Another food-based Niou x Shishido - Solitaire Pair fanfic! Another prompt by Chocolate Confection.

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And to explain Solitaire Pair again (this was in Date over Coffee as well, but whatever), Niou is from Platinum pair, and Shishido is from Silver pair, and both platinum and silver are used in jewelry. Solitaire is synonymous with jewelry. Also, it rhymes. xD

x Takoyaki x 300 words x Prompt - Takoyaki

'What the hell is this, Shishido?' Niou Masaharu stared sceptically at the skewered fried octopus dumplings that Shishido was holding.

'Takoyaki' was Shishido's simple reply, as he bit one off of a skewer. 'Haven't you eaten any before?' He chewed on the takoyaki, savouring its taste.

The two of them walked away from Shishido's favourite takoyaki vendor, and continued their way along the sidewalk.

'Want one?' Shishido asked, in an attempt to be friendly.

'As much as I like eating tentacled seafood, seeing something dripping in okonomiyaki sauce that looks like crap really isn't that appetizing,' Niou drawled.

Shishido said, slightly affronted, 'Well, I wasn't offering it to you anyway.'

Niou smirked knowingly. 'I suppose you usually buy two skewers of takoyaki when you walk by a takoyaki vendor?'

Shishido flushed faintly, but then stubbornly bit a takoyaki off of the skewer he hadn't eaten from earlier. 'So what if I like to eat a lot?'

Niou shrugged. 'It doesn't matter to me. But if you think I'm just going to walk along beside you as you eat by yourself... I have more entertaining things to do.'

Shishido stopped in his tracks, and asked, annoyed, 'Well do you want one, then?'

'Why not.' Niou took one of the skewers out of Shishido's hand, and bit into a takoyaki.

Shishido waited for Niou to say his opinion.

'Wow, this looks and tastes like crap, just like that cup of coffee you treated me to last time. But thanks anyway for the food.'

Niou left Shishido standing there, taking the skewer of fried octopus dumplings with him.

And Shishido realised that once again, he had been tricked into paying for the food.

Better luck next time, Shishido thought to himself.

And Shishido was going to make sure there was a next time. x owari

x omake

'You!' Shishido shouted.

Niou stood next to the takoyaki vendor with a skewer in his hand. 'What?'

'You liked the takoyaki!' Shishido accused.

Niou smirked. 'Never said I didn't.'

x x x

And ... Tada? I'm sorry at this rather sad attempt at Niou x Shishido [Solitaire Pair XD

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