Bobby grew up on Marvin Gaye.

Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Earth Wind & Fire, The Supremes and so on and so forth. Those are some of Bobby's first and truest memories. Sometimes he'll find himself humming some old tune. A song that he vaguely remembers hearing in some other lifetime. He'll wonder where he picked the song up and he'll find himself fingering those old school records.

Especially Marvin Gaye, because he had always been his favorite.

When Evelyn had first met Bobby she had been nothing more than an ex-hippie with a big heart who had some trouble settling into life as a worker bee. She wasn't used to being somewhere where music wasn't top priority. Music and art, that is. And she still held onto her big heart. Her view on pacifism and what-not. She had made sure that Bobby would have a kind and caring environment to live in.

All she really had at the time was a small apartment.

Back then, Bobby could remember her dancing. Her straight blonde hair– stretching the length of her back– would sway with her hips. She should twirl around to Me & Mrs. Jones while cooking or cleaning.

Of course sometimes Bobby would sense her past slipping through. They would end up listening to Bob Dylan or the Mama's and Papa's and she would tell Bobby about San Francisco. They would stay up all night and fall asleep on an old, torn quilt that someone had given her.

Then, they moved into a house and there was more space and room yet they wouldn't really dance nor would they stay up because of Bobby's bedtime.

She really did change in some ways. Instead of sun dresses she would wear black dresses to work. Or even black slacks.

Then there was another kid, Jerry, and even with all of Evelyn's talk about love and peace and San Francisco Bobby fought. He did it because it was the only way to ensure that no one could take away his home.

Naturally, they didn't sleep in the living room anymore and anytime Bobby would imagine it he would always think that sixteen was too old to sleep with his mom and Evelyn would never suggest it because Angel had a hard time sleeping through the night and he would get up every night and hide in his closet and Evelyn would have to tell him that it was ok to sleep in the bed because there was no need to hide anymore.

Sometimes though, Bobby'll find himself in his bedroom– which he never sleeps in anyway– running his thumb over old records that he doesn't even have a system to support anymore. He'll find himself running his thumb over them lovingly. Caressing the records sweetly. Caressing them the way someone would caress a lover...or...maybe just a memory.

And he'll spend extra time on Marvin Gaye because... he enjoys the memory he gets of Evelyn smiling and telling him that dinner's done. Although, admittedly, his favorite part would be her turning the music off because that was her cue that she wanted to talk. And all else aside, Marin Gaye had always been his favorite anyway.

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