu for you, now come on" she ordered again pulling her up and dragging her down the hallway.

An oh so familiar blue fellow was strolling by and waved to Deidara and went slightly wide eyed seeing the person she was dragging with her. They came to a door and Deidara opened it pushing Shizune in and shutting it behind them both.

"Pein-sama, I brought you a fine candidate" she smirked forcing her forward into an orange haired man with many different piercing's on his face. He grabbed Shizune by the chin and looked at her face and then down.

"I like her, you did well Deidara" he said releasing his hold on her face. "How old are you?" he asked.

"I'm 39" she said glaring at him.

Both Pein and Deidara looked surprised, "39 you look no where near 39 my precious little maid" he smiled. Shizune glared at him once again cursing the seal on her back. "Such a beauty from Konoha I will accept this one as my new servant" he said nodding.

"Take her to my room now Deidara" he ordered. Deidara grabbed Shizune by the arm and once again forced her out the door.


Itachi looked up at Kisame as he slammed his door open. "Kisame? What is it?" he asked placing down a scroll he was reading.

"That Konoha shinobi," he panted holding his chest from his mad dash. "She's here Deidara presented her to Pein-sama just now, the woman that you left in Konoha" he made out making Itachi feel as if time had stopped.

How was this even possible? Shizune was in the Akatsuki manor, after 11 years now this? Itachi stood up and looked at Kisame as he passed. "You're absolutely sure about this?" he asked his hand forming into a fist.

"I saw her with my own two eyes" he told him making Itachi look to the side. He grabbed the Akatsuki coat that was on the back of the door and put it on not even bothering to button up the front.

In a fast walk he turned the corner trying his best not to glare. Deidara stopped her smirk on her face undeniable proof that this was a deliberate attack upon him. Shizune looked up forcing herself not to make anything noticeable about her surprise top see him. She immediately looked away from him glaring at the wall.

"You know Itachi-sama I just remembered I have some things to attend to so why don't you take Pein-sama's new slave girl to his room" Deidara said shoving Shizune into Itachi. He held her against him and glared at the blonde as she walked back in the other direction.

He looked down at the top of her back seeing the seal and sighing. Shizune pulled herself away from him and turned away from him. "Shizune I,"

"Don't talk to me" she hissed and turned glaring at him and passing him assuming this leader guy's room was the one at the end of the hall with the double doors. She opened them seeing no one inside, she went over and sat on the bed with her arms crossed and glaring through the open door at Itachi.

He walked up and stood in the large doorway looking at her hateful gaze. "Shizune you don't-"

"I don't remember saying you could speak to me" she snapped turning all the way around her back facing him and her legs crossed sitting on the bed.

Itachi walked up behind her and just remained quiet. He couldn't blame her, he did leave making her think he deserted her for no real reason but that was for the best. He placed his hand on her shoulder waiting for rejection but received none.

Shizune just sat there staring at the bed in front of her wondering why she couldn't push him away. He left her and was probably only trying to make up with her for his own benefits. She brought her knees up and placed her head on them thinking of Kira. She knew he was in good hands especially with Sakura there.

Shizune let a few tears fall from her black eyes just thinking of the possibility of her dying here. Having the last thing she told him was shunning his question and leaving. She actually believed she would never see her son again.

"How is Kira?" Itachi spoke up making Shizune tense.

"Good no thanks to you" he said harshly digging her nails into her skin. Itachi sighed she was actually being nicer then he had expected.

"I'm sorry" he said softly before leaning down and kissing her on the neck before reluctantly leaving.

Shizune brought her hands to her face and cried into her hands. This was just too much, seeing him again made the pain resurface and his touch had only hurt more.

"Stupid Itachi," she sobbed.