The Foster Kid

A Luke/Vader Star Wars Fiction

Summery: Luke is a thirteen year old foster kid who doesn't think anyone cares. Will anyone ever be able to change him?

A/N: I've entertained this idea for a while, and I got so excited that I worked really hard to finish up most of my stories so I'd be free to go for this one. I'm really excited about it and I hope you all enjoy it!

Disclaimer: Well of course Star Wars and everything that exists there doesn't belong to me, even though I've begged George Lucas to let me have Luke Skywalker… he still won't let me have even him.


In the crowded streets of Coruscaunt, one dejected figure could barely be seen going this way and that through the crowds, though barely noticing their presence. He made his way through the streets too lost in thought to think about where he was going.

The blonde thirteen-year-old continued looking at his feet as he thought. He didn't have enough pride to look up or even straight ahead. He'd given up a long time ago. After all, who cared about a worthless foster kid? No one.

A long time ago, back when he'd been very little, his aunt and uncle (he couldn't remember their names) had given him to the Empire's Foster Homing Facility. They were doing so poorly on Tatooine with the harvests and everything that they didn't have enough money to take care of him. So ever since then, he'd been moved from planet to planet, home to home, family to family. No one ever kept him for more than a few weeks. They said he was a lost cause…

They were probably right.

He had just run away from his last foster home. Normally, he would just wait for them to send him back, but this family had been unbearable.

It hadn't even been a family actually… just a man his sister. The sister was always drunk and all she did was order him around. (That was probably why they took him into custody.) And her brother was even worse. Whenever he got mad, he would beat "that foster kid" up and blame whatever his problem was on him.

Here in the streets, he was far away from those two, and he wasn't planning on going back to the Foster Homing Facility either. He couldn't stand being sent to yet another home where he would be unwanted yet again.

No one would notice that he was missing. In fact, he would be willing to bet that no one would care if he decided to die…


I can't promise fast updating. School starts this Monday and I'll be busy doing stupid school work and all that stuff that we all hate so darn much. Summer's just gone by so fast this year! I hope to have chapter one written and posted soon but I'm not making any promises.