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From that day forward, things began changing for the better. It wasn't easy for them at first. Vader had to tell the Emperor about everything that was going on and he soon wished he hadn't. Emperor Palpatine wanted immediately to start training Luke into a sith apprentice for himself. Vader refused and had to flee with Luke across the galaxy.

This was all like a dream come true for Luke to be able to explore the galaxy with his father. It was what he had always longed to do and now that longing was satisfied.

Luke kept in contact with Japhonan and Lizzian. They always wanted to know where he was and how he and his father were doing.

Japhonan and Lizzian soon learned that there was nothing they could do to save what was left of the Old Republic and they joined the Rebel Alliance that their friend Mon Mothma helped start.

When Luke heard what Japhonan and Lizzian did, he insisted that he and his father join as well. Vader at first out right refused, but after a few months of begging Luke finally got him to come around.

The Rebellion knew of Vader's treachery to the Empire and it was because of that that they finally allowed him to join. But they said Vader couldn't carry his terrifying Imperial image along with him into the Alliance. That is when they got some physicians to see what was wrong with him and why he had to wear the mask. It was a simple injury of damaged lungs. They fixed this with a simple surgery and Vader (now Anakin Skywalker) could finally shed his armor. After a few months of being armor-free, his hair grew back and he looked more like his old self again except for some permanent scares that Anakin said he could deal with.

It was about a year later (Luke was now fifteen) that the Rebellion got another great addition to their Alliance: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan had left Tatooine in search of Luke and when he learned that he, along with his father, had joined the Rebellion he was more than enthusiastic to join himself.

Two years later (when Luke was seventeen) Princess Leia Organa officially joined the Rebel Alliance as well. Luke and Leia became very good friends. That was when Obi-Wan revealed to Anakin Leia was Luke's twin. This came as a shock to all the Skywalkers but they all accepted each other happily. This was all wonderful for Anakin who finally felt that the family he thought had been lost may not have been so lost after all.

When Luke and Leia were eighteen, the Death Star was nearing its stages of completion. Anakin already knew of this project and told the Alliance members all he knew about it. With Obi-Wan and Anakin's help, they put together a team to get the Death Star plans out of the Empire's hands. Unfortunately, during a battle Luke, Obi-Wan and Anakin crashed on Tatooine. Leia had been captured by the Empire and the Death Star plans were in Artoo.

Hiring a pilot, Han Solo, with his copilot Chewbacca, they were able to get of Tatooine, rescue Leia and get the plans back to the Alliance. Han, who had developed a fast friendship with Luke (and a slight attraction to Leia) decided to stay with the Alliance for a while.

As soon as the Death Star was destroyed, Anakin knew that the Empire would try to build another. For this reason, he led a group of spies to secretly steal a copy of the plans for this new battle station. They destroyed it hardly before it had been started. Lucky for them, the Emperor had been on a ship nearby at that point because he had wanted to see the first parts of the Death Star go up. With the entire Rebel Alliance fleet there, they destroyed the enemy Imperial fleet along with Palpatine.

The galaxy had once again been set right. Mon Mothma, Leia, Japhonan and Lizzian were the key members who helped the New Republic emerge from the ashes of the Empire. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Luke, and Yoda who came out of hiding, built up the old Jedi Temple and started the new Jedi Order.

Luke and Leia were nineteen now and they had their whole lives to enjoy the peace and prosperity of the Republic.

The End

A/N: In case you're wondering why Luke and Leia are only nineteen at the end, I'll explain. See, Anakin knew about the Death Star II as soon as the first one was destroyed and this was a little bit after Luke and Leia turned eighteen. So they directly went on to plans of destroying the new one. So it was only a few months after the first Death Star's destruction that the entire Empire was destroyed. So Luke and Leia would be around nineteen by the time the New Republic became official.

By the way, the Ssi-ruuk, the Yuuzhan Vong, Admiral Thrawn, Isolder, C'baoth, Dathomir and any other threats and "remnents of the Empire" that the EU weirdos came up with never happens. The New Republic exists peacefully for years and years. That's how George Lucas intended it, and that's how I like it. Oh, and by the way, Palpatine was never secretly training an apprentice called Mara Jade. Mara Jade doesn't exist and neither does Callista. Therefore Luke can marry whoever he wants and not have any dumb writer come up with wife for him. I think Luke is old enough to make his own decision.

And Jacen never becomes evil or whatever. Jaina never gets serious and boring, and Anakin Solo never dies and neither does Chewbacca. Because they all live happily ever after and there's no civil wars and all that! Because Star Wars isn't just a bunch of wars. The Solo kids grow up and live happily ever after too. Oh, and Luke never gets serious and boring either. He learns from watching Anakin and Obi-Wan that Jedi don't have to be serious. They can also have fun.

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