A short drabbled based on a true story. Seriously.

Disclaimer: These guys are, at least, six years my senior. Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to own them.


Michelangelo dashed across the rooftops, alighting on the edge of the wall for a split second before leaping to the next one. He grabbed hold of a clothesline and slide down, knocking most of the wash it had carried into the alley below him.

On his left side, to the west, the sun was only half-set over the buildings, creating long shadows that covered the streets below. It was dangerous to be out at this time of day, he knew that. But the danger was not important. His goal was. He had searched long and hard for it, only to be met with failure at every turn. But this time, it would not allude him. It would not.

Reaching his destination, he dropped from the roof, gripping the storm drain to slow his fall until he reached the ground. He straightened, adjusted his trench coat to hide his identity, and stepped around the corner.

The heavy door thudded back into place behind him. His eyes raked over the shelves, glancing away from the shinier packaging. That was too obvious. His prize would not be hidden in a place so easy to reach. So he searched, every level, every shelf, every nook and cranny throughout the entire building.

But he didn't find it.

He searched again, even more thoroughly this time. He pulled boxes away from their positions and moved the more attractive items aside, searching for any hint of his long-awaited prize. He crouched down on the floor and peered beneath the furniture, looking for a sign that his hope had not been in vain.

It took him a long while to admit it. It just couldn't be true.

No…It couldn't be…It couldn't…

But it could. And it was.

His prize was not here.

He managed to keep his composure until he had left. It was only when he had stepped into the nearest side street that the first tear started to flow. With a soft, keening cry, he sank to his knees in the dark alley and hung his head.

Finally catching up, Donatello looked down at his brother with a sigh, crossing his arms over his chest. When he spoke, his words were indifferent, though tinged with the lightest hint of amusement.

"Face it, Mikey. Nobody in Uptown is going to have the new 'Silver Sentry" DVD for sale two days after it comes out. Now come back home, and we'll look for it in Brooklyn tomorrow night."

Reluctantly, Michelangelo rose to his feet and shuffled behind his brother the entire way home, mourning the prize that had, once again, slipped out of his grasp.


An explanation: I waited three months for the new TMNT movie to come out on DVD, because I wanted to see it again so badly, and plotted to snatch it up the moment it hit the shelves. So, of course, it came out the day after my family left on our two-week vacation to New York City. And not a single store in the neighborhood carries normal DVDs. Nuts.