Ten. Twenty. Life
Niiro Yuuyake

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Warnings:Yaoi, Angst, N/C, implied-Molestation, abuse, Uchihacest, violence

Summary:Intern Uzumaki Naruto would do anything to become a real reporter, even go to prison, that is, until he was sent there for an undercover story! AU.

Pairings: NaruSasu, Uchihacest, NejiGaa, ShinoShikaKiba, other pairings to be posted.

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ChApTeR 1

There weren't enough guards present to break up a riot if anything went wrong, this every inmate knew, so most stuck with their own during this time.

Everything was nailed down. Tables, benches, even garbage pails. They had to be, or else, when--not if--a fight broke out, nothing could be thrown across the room.

Alas that didn't stop trays from being thrown.

The light glazed over his glasses as he entered the large cafeteria.

Thankfully, today nothing of the sort was happening.

With his glasses blocking the view of his ever-searching eyes, the young man took his usual seat.

He didn't really like to sit next to these low-lives, but they did work for the same man he worked for, and they did gather information rather well.

Still, he mused, they were annoying.

He adjusted the glasses over the bridge of his nose, before glancing around the ever-crowding room.

The cafeteria could only hold around 300 inmates at a time, while the prison carried a little over 600 inmates. There are only two meals held in the cafeteria, four times a day: BreakfastA and BreakfastB, then lunch is delivered to your cell, and finally dinnerA and dinnerB are held in the Cafeteria. After dinner, you're striped, showered, dressed, then back to your cell from 8pm 'til dawn. Lights out at 8:30pm, ignoring daylight-saving Time.

Every day he sits in this very seat--the far corner near the entryway--so he can see just who enters.

After being imprisoned in this hell-hole for almost four years, he's nearly memorized every inmate who has created a routine.

Breakfast is for those inmates on Levels 1, two, and three. BreakfastB is for the other levels: four, five, and six. Many inmates are in a different building called ISPU. The Inmate Segregation and Protection Unit.

The inmates held in ISPU are ex-gang members, sexual offenders, police informants(snitches), and other men who's lives would be threatened if they were placed in regular cell units.

Those on ISPU don't have any contact with other inmates. They eat lunch, breakfast, and dinner in their one-man cells, and have about three hours a week to spend in a fenced, 12x12 area outside(away from other inmates). They were true prisoners.

Those men in ISPU were some of the few that he didn't get to "study." He had no contact with them so he couldn't figure out anything about them, but for those who had his lunch, he had learned a great deal about them.

Of course, occasionally there was a draw back. New inmates came in all the time, so he couldn't say he had everyone's meal routine down, but he had most.

"I take it your saving your food for him . . . "

Adjusting his glasses again, he looked to his left to see the guard standing beside his table.


The guard sighed, before tapping the side of the food tray. "You're not eating."

Rolling his eyes behind his glasses, he looked away, "Mind your own business, Kisame. Aren't you supposed to be up on Level 4, guarding?"

Kisame snorted silently before turning away.

As he walked away, the blue man was stopped by a blond-haired guard.

Pretending not to listen, the young man, still seated at the table, smirked. The guards were so dense! How foolish of them to speak privately in front of a group of inmates. They shouldn't let their guard down so much!

"Did ya hear, yeah? There's a new kid under Itachi-san's jurisdiction!"

Kisame muffled out a laugh as he listened to the feminine-looking blond talk. "I know. I escorted him to his cell. He's Uzumaki Naruto."

The other guard, Deidara, smiled widely, "Uzumaki, yeah? Is he a cutie?"

Kisame sighed, "Er . . . I'll leave that to you to decide, but he does seem a bit familiar. He's a blonde with blue eyes."

Deidara squealed, "Like me, yeah. "

Kisame sweatdropped, "I guess . . . Though he's a bit more innocent, I guess you could say. Seems he's never been locked up before. Heh."

This intrigued the man at the table. Standing, suddenly, he emptied his tray of untouched food into the trash bin beside the table, and walked away.

This new information would be very valuable.


"Is this place really that bad . . . ? Or are you just so tired of it that everything seems worse than it is?"

There was a pregnant pause as the one laying on the bottom bunk sat up and stared at the blond sitting on the floor.


Naruto gulped. Great Uzumaki, he thought, piss off the murderer you have to room with! "Urm . . . I'm just saying that you seemed kinda spiteful when describing this place. It can't be that bad. You get free meals, free showers, free clothes and no bills to pay! What could be so bad to make this place 'Hell'?"

Hyuuga Neji wasn't a very angry person. Sure, he was spiteful and very vengeful, but he wasn't an all around growling-raging lunatic.

But this Uzumaki . . .

"You think I'm being excessive by describing this place as 'Hell', huh?"

Naruto sweatdropped. He scratched the back of his head nervously as he chuckled, "Well, yeah. I mean, Hell's hot! This place even has air conditioning!"

Neji didn't laugh at the joke Naruto tried to make. In fact, he didn't very much like the fact that this ingrate didn't believe him.

"...Fine." He said with a hint of malice in his voice, "Don't believe me." Neji smirked, his pale eyes narrowing just a bit. "But don't forget who warned you Uzumaki. Be sure to think about me when your ass is being torn in two."

Naruto blanched, his eyes widened to the size of plates and his jaw dropped. "You . . . you mean that guys really DO get raped in prison!?"

Neji smirked as he laid back down on his bunk, "You won't believe me so there's no reason for me to answer."

Naruto nearly panicked, "I'm sorry, I just didn't think prison could be that bad! Come on!"

Neji decided since he had to be cellmates with this newbie, he could at least help him out. After all, if someone targeted Naruto, for any reason, it would undoubtably affect himself.

Sitting up again, Neji glared at the shorter boy. "Listen, Uzumaki. Listen carefully."

Naruto nodded, "I'm listening."

Neji sighed, "Free food, free showers, clothes, electricity . . . none of it matters. Any second you can be killed, raped or beaten. Do you realize that you're housed with Serial killers, psychos, rapists, and other menaces to society? After being imprisoned with these men for years on end, only seeing daylight for three hours a day, eating stale sandwiches and slop over and over again, pissing, showering, washing, cleaning . . . doing every damn thing, every day with these fuckin' sick bastards will make anyone unstable and cold."

Naruto watched as Neji stared at a wall, talking as though he waited for decades just to get this information out. Occasionally the man's voice would rise, sounding strained, but he'd calm down a few words later, sounding resigned.

"No one is your friend, Uzumaki. Always remember that. No one is there to laugh with you, chat with you, or protect you. Everyone is out for themselves. A piece of candy is priceless here. Drugs, cigarettes, chocolate . . . You'll be sold for such unnecessary crap. Don't ever tire yourself out, turn your back to, or eat with someone whose suspiciously friendly to you. You don't have to be in the shower to be raped, don't let the movies fool to you." Neji continued to mumble out stuff, but Naruto was more disturbed at how eerily cold the Hyuuga had become.

Neji stared, unblinking at the wall, mumbling on and on.

Naruto was getting increasing uncomfortable. Neji spoke over and over again about not trusting anyone, not even those who befriended you. Which basically described the Hyuuga.

"Neji?" Naruto tried to interrupt the man, but Neji kept talking. "NEJI!?"

Pale eyes widened a fraction, before returning to their original size. Neji glanced over at Naruto, frowning, "I told you to listen."

Naruto waved his hand around, as though he was trying to shoo a fly away, "I don't want to hear that depressing crap! Neji, what I want to know is, can I count on you?"

The Hyuuga looked a bit uncomfortable. "I don't . . . what?"

Naruto stood up, walking the three steps over to Neji. He patted the other's shoulder twice, before asking again. "I said, " He leaned closer, so he could wrap his arm around the Hyuuga's shoulder, "Can I trust you? Ya tell me not to let my guard down or trust anyone, but you're my cell-mate. Can I trust and depend on you?"

Neji's brows furrowed as he thought a moment. Naruto's safety did guarantee his. If Naruto was put in danger, than he was cause they shared a cell.

Naruto smiled as Neji slowly nodded an affirmative, "So I don't need to hear this annoyingly long, boring information, do I? I have you! I'm sure, since we're friends, you'll look out for me!"

Neji let a small smile spread upon his lips as he lightly nudged the shorter, blonde boy. "Yeah . . . We're cellmates. I suppose you can call it 'friendship'. "

Naruto grinned as he stood up fully to put his hands behind his head. "That's great!"

Neji nodded, "Yeah." I've got your back, Uzumaki...

There was a sudden, loud scraping sound--of metal against metal. Then the cell door slowly slid open.

In its entryway stood none other than the Head Guard, Uchiha Itachi.

"It's Dinnertime. Line up."


The walk to the cafeteria was long and enduring. He was searched--which felt more like he was being felt up--and then had to walk in a line down four flights of stairs to the bottom floor.

Neji stayed behind him the whole time but he could still feel the eyes of numerous others piercing into his back. It was an unnerving feeling; like a piece of beef waiting to be picked at by hungry bears and butchers!

Every once in a while, the line would be halted, as Itachi straightened someone out or glared threateningly at them.

There was something odd Naruto noticed. Well, he felt it more than noticed.

As they finally reached the bottom floor, some of the inmates in front of him would look back. Several times they did this, and quite a few nearly tripped as they headed the line down the stairs.

As much as he wanted to, the blond knew he couldn't turn around and ask Neji what the guys were so curious about.

He had a haunting feeling there were eyes him--like the guys behind him--but none of them made eye contact with him. That bothered him greatly.

One by one the men were checked off and allowed entry into the cafeteria.

Neji immediately pulled him aside as they entered. "We'll wait here."

"Why?" Naruto wasn't worried Neji w0uld betray him or anything, but he just would rather get the routine down.

"This is where I meet the guys I hang around with every day. We eat together because it's always safer in groups."

Naruto nodded, "So . . . they're your friends?"

Neji looked perplexed, as though the blond had spoken another language, "Friends . . . ?" He snorted, turning his head to face the inmates as they continued to enter, "I told you already. No one here is your friend."

Naruto only grinned, "Right, right. " His grin only widened when a red-haired, angry-looking guy entered, followed closely by a guy with dark-tented glasses. The reason he smiled so big was because upon entry, both boys greeted Neji. Greeted him the way you usually greet someone you're familiar with. No honorifics included.

Neither man smiled nor even acknowledged Naruto's presence as the red-haired youth walked over to stand close to Neji. Really close.

Naruto noticed that Neji's hand lightly brushed the other's. He only grinned wider (if possible!) "So . . . Gonna introduce me to your friends or what?"

Only then, when he spoke, did both newcomers turn to face the smiling blonde. The guy in the glasses only turned away ignoring Naruto's outburst.

The red-head, on the other hand, glared fiercely at Naruto before turning his gaze to Neji. "What's that?"

Eh? 'That'?! Naruto mentally yelled, I'm not a thing!

Neji only allowed a brief smile to grace his face, "Uzumaki Naruto, meet Subaku Gaara. My boyfriend."

Naruto nearly face-planted, "Boyfriend . . . you mean, you guys . . . "

Gaara rolled his eyes and whispered "Great . . . you know, if he's a homophobe, he won't last a night here."

Neji only nodded silently, "I don't . . . I didn't know he was . . . " He mumbled back to the redhead beside him.

Naruto's eyes widened as he moved closer to the pair, "Wow! I didn't know you guys could date in prison!"

Neji smirked as he looked over at his boyfriend, "I guess he isn't"

Gaara only rolled his eyes, again, in annoyance. "He may not be a homophobe, but he sure is something . . . "

Naruto was not only completely oblivious to the Neji and Gaara's whispered conversation...but also to the piercing obsidian eyes glaring in his direction.


"I haven't seen you in quite a while."

"Don't worry. I've been doing my task well."

"Hm. So what brings you here today?"

Running his finger up the bridge of his nose to adjust his glasses, Kabuto smiled, "I bring good news."

"Oh really?"

Walking closer to the cell, Kabuto grinned. He ran a hand over the cold metal, "There's a new kid. From what I gather, he's the epitome of innocence."

"Really?" The menacing voice in the sealed room became slightly louder but much more interested, "What's his name . . . my new prey?"

Kabuto grinned evilly as he peaked through the small barred window. The 6x6 room was dark as night, only a small gleam of light shining through from the barred window. "His name is Uzumaki Naruto."

"...Uzumaki . . . Naruto . . . " The name sounded dirty just coming from the slithering voice, "The epitome of innocence" The voice rose slightly as it spoke the next few words, " . . . Uchiha Sasuke . . . The epitome of perfection."

Kabuto smirked, "So now there is two names on your list of the unattainable, Lord Orochimaru."

"No, no . . . Not unattainable, Kabuto. Just blocked. I just have to remove those who interfere, then I can have my babies . . . my sweet, sweet babies . . . "


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