"I want you to come back" Cameron rolled her eyes. "Why?" House tapped his cane on the floor. "Because you're a good doctor."

"Not good enough"

"I need you around." Cameron shook her head. "Go away House." Cameron tried to shut the door but House put his cane in front of the door. "House, GO away." House stood his ground. Cameron turned around and went into the kitchen. "Would you like a drink?" asked Cameron as she poured herself a glass of wine. "No thanks." Cameron took a sip of her wine and sat down at the table. "We need you to come back. Chase and Foreman are useless at making coffee." At this Cameron couldn't help but laugh. "I told you, I can't come back." House looked deep into her eyes. "Want a raise? Better parking space?" Cameron smiled. "Dinner, and not just a meal between two colleges. A date." Houses eyes shot open. "You will come back to work, if I go out on a date with you?" Cameron nodded. "Ok then. I will pick you up at 7pm tomorrow." Cameron smiled. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "Shut the door on your way out." Whispered Cameron into his ear. Slowly Cameron got up from the table and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

House made his way to the front door and closed it. He limped towards the bathroom. He slowly opened the door to the bathroom. He could feel himself hardening in his pants. He could see the outline of Cameron body behind the shower curtain. Cameron had her back to the door. House quickly undressed and made his way over to the shower. Cameron had her head under the water. House reached out and wrapped his hands around her waist. "Oh my god. HELP!" screamed Cameron. "Cameron, calm down. Its House." Cameron turned around to face him. Her breathing was heavy after that little scare. "What the hell are you doing?" House raised his eyebrows. "I thought it was obvious, Im showering with you." House placed his hands on her waist. "House" moaned Cameron. House moved his hands up to her breasts. Cameron came closer to his body. House moaned as she took him in her hands. "Allison…" Cameron looked up at him. "Are you sure you want this?" Cameron smiled. "Yes, do you want this?" House quickly glanced over Cameron body. "Im sure." House pushed her against the wall. Their mouths crushed against each other. He pushed himself harder against her body. House started to grind his body against hers. "House, I want you inside me." Moaned Cameron. House started to reach for a condom that was in his jean pocket. "No" House turned around. "Just cum inside me." House kissed her and lifted her up and slid into her in one movement. Cameron gripped his shoulders for support. House looked at Cameron. "You ok?" She smiled. "Im perfect." She moaned as he thrust up harder. He could feel her muscles clamping around him. Their lips locked together. Their tongues dulled for control. He could feel himself aching for release. He wanted Cameron to cum first. House moved his hand down to her clit. His fingers played with her enlarged folds "House" she moaned. "Tell me when you're close." House continued to thrust inside her while playing with her clit. House watched as Camerons eyes closed. "Oh my god. House, Im about to cum." Moaned Cameron. House thrust harder inside her. "Allison, Look at me." Her eyes fluttered open. They looked into each others eyes as they climaxed.

House slowly pulled out of her. "Thank you." Whispered Cameron into Houses ear. House smiled. They quickly showered and got dressed. "So, see you tomorrow." Cameron nodded. "Don't be late." She smiled. "I won't be." Cameron shut the door and smiled. "Did that really just happen?" Cameron asked herself. She walked into the kitchen and turned on the radio. "I don't deserve a guy like House." Thought Cameron. She made her way into the bathroom and opened her medicine cabinet. Cameron pulled out a razor blade. She sat down on the bathroom floor. She pulled up her sleeve to reveal her white wrist. Cameron brought the blade to her wrist and pulled it along her white flesh. Blood started to seep through the deep wound. Cameron let her head hang as she watched the blood trickle down her arm. After awhile she reached over and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her wrist. Once the bleeding had stopped she covered the gash with a large band aid. Cameron made her way back into the kitchen and turned off the radio. She slowly dragged herself to her bed. Cameron fell asleep thinking of what had happened with House.