A/N: In this story, I made some changes like Kurogin High being an all-girls' school, and such.

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Summary: Ever wondered what it's like if Kumiko Yamaguchi was in the same age as Shin Sawada?


Chapter 1

The first day of the school year at Kurogin High came. Yamaguchi Kumiko was now on her third year in high school and she's excited and sad at the same time. Excited, because this was going to be another year for her and sad, because this was now going to be her last year there.

As she entered the school grounds, she saw the students all gathered at the school hall. She looked at her watch.

"Great. This is the first day of school and I'm late,", she told herself.

Kumiko made her way inside. Mrs. Yokohama, the principal, was saying something.

"As I was saying a while ago, this year, we will be having a student-exchange program for the third year students. The third-years who will get ninety percent on the student-exchange exam will spend three months of their schooling at the very prestigious Shirokin High. I am assuming that all of you know where that school is. So, by tomorrow, all of you graduating students will take the test. No need to fret. The test isn't that hard.", Mrs. Yokohama paused for a while. Then she continued speaking. "So, everyone, may you all have a very meaningful school year. You can now go back to your respective rooms."

"Shirokin High?! What's so prestigious with that all-boy's school?!", Kumiko murmured to herself as she went to find her classroom.

"Kumiko! There you are!", Shizuka, Kumiko's best friend, called her from afar.

"Hey. How do you do?", Kumiko asked.

"I'm fine. How about you?"

"I was very happy. Not until I heard Mrs. Yokohama's announcement."

"Oh come on, Kumiko! That was a very good idea! An all-girls' school like Kurogin interacting with an all-boys' school like Shirokin. Lovely. Just lovely. And imagine, if I'm one of those students who will be part of that program, I can meet a lot of handsome and intelligent guys!", Shizuka said, screaming.

Kumiko said nothing and just faked a smile on her friend instead as they headed to their classroom.

The next day, Shizuka was very worried in getting a ninety percent on the student-exchange test while Kumiko was just acting so cool.

"Hey. Don't you want to be part of this program?", Shizuka asked her.

"No.", she answered without second thought.

"But Kumiko, this is really a great opportunity ---"

"To what? To meet 'a lot of handsome and intelligent guys'?", Kumiko said, quoting Shizuka's words.

"What else?"


The bell rang. Their homeroom teacher, Ms. Nakamura, entered the room.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, minna.", Ms. Nakamura greeted her students.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Ms. Nakamura.", the students greeted her back.

"So today, you will be taking the student-exchange test. Don't worry, it's not that hard.", she told the class as she distributed the test papers.

"The test is only good for one hour. No cheating. If I see anybody do that, I will rip that paper of yours! Begin."

The students started taking the test. It was hard for others but easy for some and for Kumiko.

"Fun bonus. What is your favorite anime and why?", Kumiko read the fun bonus question.

"O'course it's Gokusen because it's great. It has moral lessons on friendship and life.", she said as she wrote the answers on her paper.

After writing the last letter, the bell rang.

"Ok, guys. Time's up. Pass your papers. At the count of five, all papers must be in.", Ms. Nakamura instructed the students.