"Link…I….see you later."

The mirror shattered.

She was gone.

Zelda and Link both stood in silence, watching the portal disappear; leaving behind the boulder it once sat on.

The wind picked up gently, blowing sand through the mirror chamber. Zelda turned slowly and started walking away.

"Link," She stopped. "Don't forget to return the Master Sword."

When she heard no answer she turned to look at him. He was still staring at the empty chunk of rock that sat miserably on the sand.


He turned his head sideways to glance back at her and gave Zelda a silent nod. Her eyes saddened to see Link in the way he was. Over the time he spent with Midna, they have become very close friends. They had gone through so much together. Now she was gone, returned to her own world and he would most likely never see her again. She destroyed the only connection between the Light and Twilight; it was the right thing to do of course. To make sure no more problems occurred in the future.

Zelda turned and left in silence.

When Link could no longer hear her, he fell to his knees. He couldn't believe she was gone. His hand moved to his stomach, covering the bloody tear in his tunic. It was where Ganondorf had driven his blade through Link during their last battle. Out of rage, Link had pulled himself to his feet and continued fighting.

He killed Ganondorf.

And Midna was alive, and back in her original form.

She was beautiful. When he ran up that hill to meet her, he stopped in his tracks when he saw she was no longer an imp.

"What? Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?"

Link smiled. That's all he could do. His friend was ok, and she was going to be ok.

That was where his wound demanded attention. His legs underneath him gave way and he fell to the ground. Midna rushed to his side and Zelda to his other. The Princess of Light and the Princess of Twilight combined power and healed the Hero of Time. He still smiles at the memory of opening his eyes to see the two beautiful princesses leaning over him, smiling, with the stars in the background.

He would never forget the adventure he had with Midna. He would never forget the Twilight Princess.

He was going to miss her.

So much.