Chapter 25

Days passed and it seemed that everything was in the right place again. Smiles can already be found in everyone's faces and teardrops were never seen anymore.

Kumiko and Shin were sitting on the Kuroda Clan rooftop. The moon that night was brighter than ever illuminating the star-blanketed sky. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing as they felt the cool breeze touched their skin.

"Remember the first time we met?" Shin started the conversation.

"Yes! I can still remember that clearly! You didn't watch where you're going and so we bumped each other! That really hurts you know!" Kumiko answered.

"It's not me who's careless! It's you!" Shin defended.

"Oh whatever. All I know is that from that day on, I started hating you, red-head."

"And I started hating you too!"

"Yeah, yeah. But hey! Who would've thought that we would be this close?"

"We became close because of that darn Social project."

"Yes! That darn Social project! But Natsumi had been a really great help. Thanks to her."


The two stopped talking for a while and just gazed at the stars above.

"The stars are lovely tonight. They seem to be playing in the sky." Kumiko said, astounded.

On the spur of the moment, both saw a shooting star.

A shooting star! Kumiko whispered to herself, excitedly. She was about to make a wish when she heard Shin making his.

"I wish to be with the girl I love." He said.

She was surprised. She had never heard Shin talk about girls or anything about love and then that moment, he just did.

"Hmm… Then who is that girl, huh? You never mentioned anything about her."

Shin looked at her with a sticky gaze. "You don't have to know." He said.

"But I want to!" she insisted.

Shin continued his sticky gaze and began to lean forward. Kumiko felt uneasy because she could already sense what Shin wanted to do to her.

"He –he—hey! Are you sick? What are you going to do?" she said with a very nervous voice.

Shin smirked and removed a dry leaf on Kumiko's hair. "What are you thinking, baka! I'm just trying to remove this leaf on your hair! Why? You thought I'm going to kiss you? Ha! You wish! Not in my wildest dream!" He said with a laugh.

He then noticed that Kumiko pouted.

"But I can really do it if you want." Shin told her with a mischievous smile this time.

"No thanks." She said but it was too late. Shin already pressed his lips against hers. Kumiko didn't know what to do. She wanted to let go but at the same time, she also wanted it to continue. Both closed their eyes as the kiss deepened. It was very passionate and real.

When they broke apart, Shin apologized instantly.

"I shouldn't have done that." He said.

"No, you don't have to be so –"

"I love you Kumiko." He said without letting her finish what she was saying.

Kumiko was shocked and didn't know what to say. She just faked a laugh and told him not to joke like that.

"But I'm serious." He said. "I really love you. But then, you – you don't have to believe me."

"I believe in you." She said in a serious tone of voice.

And for the second time, Shin again planted a kiss on Kumiko's lips.

Two years later…

"Wow, you look so beautiful today, Kumiko."

"Thank you, ojisan."

It was a warm spring day and Kumiko was getting ready for her wedding. Everyone in the Kuroda household was very happy for their ojou. Wakamatsu, Minoru and even Tetsu wished her all the best and were all so excited about it. Ryuichiro Kuroda looked so sad but he told them that he's okay and he just couldn't believe that her granddaughter was already going to be a bride.

Around four in the afternoon, a lot of visitors were already there. Maya and Natsumi were there and were sitting at the front seats and from the look in their eyes, it's pretty obvious that they were very thrilled. Hayato was there too and he was seated beside Kyoutarou who was very proud of his ojou and his son. People from other clan were invited as well. Maya, Natsumi, and Hayato were not used to being around with those kinds of people but they didn't mind.

Fifteen minutes had passed and the wedding ceremony started. Kumiko, who was wearing her shiro-maku attire – the traditional white Japanese wedding kimono, entered from the left side of the shrine while Shin, who was wearing a combination of a montsuki kimono and a short haori overcoat with pleated hakama pants, entered from the right side.

The Shinto priest first purified the couple. Afterwards, the two recited their wedding vows and then they drank sake.

Later on, they made their way at the reception and had their dinner.

As a gift, Ryuichiro Kuroda gave the two plane tickets to Paris.

"Pa –Paris?" Kumiko said, shocked.

"Yes, dear. Plane tickets to Paris. I want you to spend your honeymoon there."

"Bu – but –"

"No more buts." Ryuichiro Kuroda said. He then turned to Shin and whispered with a teasing smile. "I want you to bring me good news as you go back here."

"Good news?" Shin asked, confused.

"You know, good news, like me having a great grandson…"

"Great grandson?" the two asked as their eyes widened in surprise.

"Yes, a great grandson." He repeated as he walked away from them, laughing.

After three days, the couple arrived in Paris. They spent three weeks in there and visited the Louvre, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, and many more.

"Wow! This is the best!" Kumiko shouted from the window of their hotel room.

"Yes,yes, indeed." Shin agreed as he put his arms around Kumiko's waist.

"Oh Kumiko, I love you." He whispered to her as he trailing kisses on her ear down to her neck.

"I love you too, Shin." She replied.

Shin leaned her against the wall and kissed her lips and nuzzled her neck once more.

"Promise me that you'll be mine forever." He told her.

"Of course. I love you Shin and I will never leave you. I'll be with you for the rest of my life."

"Same here." He said as he gave her a wink.

Suddenly, Kumiko's face became dreamy.

"We met each other because of the student exchange program back then. We became friends but we were separated. And then you applied at Kurogin and we became co-teachers. And now, who would've thought that from that simple beginning, everything will end this way?"

"Yeah. It all started just like that. And then now…" Shin's voice faded as he gave her a sweet, intoxicating kiss.


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