Title: Cosmopolitan

Author: vashsunglasses

Rating: T

Fandom: TMNT

Disclaimer: TMNT belongs to Mirage.

Summary: One Shot. Drabblish. Being the only scientist in the family, Donatello finds it easy to hide certain facts that are best kept secret. Genderfic.

"Leave him alone guys," Leo said sternly, "Donnie will tell us when he's ready. He's the most dependable guy I know."

Donatello flinched.

He shouldn't have said it. He knew he shouldn't have said it. When he saw Donatello flinch away from his words a pit of regret grew in his stomach. But it was tinged with spite, which only made him feel worse.

He shouldn't have said that.

He should have been the supportive big brother.

He should have said something when he saw that something was wrong.

He should have spoken out instead of hiding in the shadows as his brother fell apart before his eyes.

He should... he shouldn't have had to clean up after his sister's mess.

Donatello goes on and on about genetic secrecy and hiding all biological traces and then he- she lays a bunch of- of mutant turtle eggs and leaves them where anyone could find them?

It was only as he watched his bro-sis-whatever throw up the entire contents of h-her stomach that he called the rest of his family and told them where to find them. Donnie hadn't suspected a thing.

And when he went back a few days later to check on the site, of course the eggs had been exposed to the elements again by wind and rain.

Open to the view of anyone passing by.

So he did what he'd had to do. He'd crushed them one by one under his heel, biting back bile at the slick slimy feel of them under his foot as he pushed down, at the tiny explosions of slick wetness as each one gave way. He didn't look down and he didn't allow himself to think about them too hard.

Out of sight, out of mind.

And hopefully, out of their enemies minds. Permanently.

If Bishop found out about this-

The thought almost made him add his own vomit to Donatello's.

No one has to know, he repeated silently in his head.

After all, was his duty as leader to protect the family, even from themselves.

"Don't read that garbage," Leo said flatly, taking the magazine away and throwing it in the trash.

"But Leo," Donnie cried out, "I was reading that!"

"Trust me," Leo replied sternly, "I'm doing you a favor. That trash will rot your mind." And inside his mind he thought, 'Threat to exposure, neutralized."