authorsnote: Air TV and Soda machine, that's what my sister gave me and told me to make something out of it, she really could care less. (Yeah, she's not that enthustiastic :P ) And so this was born, it's my second fanfic ever written, so yeah I'd appreciate if you told me what you think!

Disclaimer: I don't own Air TV, just this FANfiction, so stop calling your lawyers. :P

Hide and Seek

Yukito Kunasaki was tired, that was true, but he didn't think he was so tired he would be hallucinating, that was new even for him! He was almost positive that he had saw Misuzu's friend, Kano Kirishima, pulling a small bundle of fur out of a soda machine. He rubbed his eyes and opened them just in time to see Kano walking away, the bundle of fur curled up in her arms. "Hey, wait!' Yukito yelled and ran after Kano, he had to figure out what he had just saw. Arriving next to her, Yukito stopped with his hands on knees trying to catch his breath, how did she get that far away from the soda machine after he had called out to her only a few seconds before? She had been walking….

"Ah! Yukito!" Kano said cheerfully and a cute little "Piko!" was heard from the squirming mass in her arms, which Yukito now recognized as Potato, the resident stray dog. "Um Kano?" Yukito stopped in the middle of his sentence, what was he supposed to say? 'I thought I just saw you take Potato out of a soda machine..' She would think he was crazy! Then again, he was talking to Kano… "Yes Yukito?" Kano asked hopping from foot to foot waiting for Yukito to continue, she did have places to be, even if she was from planet 'Dilly Dally'. As Kano thought about this she couldn't help but laugh. "Eh, what's so funny?" Yukito asked, slightly distracted. "Oh nothing Yukito, now what was it that you were going to ask me?" "Piko Piko!" Potato chimed in. "Eh's just.. I thought I saw you take Potato out of the soda machine.." Yukito motioned towards the soda machine just a bit away. "Oh!" Kano said with a smile "Is that all?" Yukito blinked and looked at her, "You mean, Potato really was in the soda machine?" He asked dumbly. "Of course he was silly!" Kano said as if this was the most normal thing in the world. "We were playing hide and seek!" and with that Kano headed off to who knows where, leaving behind a very confused Yukito. "Of course…" he murmured and sat down in defeat, would he ever get used to this town?